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EllyB- FYF

Sunday, 29 July 2012

EllyB spa salt scrub lemon myrtle 300g

Product Name: spa salt scrub lemon myrtle
RRP: $33.00
Members: $29.70

This invigorating spa salt therapy body scrub exfoliates and stimulates circulation. Your skin will regain its silky soft and smooth texture, leaving it hydrated and with a healthy glow. The unique blend of uplifting essential oils will leave you feeling energised.

Skin Type: All skin types. 

Directions: Use twice a week. On damp clean skin, massage a generous amount of scrub in circular motions all over your body. Avoid sensitive areas and broken skin. Rinse off thoroughly. Follow with elly b Body Smoother.

This was so beautiful and made my bath all the more relaxing (once the arguing kids settled down.) But this was lovely, after dinner I had a candle lit bath and added, u EllyB Spa salts and sipped a glass of red. It was bliss, a moment I never wanted to end!! I even topped the bath up twice I just loved sitting with the smell and just taking it all in. It was fair to say I came out all wrinkly and shriveled, but it was totally worth it. And what better place to buy it then Find your funk, if you’re a member you get a great discount on this one!! If you mummies are after a nice relaxing bath I insist you try these, or even if your looking for a special gift!!!

Find Your Funk is a massive natural and organic cosmetics outlet online.  I have a huge choice of some of Australia’s finest products including aromatherapy, skincare, makeup, hygiene, for him, mother & baby.  You can choose from hundreds of samples at a fraction of the price and take advantage of your 10% member’s lifetime discount.  The best part, it’s all 100% Australian made.

Also you can find them on facebook
They also have great giveaways and helpful links on there. So follow FYF on Facebook to stay in the loop.

Lightning Cleans

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Euca Laundry Powder - Grey Water Safe Laundry Powder

 Euca has been formulated with pure eucalyptus oil and is highly concentrated, making it more economical
 Low in Sodium and phosphate, so it is suitable for grey water use
 Does not contain any fillers or synthetic perfumes, meaning it dissolves 100% in water and is low allergenic
 Ideal for front or top loaders-low sudsing
100% Australian made and owned.

 Available in a range of sizes:
100g sachet

I love the clothes coming out smelling like eucalyptus, it takes me back to my childhood when I used to live in the country. This is the smell you would get on a day-to-day basis. So fresh and clean, and just so Australian!!! Apart for the smell it also does a really good cleaning the clothes with no powdery residue. I think I will be buying bulk with Euca. You can buy 25kg through lightning cleans and the link is below!!! But the 100g sachet are easy to use rip off the top pop it in and your done, no need for scoops or measuring its great!!


iSHiKi-SKiN introduces simplistic face care using natural oils,  botanicals of fruit, herb and marine extracts and pure Australian minerals to enhance your outer individual beauty......

‘iSHiKi’ translates as ‘senses’ in Japanese and appropriately the natural aromas & textures of the ingredients in these products stimulate all our skin senses - for an incredible skin sensation. 

iSHiKi products are proudly Australian made and our ingredients are sourced wherever possible from Australian local growers, manufacturers & suppliers.

Our products are created from pure Certified Organic, Organic & natural botanical ingredients of  cold pressed vegetable oils, butters, waxes, clays, fruit, marine and herbal extracts and essential oils.   These ingredients are known to have a natural affinity with the genetic makeup of our skin.  They work naturally as skin & hair conditioners - to increase suppleness & moisture, to maintain a softer, smoother & younger looking complexion. 

Mineral Lip Glaze
Price: $9.95

            Give yourself a fresh spring look....add a touch of sheer colour and vibrancy to your lips. Available now in a gorgeous selection of our regular mineral colour shades – one for every day of the week! A versatile and natural way to wear lip gloss, with no ingestion of harsh chemicals, dry or bleeding lip colour, melting lippy or 'off' lipstick
Maple A most popular shade for eyes, cheeks lips or nails. Soft brown and beige shimmer with hints of pink – stunning!

This is a really pretty colour and last quite a while on your lips. There is no oozing look on your lips either which is my pet hate!! I will be doing a little video on this on my youtube channel. I can see why the maple is such a popular colour it goes with everything and such a glamorous colour. I often use this glaze as it looks amazing in photos and makes your lips look like a celebrity look. It also does feather on you lips like some other glazes and glosses I have used.

Available in 50ml

Price: $8.50

A natural cream base with Zinc and Castor Oil to soothe, heal and protect against a chafed and red baby’s bottom, fungal infections or areas of tender inflamed skin that need special care. Contains Olive Leaf Extract for healing & anti-fungal properties.
A great alternative to the petro-chemical zinc & castor oil creams commonly available today.
My daughter has just come down with the worst nappy rash I have seen. I was forced to use Hydrozal, but can only be used twice a day as it is so strong. But with every other change I use this tooshie barrier cream. For starters I absolutely love the name so much cute then nappy cream or something like that! You get a good-sized tub and it lasts ages you just need the tiniest bit on your finger to do the whole nappy area!! It really did allow her skin to breath but also protect it. Before using this every time she would wee she would scream but now with this it doesn’t. Using the two creams its started to clear and only after 3 days, which is great news.
Price: $13.50 - $14.50

Soap & Sulphate Free, pH balanced.
Gentle cleansing bubbles for delicate skins, available in Fragrance free or Aromatherapy blend.
This bubble bath/body wash is derived from natural coconut cleansers – suited to cleanse your child's delicate skin without stripping away precious natural skin oils. Make bathtime safe & fun, without drying out their skin!
Simply squirt under running water for lots of bubbles or use on a face washer/body ball in the shower.
Available in Fragrance Free or our special kids blend of Vanilla Delight (Vanilla-Tangerine-Chamomile)

Bubbles, bubbles and more BUBBLES!!! My kids are obsessed with bubbles in their bath as they play with them for ages. My eldest is also really funny so if she sees fluff or anything in the bath she thinks its bugs and will jump out. So this great bubble bath is so good for hiding anything in the water… almost to good, my little miss did her number twos in the bath and we didn’t even know until some of the bubbles disappeared J was quite a surprise actually!!! But its smells great and also leaves their skin feeling great. I have actually used this myself in the shower as I love the smell ( we tried vanilla.)
Price: $12.50

An essential grooming spray for kids (great for adults too), helps to detangle, condition, enhance natural shine & freshen the hair. Use daily on wet or dry hair; with B5 Panthenol, Wheat Proteins, Herbal Extracts & Essential Oils. Available in 125ml
Vanilla-Bergamot-Mandarin (great for girlies)
Roman Chamomile – Tangerine – Sandalwood (boys love it!)

My little misses both have curly hair and its usually a nightmare when it comes to brushing there hair. Also there is a choice of smell which I like, we tried the Vanilla, bergamot and mandarin. Such a nice aroma that lingers just nicely (not an over kill.) Its such a pleasure to brush my daughters hair now, especially my eldest Hayley. I would recommend this to any mum that has troubles with tangles.

Matte Colour Eyeshadow

Stunning matte colour shades offer versatility and long lasting glide on colour. Can be applied wet or dry. Use dry as a neutral eye base colour or apply wet to create a bolder colour or eyeliner. Some are ideal to use for a blush, lip colour, or nail colour.
PINK DAWN- Add a subtle rosy pink hue to eyes, cheeks, lips or nails – gorgeous
PAPERBARK- A light coffee shade, so easy to wear, for eyes, lips or nails, great to use alone or as a neutral eye base

Shimmer colour: Maple- A most popular shade for eyes, cheeks lips or nails. Soft brown and beige shimmer with hints of pink – stunning!

I used both of these together; again I will be making a youtube video using these very shortly. But basically I used the pink dawn as the base and then the paperback on the corners of my eyes to create a shaded effect!! I applied it in the morning (9am) and then had to do touch ups at 6pm so if you ask me this has a long life span on the eyes as well!! A really nice product and I will be buying more of their shades so that I can make more videos as they are just so easy to work with and the colours so intense!!

Australian Bush Hand Wash
Price: $8.50

Refresh your hands with the aromas of the Australian bush with this gentle handwash – soap & sulphate free, pH balanced. Enriched with Australian Macadamia Oil, it won’t dry your hands out like ordinary liquid soaps.
Fragranced with Certified Organic Australian Lemon Tea Tree, that contains strong anti-bacterial, antiseptic, deodorising and cleansing properties to give you a fresh hand wash every time.

Close your eyes and imagine you are sitting down by an Aussie billabong in the Aussie bush, take in all the smells while you rest up against a eucalyptus tree. This is where this hand wash takes you when you use it. It is so pretty and just a pleasure to use!! It is also very well priced. It also leaves your hands silky smooth all the while cleaning all the dirt off. It is gentle enough to use on the little ones hands as well.

Coconut Butter Creme
Also available in a bulk size of 500ml or 1 litre - natural scent only.
Price: $10.50 - $16.50
An extra rich cream with 50% Shea Butter & organic Coconut Oil, recommended for extremely dry skin types.
This fluffy, rich emollient cream base, helps the skin to retain moisture longer. Great for winter use or for extra dry skin types. Natural coconut aroma.
Available in natural coconut scent (from virgin coconut oil) or try a delicious Aromatherapy scent that makes an exotic blend with the natural coconut aroma.

And a fluffy cream it is. So silky and smooth and leaves your skin glistening!!!  My legs get really dry in the winter and this works a treat. For example my legs were really bad to the point where they were flaking and when you rubbed them in light you could see all the dead dry skin fly off, I used This coconut butter crème and within a week my legs were well hydrated and back to their normal self. This is a great smell as well, Im not sure about the other scents but one thing I am sure about is I love the coconut scented one!!
To finish off these review mummies I recommend that you click the link below and have a look at iSHiki’s range, as I am sure there is a product you will love!!

Madura Tea

Madura - Excellence in Tea
Madura tea is made the way nature intended.

As Australian pioneers of eco-sensitive tea cultivation, we make pure, natural tea that is unrivalled in freshness and flavour.

Naturally low in caffeine, high in antioxidants and full of flavour, Madura tea is cultivated in harmony within the world heritage rainforests and unpolluted rivers of the Tweed Valley, near Murwillumbah.

Our tea is rigorously tested for contaminants, and packed at the Madura estate to guarantee its quality from plantation to cup. We have been named one of the cleanest teas sold in Australia by Choice Magazine, and recognised nationally for our sustainable approach to packaging and waste minimisation.

Green Tea
20 Individual tea bags

A selection of exotic, China style green teas from Asia, enhanced with our own Australian estate green teas producing a uniquely refreshing tea, most suited to the western palate. Ideal any time of day, consumed hot or cold, with or without flavorings. This is Australia's top selling green tea.

Premium Blend
20 Individual tea bags

A selection of high grown, pure Ceylon teas chosen at their peak of quality and enhanced with our own Australian estate tea producing a unique, full bodied, bright, strong tea, crafted to satisfy the most discriminating tea drinker.

English Breakfast
20 Individual tea bags

A classic blend of the finest pure Ceylon and South Indian teas enriched with our own Australian estate teas producing a unique, colory, flavorsome tea. Particularly suited to giving a fresh start to the day or to enjoy with light snacks or meals.

Green tea and Australian Myrtle
20 Individual tea bags

Capitalizing on the unique properties of both Madura green tea and Australian Lemon Myrtle, Madura has achieved a synergy of a most pleasant, enlivening, lemony brew that presents an opportunity to rehydrate, to top up your immune system with tea antioxidants and to benefit from the highly anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties of citral, an essential oil, occurring naturally in Australian Lemon Myrtle. Australian Lemon Myrtle is the world’s richest known source of citral.

I have nothing bad to say about these teas. I am a tea mummy not a coffee mummy. These teas are such a delight to drink, they are smooth and full of aroma. I personally love green tea, although a lot of mummies don’t. There are so many benefits in drink green tae, and for me it really does relax me. But then Madura takes it to the next level with green tea and Lemon Myrtle, my God the aroma of this tea is amazing. I sit my face over the cup just to get a good smell, and then when you take a sip the flavour explodes in your mouth!!! 
With the English breakfast I got them out whenever we had guests that wanted tea and they were such a big hit. I know my grand dad even went for seconds and half of thirds before he felt like he had swallowed a pool!! Madura is a very high quality tea and it really shows when drinking it.  They have been named one of the cleanest teas in Australia and I now know why, what a great tea. I also love the packaging it reminds me of aboriginal art and takes me to the Australian outback.
 Definitely my cup of tea ;)

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