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Olay all day!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Here I was thinking Olay was just for older people…. But how wrong was I!!!! I LOVE the Olay Complete with a touch of foundation!! The foundation used in Olay complete is Max Factor, so another brand we know and trust!!  I love knowing that I have protection from the sun while covering up them annoying blemishes, but not a full on pore blocking cover!! When its on you wouldn’t even know you were wearing anything. When I think of sun protection I think oily, shiny and just plain yuck!! But Olay Complete just soaks into your skin and that’s it, no need to powder or anything!! I also love the smell; it’s the real Olay trademark smell.    This a great little pump tube to throw in the hand bag for anytime of the day or even night!! 

Olay Complete UV Defense Moisturisers give your skin a complete balance of moisturising ingredients and essential vitamins and extracts—plus UVA and UVB protection. Its lightweight formulas provide intense, highly absorbent moisture to replenish your skin, keeping it soft and beautiful all day long.

FemFresh keeps you fresh down there

A range of everyday intimate hygiene products, designed especially for women, to help you stay clean and fresh from am to pm.

NEW femfresh Silver Care™ Breathable liners

These minimise the reproduction of odour causing bacteria and help to maintain the natural balance of your most intimate area. Use daily to help stay clean and fresh for longer. These liners are dermatologically & gynaecologically tested for everyday use , hypoallergenic and fragrance free.

Femfresh liners are $4.99

Femfresh Talc Free Powder

A delicately fragranced, gentle powder specially formulated for all over freshness. Femfresh Powder is talc-free, dermatologically and gynaecologically tested and suitable for intimate feminine use. Use everyday as part of your personal freshness routine to help you feel dry, fresh and more comfortable.

Apply daily after bath or shower to absorb residual moisture and leave you feeling more comfortable.

Femfresh Talc Free Powder is $5.89.

Femfresh Cleansing Wipes

Hypoallergenic, biodegradable and flushable, these Wipes contain a pH-balanced formula to gently cleanse, freshen and deodorise, giving you a long lasting fresh feeling. With soothing mallow and anti-bacterial calendula extracts.

Dermatologically and gynaecologically tested, for everyday use.

Femfresh Feminine Wipes are $6.69,

They are available from Woolworths and selected pharmacies nationally.

Femfresh is my friend!! Femfresh is a product all women should own. The liners when you put them on, you wouldn’t even know they were there. There are thin and allow you to breath. I wont leave the house without a liner on, just in case!! After having kids things just aren't the same down there. These are my favourite liners now.  They don’t have a scent, and I wouldn’t recommend using a scented liner anyway!! And if you wanted a little bit of a scent this is where the talc free powder comes in!!
The smell is a light feminine floral smell, which is so pleasant!!! I use this as an all over powder just for the beautiful smell. But I also use it down there, after a shower to freshen up.
But this is especially good when its that time of month and you just need that freshen up and clean feeling.
I keep the wipes in the toilet, as they are a really good gentle wipe to use on them sensitive areas, with no sting at all!! I don’t flush these at all, I just put them in a nappy disposable bag and throw it away! These are your best friends when you have your period I know personally when I have my period I have a shower three times a day. With these they give that instant and clean feeling without the fuss and water usage. I will be stocking up with these, and hopefully I can bring a give away with femfresh so a lucky mum can try it for herself!!! But you can buy them from the super market so they are easy to access!!


Bioré® skincare is serious about pores. With over 20,000 pores on our faces alone, it’s no wonder their condition can make a huge difference to our complexions. Dirt, oil and grime can all conspire to plug them up, potentially causing problems, and stretching them out so they grow to manhole-sized proportions.

Bioré® skincare renowned pore experts have the know-how to bring you the solutions to taking care of your pores so you can get the beautiful skin you’ve always wanted, and in fact, deserve. There’s no way you will ever have awe-inspiring skin without clear, clean, purified pores. The bottom line is, you can’t have good skin without clean pores. And the new Bioré® skincare collection was designed exclusively to care for your pores with a full range of cleansers, pore-cleansing strips and specialty products to help you get an envy-inspiring, drop-dead gorgeous complexion.

Original Deep Cleansing Pore Strips
Instantly pulls away oil and dirt build-up from your nose in just one use. Bioré® strips are twice as effective as the other strips on the market at ridding pores of build-up and blackheads. Formulated with a patented system to literally pull out dirt, oil and blackheads instantly. Custom fit to reach dirt and oil in those hard to reach areas. Helps reduce the appearance of pores with regular use.

Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips
The only thing worse than your typical blackhead is a stubborn one. Bioré® Ultra deep cleansing pore strips offer maximum pore cleansing power to combat difficult pore-clogging dirt and oil around the nose area. Formulated with tea tree oil, menthol and witch hazel to cool the skin so you feel it working. Custom fit to reach dirt and oil in those hard to reach areas.

Combo Deep Cleansing Pore Strips
Did you know your pores can store dirt and oil up to 20 years old? The good news is that the patented system used in Biore® strips instantly pulls out dirt and oil build-up in pores. Formulated with witch hazel to calm the skin. Custom shaped to fit forehead and chin areas to remove dirt and oil. Biore® facial strips help reduce the appearance of pores with regular use. For best results, do not use more often than once every three days. Dermatologically tested, hypo-allergenic.

Put them on, let them dry and rip them off!! It’s that simple!! At first I was a little skeptical as to whether or not they would work. I was also scared because I had a read of some reviews and people had said they stung to rip off!! Well mine didn’t sting at all!!! I will say the area was a little red for a while ( Im talking 5 minutes or so), but what do you expect when you have just given your nose and forehead a deep pore clean out??
 I personally love this product and think it is a great one to use. You can use it as little as once a week and still it will clean it out and take a number of blackheads out!! Ok I wont lie and say it’s going to remove all black heads because it doesn’t. If you use it regularly enough I am sure it will though, and after using them you can see a big difference and the rest of the blackheads would be something only you could notice anyway!!
It is so easy as well; you just pop them on after a face clean leaving your nose a little wet or allow to dry. But if you are like me and forget, I just add some water to my nose and allow it to dry. I sit on the computer and forget its there, I then rip it off and away I go!! Great easy to use product!!

Your body will love you with Chobani

Looking for a perfect Spring/ Summer breakfast? Why not try the amazing CHOBANI Greek Yogurt with some fruit, or like me enjoy the pure flavour and just eat it straight out of the cup.

So you might be asking who is Chobani?

Chobani is the delicious authentic, strained Greek yogurt that tastes good and is good for you.

Our expert team handcrafts each tub of creamy Chobani so it’s not only the highest quality but also tastes great! So how do we make Chobani so delicious? The secret isn’t an ingredient. It’s a passion and love for what we do.

First we take wholesome milk and add a special recipe of yogurt cultures, blended just for us. We then strain our yogurt—which is why it’s so deliciously thick and protein packed—and add real fruit to make Chobani such an indulgent yet healthy treat:

Chobani Greek Yogurt comes in so many flavours you can never get bored or sick of the one flavour!!
Just SOME of the flavours include: strawberry, peach, passionfruit, pineapple, mango,
If you like something different then Chobani is for you!! I have never heard let alone tried pineapple yoghurt until Chobani sent me some amazing samples to try!! And boy oh boy was it packed with loads of flavour, and after eating the little tub it really hit the spot and I didn’t find myself picking once!

The whole family will love the range, my kids eat them like they are going out of fashion. My partner also takes these to work for either breakfast or smoko. I cannot speak highly enough about these beauties.

And now you may be asking where you can get your mits on some Chobani for yourself (and maybe the family if they are luckily enough)

Chobani can be found at Woolworths. So now you can buy my favourite yoghurt when doing your groceries J BONUS!!! No need to pop into a health store or anything like that, which is great and convenient.

I love the smooth full flavour of these yoghurts and the only one I didn’t like was the plain yoghurt, but my partner used it in a wrap he made, so it never went to waste.

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