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Calling in Sick Today.. Sorry Kids

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sometimes I ask myself why cant us Mummie's have a sick day or call in sick?! It's just not fair :(

Having one of them bleehh days where I feel like doing absolutely nothing. I think I might be coming down with something as I woke up with almost every muscle in my body aching and a very sore back.

I didn’t even want to get out of bed this morning but of course when you have kids there is no such thing as staying in bed. So instead I got up and fed them their breakfast and then popped them into the bath. When they were finished in their very bubbly bath they were in the mood for some kids shows, so I put their tv on for them.

I then got into a cooking mood for some strange reason cooking us chicken burgers for lunch and then some duck rice paper rolls (which were very yummy.)
I wasn’t finished there either, I slow cooked a soup which my Nonna taught me to cook, it is a great Winter soup that gets your tummy nice and full.
All you do is add in some chicken bones, beef bones, carrots, celery and a Vegeta. You then slow cook it for 3-4 hours and your done, it is ready to go. I cook a big pot and make about 5 batches worth and pop them in the freezer.

As I am sitting here on the couch after my bath, all my eyes want to do is close. They are very dry and quite sore as well. This is very strange for me as I will usually sit up until late getting some reviews and blogging done, but tonight I am struggling to even make it to 6pm.

All I can say is thank God my partner is home for a week, so luckily I have been able to take it a little easier.

Im thinking after dinner I might snuggle up with my heat bag and a nice hot cup of chamomile tea!!

Hoping for a sleep in tomorrow… Although being a mum, that is no longer an option.

Happy Easter Beauties

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Easter Beauties.

I hope your day is full of chocolate and fun times. 

LeapFrog Farm Mash Up

Friday, 29 March 2013

Farm Mash Up RRP $29.99
12-36 months

Farm Mash Up teaches your little one to create silly animals for endless musical fun whilst learning about colours, animal sounds
and facts, as they mix and match. With three ways of learning by touch, sound and sight Farm Mash Up provides hours of learning fun facts, baby animal names, and colours with each animal match.

This toy is really cute and comes with me now almost everywhere. When my daughter Madison was younger she used to love the car and always want to be in it. Now she will stand at the front door asking for car, but when we actually put her in the car 8 times out of 10 she will just cry and want everything she cant have. So now I take the Farm Mash Up with me and she will sit there matching and mixing away in her seat, nice and quite.

The LeapFrog Farm Mash Up is really easy to take anywhere as it has a lid, which pops off easily and stores all the animal halves in there. There is also a handle so the little ones and even you can carry it around easily.

This game basically consists of many different animals that have been split into half. The aim of this is to try and get your little one to match the right halves together. But even if they dont and just want to have a little fun with it and make pig dogs and duck sheep they can. Once your child has put two pieces in the top the little speaker will tell you the colours of each animal in there and if it is a match the voice will sing a cute catchy little song.

My eldest daughter who is turning 5 in a few months even has fun with this learning toy, but she is more for making funny matches and creating her own species of animal’s haha!!
This is a great learning toy and I know my daughters fully approve of it as well. The Farm Mash Up is also very affordable and will give your children hours of fun; I know it did for mine.

Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation

Liquid Foundation SPF 15, Honey Beige
Price: $55.00
Multitasking liquid foundation with skin-firming properties helps lift the appearance of facial contours, smooth and even skin tone, while providing sun protection. (30 mL )

I always want to make my face look flawless yet very natural, I hate when I use a foundation that is to orange or hasn't got the best coverage so you need quite a bit to cover up them blemishes. 

So whenever I am sent foundation for trial and review I am always more then happy to give it a go. My biggest fear when using a new foundation though is if my skin will like it or if it will end up in a crazy breakout. 

Well I was more then happy with the results of this foundation, even when I was squeezing it out of the tube I was so surprised at its texture. It had a beautiful velvet texture and it just glided on so easily and beautifully. I only needed a little bit for great coverage and it covered all my blemishes and bumps. I have had a little breakout on my hairline and I am very funny about having it covered up. I am quite self-conscious when it comes to pimples and break outs and hate when people can see them.

When I jumped on their site and had a look at their range, I found it amazing how many different shades they actually had. I am almost certain that every lady out there would find the right shade with Arbonne, and if not I know you could easily mix two colours to achieve it.

I know I say this a lot but I really do hope my makeup collection grows with a lot more Arbonne products in them. And I will be rest assured that if I do grow my Arbonne collection I will be leaving my mark on the environment as Arbonne is all about being earth friendly and really watching what goes into the products that the create, without skipping out on quality. I love it!! 

Arbonne’s comprehensive range of products contains micro-sized pigments for a superior texture and feel and are available for purchase from

Additional details about Arbonne are available at
or or please phone 1800 650 760.

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt 2013

Yesterday was a day full of Easter fun and loads of chocolate, it was our first real Good Friday outing. Usually you would find our family at home sitting in front of the Good Friday Appeal on the TV. So this Good Friday we decided to put our little donation in while giving the girls a great day out and attending the Cadbury Good Friday Easter Egg hunt, which was at the Werribee Mansion. All profits and tickets sales go directly towards the Good Friday Appeal, which I think is a fantastic effort from Cadbury. You couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful back drop then having the mansion right there.

When we arrived it was about 9:40am and the park was already starting to fill very quickly. So we decided to fit in some rides before the first hunt to beat the lines. And gosh we are lucky we did, because at about 11am the lines were more then 20 people long and the waits were very long. And with a young family like ours, the kids didn’t like to stay still and wait for very long.

Now as for the hunts I think it is a great idea what they have done. Cadbury has made it so that each child gets a fair, SAFE go by making each hunt an age group. So our youngest Madison went in the 10:30 hunt, but because she was young and so were a lot of other kids there was aloud to be a family member with the child. There were three pens all with different colours. Cadbury had made a red pen, blue pen and even a yellow pen.

Basically the “Cadbury Oompa Loompas” throw out three to four massive boxes worth of small Cadbury hunting eggs onto the lawn and let the kids go wild, filling up there little Cadbury Buckets.

This was the first year that we had attended anything like this and had no idea what we were up for. So we didn’t really bring anything and now were a little disappointed we didn’t. Every second person had packed picnics and even brought little marquees. So we have vowed to come next year, with a picnic basket in hand and picnic rug to.

I was so worried about the weather earlier in the week as rain was forecast for every day around Friday, but Mother Nature pulled it off with a perfect sunny day. I would not say it was hot but it definitely wasn’t cold.

With lots of entertainment there was always something to do. We sat down in front of the stage and watched Tom and Jerry hit the stage and even Yogi Bear. I love that all the old characters that I watched as a youngen are making a come back now, its great. There was also a FREE hot chocolate bar thanks to smooth fm and also Cadbury. At this stall your kiddies could also get their faces painted while their parents sat on big comfy chairs sipping on the hot chocolate. The Easter Egg hunt also wasn't short of food, there were loads of sandwiches and even the normal chips and burgers. 

It was a bit of a shame though, we had to leave early as we had two very tired girls who had eaten too much chocolate and were getting very grumpy. But no matter when the girls would not let go of their buckets that were full of chocolate, not even in the car. My youngest Madison even fell asleep with it in the middle of her legs in the drive home.

I love this event and was very lucky to be able to attend The Cadbury Easter Egg hunt at Werribee Mansion. My partner and I have spoken about it and we will be making this a yearly thing now.

The event is the largest Easter egg hunt in Australia. Proceeds go directly to the Good Friday Appeal which benefits children and families at The Royal Children’s Hospital. Since its inception in 2001 the hunt has raised more than $822,000 for this extremely valuable cause. So if next year you don't have anything to do, I would highly recommend this event for the entire family.

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