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My favourite Nail Polish Removers

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Being a Blogger and doing a lot of nail swatches and nail photos, not to mention all the nail changes I go through attending launches and events. I have been through literally litres of nail polish remover and many different brands. My favourite would have to be those with acetone in them, I know they are probably the worst kind you can use on your nails but I find if I apply moisturisers and cuticle oils they keep fine.

Some of the removers I have found to be the best and my favourites are:

Mode Nail Polish Remover RRP $2.45
Mode Nail Polish Remover is a travel-size nail polish remover that can help remove unwanted nail polish on-the-go.

This would have to be the less potent smelling one of all these removers, and I think the reason would be is has a lower percentage of acetone in it. I also love how small it is so it conveniently fits into your makeup case or even handbag, which is always super handy.

ORLY Nail Lacquer Remover 120mL $3.99
Developed for natural nails, this salon-proven formula quickly removes polish. Available in 4 Oz and 16 Oz bottles with convenient flip-top cap, or a quick and easy Slip-It-Off® sponge removal system that's perfect for travel.

This remover is a beauty when it comes to taking that glitter off your nails, which I find is super tough sometimes. I almost avoid using glitter because of the simple fact of how hard it is to get off your nails. I still have to do a cotton ball and foil wrap with this but it eventually comes off. It is the best working one for glitter that I have used in all my blogger years.

ORLY Flawless Fix Corrector
Orly Flawless Fix Nail Corrector Pen is an invaluable manicure tool to perfect and correct your nails.

This pen will quickly and precisely correct messy manicures, allowing you to remove excess polish with ease from around the nail bed and cuticle area. This pen also comes complete with three replacement tips.

 I would have to say this is a godsend to us ladies that do their nails on the go. Sometimes you just don’t have the hours in a day to pop on that nail polish slowly and carefully and often end up painting your cuticle or applying to much so it pools up at the cuticle (I’m sure you all hate that one!!)  Being a mum we don’t generally have a lot of time to ourselves and when we do it is more of a starfish it on the lounge with the tv on doing absolutely nothing (well this is the case for me haha.)

Manicare Nail Polish Remover with Acetone 125mL
Contains vitamin E to protect & strengthen nails and cuticles. Nail polish remover that is easy and works super fast for great looking nails. 

Manicare never lets me down and I wish I had an endless supply of this stuff. I wonder if it comes in huge 2l bottles as I would be all over that stuff. Like I said above being a blogger I often get sent nail polish to play with and take photos with and the amounts of remover I go through is crazy, as I am sure a lot of other bloggers out there can relate to. But this is great stuff, I never end up getting dry cuticles after using this and sometimes my cuticle end up better!

Please do let me know what the best removers you try and I will be sure to try them out!! 

Grown Alchemist Lip Balm

RRP: $19.95

I have heard some beauties say they dont like this balm as it leaves their lips feeling oily or whatnot. But for me a balm is meant to be oily, and nothing else. With saying that it is not like slapping on some greasy oil on your lips. It is more like a shiny deep moisturising coat to the lips which if you use a little product you hardly know it is there, but then again if your going to lather it on your lips you will get a greasy feeling. I love using this product on top of my lipsticks that are not high sheen, as it makes my lips bling (especially in photos.)

One thing I will agree with all the reviews I have read is the simple fact that this product smells divine. You can really smell the sweet watermelon smell as you glide it on your lips. The other great thing is the lip balm doesnt actually have a taste, which certainly does prevent me from licking my lips and licking the entire product away.

Receiving this as a PR media sample and not buying this myself (THANK YOU GROWN ALCHEMIST), I instantly jumped online to see what products Grown actually had. I fell in love with the simple but yet effective packaging and had to see if this Is what all their products looked like. And the do, it differs from white packaging, to black and even some silver in there. I love it to be honest, for me the products look like they have just been brought out form the lab. But not only that I have also recently read the effort that Grown have taken to ensure you receive only the best. The have protected your product from light, liquid and air to ensure the product you put on your skin is exactly how the product went into the tube. And you want to know the best thing about them? The fact that they are made right here in Victoria!!

This is my favourite ORGANIC lip balm by far. I have already made a GROWN Alchemist wish list, as so many of their products sound amazing.

One a Day In May

One A Day in May

I am a strong believer in supporting those suffering from depression and also raising awareness for depression. For that reason I will be running a little project to help raise awareness. And I would encourage as many ladies out there to do the same, so please jump on board and help raise awareness for Depression.

Sometimes I felt like the world is against me, sometimes I thought I was not worthy of other peoples time. And a lot of the time I couldn't even stand to look at myself in the mirror. I just wasn't happy with who I was and the changes my body and face underwent after having children. I know I was not the only one suffering depression over 3 million people are living with depression and anxiety as we speak.

This was my train of thought just over a year ago.  I was caught up with some hefty depression, which was something I was very ashamed of.  I didn't want to let anybody know and I believe this only made things worse, because as soon as I spoke out a massive weight was lifted off my shoulders . But I don't really want to go into the depths of my depression and what I did but it wasn't good.

Some people don't think depression is serious and think some people should just get over it, or build a bridge.. But sometimes it isn't that easy, and getting your mindset right just doesn't come as easy as it should. 
But depression is extremely dangerous and can even take peoples lives, but it can also change peoples life completely. So if you know somebody who has depression or signs of depression offer them your support and understanding. Or if you are somebody who thinks they are suffering from depression it is time to speak up to those who care, and really let somebody in to help. 

One way I found my way out of the deep end was surrounding myself with the ones I loved and those who were there to support me and help me out of the hole I had dug myself. 

Another way was adding a little colour to my life. I know this sounds shallow and not nice towards myself, but popping on that foundation and makeup really did create a mask and make me feel beautiful. I needed this before I could be comfortable in my own skin and see myself beautiful from the inside out. I would wear some foundation and a lipstick with colour. I would get many compliments and slowly over time this boosted my confidence and self love. This is where my love for beauty products came from. 

I want to start a little task with all of you to help raise awareness for depression. And this is ONE A DAY FOR MAY, which each and every single day you wear a different colour lipstick and wear it with a smile. Your smile is contagious and will warm many peoples hearts. 
I know a lot of beauty bloggers have done this same thing, but I am doing it with a twist!! 
I will post mid month on my progress and then also e

nd of month. But every day I will post a pic of my lips as well as what colour I have used onto my instgram @summerloveliving

A good place you may like to go to find out a little more in the privacy of your own home is
Which is a really good informative website that will give you a better understanding about anxiety and depression, but also allow you to connect with others. Depression is nothing to be ashamed of. They also allow you to talk through your darkness and let someone shine a little light into your life, their number is 1300 22 4636

Robomaid- My robotic helper

Imagine never having to lift a finger to vacuum again.... it might sound too good to be true but not with Robomaid! Taking Australia by storm, this cordless, bagless robot vacuum cleaner is super-easy, super-clever, super-stylish and will allow you to vacuum your home at the touch of a button.  All you need to do is charge it, press start and the Robomaid will take care of the rest! So with Mothers Day coming up on the 12th, wouldn’t it be great to get your Mummy a present that just keeps giving. I love the fact that I can do the ironing while my house is being vacuumed by a little robot. Which in the long run, means more  time I get to spend with my kids playing and just doing the mummy things we love.
Not only is it more efficient and more affordable to buy than some traditional vacuum cleaners, Robomaid uses up to 20 times less energy than standard vacuums and is up to 20 times cheaper to run.  In a time where Australians are tightening their belts, households can look forward to ongoing savings next time the energy bill arrives. She isn’t Rosie from the Jetson (well not yet anyway) but the Robomaid comes close.
Using sophisticated sensor technology to navigate its way around the home, Robomaid can save households hours of cleaning and lugging heavy vacuum cleaners around.  I love just sitting there watching it do its thing bumping off the walls without leaving marks and scuff marks. It is also very quiet compared to my old vacuum which when I turned on you needed to turn the TV up about 20 more to be able to just hear it.  But while busy mums juggle a hundred things at once, Robomaid won’t rush; ensuring a thorough, well-done job each time.  Vacuuming for up to an hour and covering up to 100 square metres each session, it is designed to automatically adapt to a home's layout and furniture, while overlapping its path multiple times to ensure no spot is left unclean. 
Requiring zero effort, an automatic timer can be set to ensure Robomaid vacuums while everyone is out.  Households won’t need to worry about a thing.  A shock absorbing bumper along with 28 in-built sensors will ensure that there won’t be a single scuff or mark on walls or furniture and a unique ledge detector will ensure there are no nasty tumbles down the stairs!
Smarter than a smartphone, Robomaid’s virtual wall accessory allows sections of the home to be sectioned off and sends out a signal preventing it from crossing into areas that don’t require cleaning, making it perfectly safe for pets and children.  With all that additional, care-free vacuuming, floors can be dirt and dust free making homes a sanctuary for allergy sufferers. 
But it’s not just vacuuming, Robomaid can also assist with the dreaded task of mopping! An easy-to-use  microfibre cloth can be attached and used damp for mopping or dry for polishing. In my house we have both floorboards and carpet, the floorboards are in the main areas and the carpet in the bedrooms. I love using the mopping attachment on the floorboards to ensure all the dust and bits are picked up, and left nice and shiny. 
 It is so fun to, I just sit on the couch and I am able to control the Robomaid like a remote control car. It really does bring out the little kid in me, but if I don’t want to control it the vac is happy to just scoot its way around the home.
At the end of each session Robomaid will automatically park itself back on its docking station and recharge itself when the battery is low. I love when I have watched It make its way back to the charger and just park itself, it reminds me of a little puppy when they get tired and tuck themselves into bed. My daughter will just walk around following this and laugh when it starts coming towards her. I played a little trick with her where I was controlling the vac and got it to follower her around like a little puppy dog and she didn't know I was controlling it. Then I pressed the dock button and she found her way home, my daughter looked at me and said 'Aww she is tired Mummy.'
The only negative I could find with the Robomaid is the fact that is cannot get the corners of the house, and there are quite a few in our house. But then again, why on earth am I complaining about sweeping up a few corners rather then vaccuing my entire home!! Gosh I can’t believe I just said that next I will be asking why the Robot didn’t wipe my bottom on the toilet :-/ But with that negative comes a big positive, it can get into those hard to reach places my normal vacuum player can't.
Another thing I would really like to mention is the fact that I only received this Robomaid as a loan for review yet the head office rang me to make sure I knew how to work it and that it arrived safely. I was so surprised at how good this companies customer service is and how much they really care about their customers (even if I wasn’t a customer.) The number to ring if you need help with your Robomaid is 1800-794-191
I would say this is the best Vacuum cleaner and I really dread sending my little robotic maid back.
Robomaid is available to purchase online at
For RRP $399.
I am so pleased to announce that I have one of these Robotic Vacuum Cleaners from Robomaid to giveaway to a super lucky reader out there!!
All you have to do is tell me: 
'Why you would benefit from a Robot vacuum Cleaner in your home?’

This competition will end on the 30th of May and winner will be announced on the 31st of May.
One entry PER household please and please remember to LEAVE YOUR EMAIL so I can contact the winner!! 
Good Luck Mummies

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