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One A Day In May- has sadly come to an end

Friday, 31 May 2013

Well yesterday was the last night of my One A Day In May project. Each and every single day I wore my coloured lips and smile proudly, knowing when I smiled at someone they would smile back.
My daughter even joined in for the fun on a couple of days, and we wore matching lippies.

Here is the different Lipsticks I wore for the month:
Day 1- Revlon Colourburst A creamy nude colour I will continue to wear this for those days I don’t want the bright colours and want to keep it quite mellow.
Day 2- Benefit Full Finish This is a beautiful natural pink colour, one of my favourites.
Day 3- Arbonne~ Rose Petal This is a darker colour pink, but if you apply a lot you will get a darker shade.
Day 4-Eles micro bubble~ Micro Ribbon This is another pink shade which I think you will see a lot of this Winter. I love the texture of this lipstick to it is silky soft.
Day 5- Innoxa Classic~ Velvet Apricot This is a deep red with a pink highlight through it, quite nice and really did dress my outfit up and make it that little more classy.
Day 6- Illamasqua~ Magnetism A nice formulated lipstick and is one of Illamasqua’s more glossy, creamy lipsticks. I love the deep redish colour to.
Day 7- Estee Lauder~ Violet Crush This lipstick was the start of my brightly coloured lipstick crush. I would never wear a bright lipstick, but now nothing can stop me.
Day 8- Vani-T~ Scandal I think everyone would agree with me Vani-t’s packaging out does any other in the market. So classy and glam, I have not been out without people asking me where on Earth I got this lipstick.
Day 9- Australis Colour Inject~ Foxtrot This is a brown/purple shade which is quite different and not one I would usually where.
Day 10- Revlon Colourstay~ It Girl Now this shade is another one of my favourites. I love the pinks and coral shades, to me this is both of them combined. Nice and light and a creamy shade that I am happy to wear all day long.
Day 11- Illamasqua~ Liable Now I was so excited to wear this one after wearing the Estee Lauder’s bright shade. You will need to be careful when apply this, as it is a dry matte lipstick and can crack your lips, well it did for me. But when it is on and hits the sun, WOWIE it is the most amazing shade I have worn.
Day 12- Benefit~ Mod Squad This is a pink nude shimmery lipstick, which I love. I love the creamy texture that all benefit lipstick has.
Day 13- Australis Colour Inject~ Quickstep Another dark brown rich shade, I did wear this when I was going out so the dark shade didn’t bother me as much. It did end up on my teeth though which was kinda embarrassing (but my fault for applying drunk.)
Day 14- Bloom~ Cutie Pie This shade is hard to describe but it’s a little bit of brown mixed into a pink/purple base. When it hits the light it also has a lovely pearl look.
Day 15- Illamasqua~ Over Coral, Coral , CORAL!! I love coral and I love it just as much on my lips. Again this is one of Illamasqua’s drier lipsticks and will crack your lips if you aren’t careful. I love the shade though, and I am sure you would as well.
Day 16- Innoxa~ Blush Berry This is a lush red and purple colour, which certainly does remind me of a bunch of berries popped into the blender.
Day 17- Nvey ECO~ 367 Now this a brown shade I like, I think because of the fact that it is a really light natural shade of brown. It is also really creamy and thick, which is divine to wear.
Day 18- Revlon Colourburst~ Cupcake When I wore this lipstick I received a lot of compliments in real life and also on my instagram. Everybody said this shade really suited me, which I liked because I love this shade.
Day 19- Estee Lauder Pure~ Forbidden Apple You know that apple your just not meant to have but you are SOOO tempted. Well it is kind of like that when wearing this lipstick. You just feel so tempted to kiss them but know you can’t because they are out of bounds and already reserved! I love this colour and wore it to a wedding, and had endless complements. It sort of reminds me of Dorothy’s slippers from the Wizard Of Oz with the glitter specks throughout it.
Day 20- Innoxa~ Nude It is exactly what it says it is, Nude. The shade for me is quite lighter then my skin tone so isn’t a nude to me. I am not saying I don’t like it, I do. It feels like wearing a lip gloss only with the lasting effects of a lipstick.
Day 21- Arbonne~ Strawberry  I own a lot of red lipsticks BUT this is by far the BEST!! I would not have seen it coming as it looks different in the tube then it does on the lips. It has been announced THIS IS MY FAVOURITE OF THE ENTIRE MONTH. It takes red to a whole new level and will be VERY hard to beat.
Day 22- Ulta3~ Vintage Rose Is similar to Revlon’s cupcake shade, but has a totally different feel on your lips. You do need a few layers to achieve the full potential of this ones colour.
Day 23- Vani-t~ La Femme Another brown, but I just had to try it!! Vani-T’s lipsticks suck me in with their amazing packaging. I think there could be a poop colours lipstick and I would still buy it just for the simple fact that I love their casings.
Day 24- Illamasqua~ Eurydice This baby lives in my handbag and is a lipstick I LURVE. It is my second favourite and is the brightest coloured pink I have worn on my lips. I would almost be confident in saying this baby is a fluro pink. It is great to clash with my outfits and really brighten them up (plus it makes my teeth look celebrity white.)
Day 25- Nvey ECO~ 368 I am not sure why Nvey ECO don’t give their lipsticks a name, I think they could have so much fun with them and give them all natural names. This is as natural and nude to my actually lips as a lipstick can get.
Day 26- Rimmel~ By Kate 03 I have been wearing this lipstick for AGES now, since it first came out. I actually won it in a competition Rimmel had on their Facebook. This is the only brown I truly LOVE and that I wear often. Before this challenge this was actually one of the ONLY lipsticks I actually wore when going out.  I love the shine it brings to my lips without making them look and feel oily.
Day 27~ Innoxa~ Pink Lady A light pink and is nothing like a pink lady apple as I would have imagined. It is more of a pale pink with a slight sparkle to it.
Day 28- Illamasqua~ Apocalips Now, when wearing this lipstick I actually felt like a raunchy vampire and would be a lipstick I wore only to a dress up party. It was quite creepy and just way to over the top to me. I couldn’t leave the house wearing this bad boy.
Day 29- Nvey ECO~ 363 Again I wish I could write a cute name to this and so wish they would let me name their lipsticks, I would have so much fun. I couldn’t do this in a swatch on paper as the entire product you put on stays on your lips and won’t apply itself to anything else. This is a good thing though because then you wont be left with a glass full of lippy when you are out.
Day 30- NP Set~ Marseilles The bottom of this lipstick shows a bright red colour. But when you apply it to your lips it is quite opaque. Meaning it feels and looks more like a gloss then it does a lipstick. I love NP but not to keen on this baby.
Day 31- Revlon Colourstay~ Preview My lucky last day, and I wore this boy loud and proud. I almost wanted to try and wear all the colours in one, as I will miss doing this so much. I think it will feel strange waking up in the morning and not taking a snap of my lips and lipstick.

So many colours I would never have thought of wearing, but still continue to wear and love. I loved doing this for a month and now I won’t leave my house without something on my lips. They have grown on me and certainly brighten up my smile and encourage me to keep a smile on my dial.

But most of all I would love to give a BIG HUGE-A-MONGUS thank you to those brands and PR’s that donated their products for me to post and review. A lot of these lipsticks you will be sure to see again on my blog, well me :0) 

M.A.C All About Orange

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

M.A.C All About Orange

Orange. Its vibrant energy and modern edge ignites fashion and beauty big time in Korea, Asia and the world. Its one of the new global super shades that pops with sizzle and cool sophistication.

M·A·C loves a colour with international impact and has translated the trend into a makeup collection for face, lips and nails. From Nail Lacquer in Sweet Pop to sizzling Tangerine Dream Lipstick its an homage to orange.

I know when I hear orange on paper; it would never be a colour I would imagine myself wearing on my face. But when I actually saw these products the colours are actually really nice and quite toned down :0) See for yourself.  I think I just might have to add a little orange to my makeup case now, MAC always seems to outdo themselves and just keep getting better and better. If I do end up buying some of this range I will be sure to post a how to create my look post!! 
Available 24th June 2013 in select M.A.C Locations 1.800.613.828 


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

SKYY Vodka is running a national competition to find the new face of their 'LIVE FULL VOLUME'

SKYY Vodka are inviting all you lovely beauties and fashionista’s to go to one of the many chosen bars Australia wide and have their photo taken in a specially crafted photobooth. The photos are automatically uploaded to the SKYY Vodka Facebook page where participants are entered into the 'Live Full Volume' competition. 

X3 Major Prize Winners will win (as judged by a panel of judges) 

• Become the face of Skyy and see your photo on billboards around your city! 
• A cheque for $1000
• A years subscription to RUSSH Magazine 
• A case of SKYY Vodka 

People Choice Winner (whoever gets the most amount of votes on facebook) 
• A cheque for $1000
• A years subscription to RUSSH Magazine 
• A case of SKYY Vodka

I will be heading to the Melbourne booth to get my mug snapped and to be in the running, as well as encouraging all my friends to do the same. 

For full details please log into

JOHNSON’S Daily Essentials

I love that Johnson’s is no longer just a baby brand name, it is a trusted skincare brand. If they make products gentle enough for babies skin, I think their facial products have to be one of the most gentle range I have used.  I love the Daily Essentials Packaging, it is pretty pink and just has soft gentle images on the front. You can tell a Johnson’s product from miles away which I think is a good thing. They also make the different lines look different so it is easy to spot the one you are after. Some things in life don’t need to be fussy... like your skincare routine for example. Effective skincare shouldn’t be over-complicated, nor should it come with too many promises.

All you really need are products that work hard to leave your skin feeling clean, soft and ready for whatever your day throws at you.
JOHNSON’S Daily Essentials is a range of affordable, effective cleansers and a daily moisturiser, that care for a variety of skin types.
The range is gentle, effective and affordable and with the trusted JOHNSON’S brand you know that you’re getting great quality skin care that will be gentle on skin.

JOHNSON’S Daily Essentials Facial Wash Gel
RRP: $8.99
Designed for normal to combination skin, this gel cleanser will gently lift away impurities whilst providing skin with important minerals to restore freshness. A Vitamin C derivative adds important anti-oxidants to protect skin against environmental damage.

I like that you can actually see the moisturising beads in the tube, they look like tiny pink balls. You don’t actually feel them on your face as they breakdown on contact, which I think is really nice. I was half expecting them to be like exfoliating beads, but they certainly are not. The smell is a pleasure and is like most other Johnson’s products (if you have tried them before,) and if not the smell is almost like soft talc scent.

JOHNSON’S Daily Essentials Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash
RRP: $8.99
Cleanse your skin gently while exfoliating
and removing impurities – without overdrying. Soap free, Johnson’s Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash is specially formulated with micro-beads that leave the skin feeling and looking not only clean but noticeably smooth and soft. With Glycerine, known for its skin softening properties, it’s great for all skin types and gentle enough to use on sensitive skin.

With this gentle exfoliator you can barely feel the beads on your face they are that find. I do find that the product does clean you face amazingly and again has that same smell. I don’t clean my face a lot and tend to just use a light exfoliator once a week, so this is a perfect product for me. It doesn’t exactly foam up on your face but at the same time it isn’t like the gel. I needed just over a pea size amount and that did both my neck and also my face. I will warn you this product can make your hands super slippery in the shower. The bottle slipped out of my hands while I was trying to pop it back and it dropped straight on my toe, lets just say it didn’t tickle!! I have since learnt to pop the product on one hand, flip the lip shut on my hip and put the bottle back THEN and ONLY then start scrubbing my face gently.


Moisturising Day Cream
RRP: $6.59
 Give your skin the moisture it needs leaving it soft and supple with this daily cream. The soft cream absorbs quickly so it won’t feel heavy on your skin. It’s easily, formulated to actively hydrate your skin to optimise its natural moisture level.

The moisturising Day cream is quite a thick textured cream and you will only need a small amount. The product is very cheap and can be bought at your local supermarket, which makes it super easy for us mothers. In Winter my skin dries out, especially on my cheek area so this product really helps to relieve that and keep it look soft and supple. Although I would much prefer this cream as a night cream rather then a day cream. My personal choice when it comes to Day cream is a more watery, thin type of cream that instantly soaks into the skin. This product also double as an awesome hand cream :0) which is always handy, but then again you could use it on any part of your body. 

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