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Argania will now be found on the shelves of Priceline

Thursday, 31 October 2013

So news just hit me that a brand I love will also be stocked at a store I LOVEEEE …PRICELINE
Argania’s product range of Argan oil enriched hair care products will be available in Priceline stores across Australia from
mid November. Stock will hit the shelves of 155 stores, with a comprehensive selection of Argania’s hair care products available. Including two products that are exclusively available at Priceline.

I don’t know about you guys but this excites me as I know it will be a major growth in this brand as all of Australia will be able to easily access a salon product and fall in love.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream for Adoption Awareness


                                                 1.30pm, Saturday, 9th November 2013
Kiehl’s Since 1851, proudly announces our Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream for our community partner Adoption Awareness.
The cult New York-based purveyor of fine quality skin and hair care for men and women has a strong and well established history of working with worthwhile causes whose mission in some way is, to improve the quality of the community to which it is committed.
Artistically inspired by children within the adoption community aged between 6yrs and 16yrs, 3 individual designs have been created to generate funds and support for Adoption Awareness. Each artistic design has a unique story to tell about the creation of their forever family.
With a proud history as a family founded, authentic, charitable, community-oriented brand that gives back wherever possible, this Kiehl’s Limited Edition range with
Adoption Awareness is set to create positive awareness and a positive
self-image for the children and families of the adoption community in Australia.
Adoption Awareness Founder, Deborra Lee Furness, As the foundation of family is so intrinsic to our efforts at Adoption Awareness, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Kiehl’s – which is a family founded business and a socially conscious organization wanting to serve their community
We are thrilled to join forces and believe Kiehl’s and Adoption Awareness will work together to bring awareness and shining a light on what matters...serving our community and most importantly our children.
So here is the amazing background behind the pictures you will see them actually come to life and really touch your heart, well I know I did anyway. 
INDIA-  16 years old – Local Adoptee
"Mum, you never saw me as a baby and this is a picture of what I think I would have looked like"
Ultra Facial Cream ‘India’ Lmt Edt 50ml $34 Ultra Facial Cream ‘India’ Lmt Edt 125ml $64
You can see the sadness in this picture at the thought of never getting to meet her parents and how upset she would have been at the time having to be put into a world she never knew and probably did not want to know at that stage of her life. 

TYRAH-  6 years old – Local Adoptee
“I drew a picture of some of my favourite people & my cat Nero – I’ve drawn my two close friends; they are also adopted & I’ve known them all of my life. I also drew my Mummy and their Mummy’s – they are my Mummy’s special friends too! We go out together and spend special time together.”
Ultra Facial Cream ‘Tyrah’ Lmt Edt 50ml $34 Ultra Facial Cream ‘Tyrah’ Lmt Edt 125ml $64

This one for me goes to show the light that can be brought into a little adoptee's life and how much of a difference it can make. When people adopt a child it is because they are searching for that missing piece of their life and it is an unconditional love. I think in a subconscious way the child also knows in a way they were saved and brought into a very loving family and will be forever grateful, just like Tyrah.

- 8 years old – International Adoptee
On behalf of Sang, his dad said: “Sang says he likes to eat pancakes and Anzac Biscuits when he paints! He likes the colours in his butterfly painting.
He joined our family aged six months from South Korea in 2005 and we recognized his birth and foster parents via his full name Joo Sang Song Kim O'Neill.”
Ultra Facial Cream ‘Sang’ Lmt Edt 50ml $34 Ultra Facial Cream ‘Sang’ Lmt Edt 125ml $64
 For me this is my favourite image and I would even go as far to say I would love to have this printed on a canvas and up on my room in the living area. It is beautiful and even more beautiful knowing the story behind it. I too agree with Sang and love the colours he has compiled to make this image come to life. 

100% of the net profits from the sale of this Limited Edition collection will benefit Adoption Awareness to support the advocacy and development of resources to serve the children and families within the adoption community, because every child deserves a forever family. Visit to learn more about Kiehl’s charitable efforts in Australia.

 Now if you ask me this is certainly a donation worth doing, after all just the facial cream itself is beautiful but knowing you are helping children out there are even better!! I know personally I will be going out at some stage or another and buying myself one of these.

Nivea Shower gel in Sport and Sensitive

Ok so lately I have completely forgotten about Matthew in the bathroom department but have noticed my body wash and soap slowly diminishing… So made me do a little digging and re-searching to find a product that would wash my Mr but also moisturise his flaky sunburnt skin (and also free up more time in the bathroom for me.)
So this is where I found..
Nivea Shower gel in Sport and Sensitive

NIVEA MEN Sport-3-in-1 Shower Gel 
 The perfect gym bag companion, this rejuvenating gel is packed full of minerals and a fresh citrus scent to cleanse and hydrate hair, face and body. 

Matt loves that there is a product for him that he can use all over, literally from head to toe. I also love this as it means more space in the shower for my products haha. But I also love how he is left smelling after this, instead of flowers and blossoms it is much more of a masculine sportsmen kind of smell. This is what I would imagine a guys footy change rooms would smell like mmm. 

NIVEA MEN Sensitive 3-in-1 Shower Gel 
A gentle gel containing nourishing bamboo milk and a calming scent to cleanse and soothe skin without drying it out. 

Different smell, different texture and even a different colour. This is totally different to its brother the sport and I think Matt did prefer the smell of this one over the sport (although I love both of them.) I did notice though the smell of this wash did last longer then the sport for some reason.. 
Matt does not have sensitive skin so he did not noticed whether or not it made a difference to his skin, but you can tell just in the thickness of product this would be more gentle on the skin and would be less likely to irritate the skin. 

This is exactly like the woman’s version but more manly, it does smell very masculine- Something I will not be using in the shower anytime soon unless I want to impress the ladies haha.
STOCKISTS: 1800 103 023


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Follow NIVEA on Twitter - @NIVEA_Australia

Please help :-(

Well it turned out that our Halloween become a lot more scarier then planned! Last night was meant to be my girls first swimming lesson but unfortunately only one made it L

Hayley became very sick at about lunch time with what I thought may have been nerves with thoughts on swimming but I was very wrong.

When she took a turn at about 4pm and put herself into bed with full body shivers I knew something was up as this was just out of the ord. I asked her to hop up and come and lay on the couch, where she insisted she still went to swimming Well as soon as her feet hit that ground so did a big chuck.
Alarms started to sound in my head as she didn’t feel sick but really hot. I took her temperature and it read 38.4 then about 10mins later she started to shiver and felt like she was on fire. I then took her temp again and it had jumped to 39.5 So I quickly rushed to the chemist to see if there was something there to help her. The pharmacist gave me a bottle of suppository panadol to put up her you-know-where Well when I got home she was less then impressed with me and kicked up a storm, she had no fight left in her and eventually gave in to me. 

Within half an hour it got her temperature down to 38.2 but we have not been able to get it down any more. She has not vomited since but looks really pale and has no appetite. It got so bad that I decided I would have her on a mattress on the floor right beside my bed for the night, where she is still laying at 10:35.  

I also have a 2year old as you would all know and she is fine, and has not a single thing wrong with her, which makes me wonder if this could be a bug or not as wouldn't both the girls have it?!  

What do you mummies do to help out your little one and get their temperature down?? Tips and hints would be great!!

Air Wick Trick or TREAT

Halloween with Air Wick

Halloween is approaching, and it seems that the holiday gets more and more popular every year.  For a fragrant, lolly-free Halloween, follow these tips from Erica Moore, Air Wick’s Fragrance Expert.
“I didn’t get enthusiastic about Halloween until my kids got to an age where they realised it was worth celebrating because people give you lollies for free at Halloween.  In fairness, I think the notion of dressing up and decorating the house also appeals, but a free pass to ask for treats must be hard to resist.”
We too are in the same boat at Erica and our girls are only just old enough to dress up and get into the spirits of Halloween. But I am not the one to send the kids around the neighbourhood (strangers homes) for them to knock on doors just yet. Halloween is very much an American thing and a lot of people actually get really angry when kids come knocking (before kids I was one of them.)
So instead we decorate the home and sometimes get people around for a meal and a little Halloween treasure hunt around the house, we do of course let the girls dress up as well. One of my
“A few years ago I came across a recipe for Pepparkrakor, which is a traditional Swedish spice biscuit.  I tend to bake it at Christmas time, but last year I found some Halloween cookie cutters and found it makes the perfect alternative to the standard Halloween treat.”
“Pepparkrakor has ginger, cinnamon, cloves and golden syrup or molasses in it – so the extra spice from the powdered ginger makes them a fun “treat”.  They also fill the house with a beautiful spicy-sweet aroma that really lingers.”
I” love the smell of all spices, but ginger in particular – which to me has both the energising qualities of a cold spice and the nurturing connotation of a warm spice, at the same time.  When I burn Air Wick’s Crackling Fire & Cinnamon Spice Multicolour Black Edition Candle after baking, it really enhances the spicy notes from the Pepparkrakor.  This year we’ll dot the candles around the entrance to let trick-or-treaters-know we are open for business.”

So now you may be thinking what all this could be leading to- well this of course if making our house smell lovely for the change of seasons and different events.

Thanks to Air Wick that has been made possible for us and our house will be smelling divine tonight J One main contributor to the smell is:

RRP:  $9.99
In Crackling Fire and Cinnamon
Our sophisticated new Multicolour Candle Black Edition creates an elegant effect by softly shining through the glass patterned window, casting enchanting shadows and patterns around your room. Like the original Multicolour Candles, the fragrance is complemented by a warm and tranquil glow that starts to illuminate through the wax as it burns.  Air Wick’s Multicolour Black Edition candles are perfect for dismissing those winter blues. 
-        Also available in Golden Winter Woods; Purple Blackberry Fig.

I have briefly mentioned these in a post prior to this one but I LOVE these. The first time I saw these were actually years ago on the carols by candlelight show where they had them around the camera. The girls also love these and love watching the multicolour lights flash on the front.
For me when I first received this candle I kept lighting and blowing this out just in pure amazement at how this light worked. As soon as the flame of the match came near it the candle would light up and as soon as you took it away it would stop. I felt like a pyromaniac or something, but I was just trying to figure out how this works.

Now after I got over the light I really let the candle burn and the smell was beautiful, very much a warming scent. I think it is more of a Winter smell rather then a Spring one, but I suppose in America it is Winter now. It is what I would imagine a cottage in the snowy mountains of America would smell like while sitting near a raging fire sipping on a cider.

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