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Dan Murphy's Affordable Drops of Wine

Thursday, 28 November 2013
Now who would have thought pairing wines with food would require so much thought and creativeness. I used to be the type that would reach for the wine rack and grab a wine to have to tea, but all that has now changed once I was given a task by Dan Murphy’s.

I was sent three different types of wine that can be found at your local Dan Murphy’s and was put on a mission to pair them with my favourite dishes. This did take a few different meals, and many glasses of wine later but I did find some amazing couples.

The first drop I was sent was:

The Killer Vintage 2012 Pinot Grigio
$9.99 per bottle

The Killer is a light white wine with crisp citrus flavour that lingers on the palate.
Some foods that pair with this Pinot Grigio are fish and chips, pizza, chicken and Greek salad. It is a very easy going drop that can be paired with a wide range of meals and dishes.

The dish I found to be a perfect pair with was our dinner that consisted of: Lemon, mint and dill seasoned lamb cutlets with a side of garlic butter prawns, steamed broccoli/cauliflower mix and also some vinegar cabbage salad. This was a match made in heaven and sat beautifully with each other, and I have come to the conclusion that The Killer Vintage 2012 Pinot Grigio is very much a Summer sipper.

The next wine to figure out and get my senses around was:

Château Tanunda Barossa 2011 Grenache Shiraz Mataro
$15 per bottle

This wine and just the Grenache Shiraz Mataro tend to be less fruity and more of a savoury sort of wine. Their trademark aromas are leathery, earthy and meaty. Wines from South Australia are noted for their rich berry and chocolate flavours.

I thought to bring back some of the sweetness to this drink I would pair this with a red cut that had a sweet glaze or seasoning to it. I decided I would slow cook a honey and soy marinade beef steak in the oven for a good 45 minutes on low. And then add to my plate a cauliflower and garlic mash, cabbage and cucumber salad dressed with a vinaigrette. I would usually say this would be more of a Winter Warmer drink and would paired amazingly with a red meat stew but we are coming into the warmer months and it was a lot harder to pair with anything. If it was Winter I would have put this drop with rosemary roasted lamb with red currant jelly; braised lamb shoulder with roasted parsnips.

The last wine I had to try and pair was:

Hardy’s Siegerdorf 2013 Riesling
$11.99 per bottle

Riesling is one of the great white grapes. It produces wines that vary dramatically by region, but they share a great many admirable traits. Riesling is often highly fragrant, very delicious and totally food-friendly.
Siegerdorf Riesling is delicately perfumed with tinges of citrus and apple. Palate has slight spritz and a great intensity and length.

This for me is another Summer drop and great to pair with BBQ grill offs or something as simple as a Crumbed Chicken schnitzel with a side of salad and chips.

The meal that made this pair divine I found was meat pulled off a roast chicken, that was seasoned and oven cooked with garden salad, beetroot and croutons.

At first I thought how on Earth was I to pair these three amazing wines with anything but as I progressed and learnt a little more about each bottler I realised it could be a lot of fun and the mixtures are endless. As long as it works on your palate then that is all that matters, for me these were matches made in heaven. I did know though if I had done this in winter then the dishes would have been totally different, but I had to cook meals that would go with this Melbourne weather!

You can find these three wines at a Dan Murphy’s near you, and if you have not seen their amazing wine collection I know that you will be impressed!! Every year we make a stop at our local Dan’s and pick up our Xmas and New Years drinks as well as a few bottles of wines as Xmas gifts.


Monday, 25 November 2013
Limited Edition!
LUSH SCENTS Available while stocks last

LUSH has come up with a number of inventions over the years to showcase their top selling fragrances but this Christmas is the very first time they have been captured and made in their purest form, as a liquid perfume....
Available exclusively online ( while stocks last, whether it’s the sweet candy notes of Snow Fairy or the indulgent Turkish rose scent of Rose Jam that you love, each of the five limited edition LUSH Scents is a treat to give or receive and will take you on a sensory journey like no other.

Snowcake ($40 for 30g) 
This sweet smelling marzipan fragrance has all the delicious warmth of an almond pastry or a crisp macaroon. With sweet benzoin resinoid, floral rose absolute and the blackcurrant fruitiness of cassie absolute, this is a cosy, comforting fragrance that’s just perfect to see you through the long cold winter.
Lush products that share the Snowcake scent include... Marzipan Bubble Bar, Smitten hand cream and Snowcake soap.
Snow Fairy ($45 for 30g) 
Christmas just wouldn’t be complete without the sweet fragrance of Snow Fairy. If you love pear drops, candy floss and dolly mixtures, let Snow Fairy send you on a fluffy pink journey of fragrance that will keep you smelling sweet and tasty.
Lush products that share the Snow Fairy scent include... Snow Fairy Shower Gel, Candy Mountain bubble bar, Magic Wand bubble bar and Snow Fairy sparkle bar.

GAHHHH I cannot believe there is finally the SNOW FIARY LUSH SCENT… If anybody knows me they know I absolutely LOVE this fragrance and wait every single year just for the wash to be produced again!!  I must have died and gone to heaven, and I know that I will be stocking the heck up with this baby. And if I don't find this under my Christmas Tree from Santa (like he promised haha) I will be extremely sad and will have to make it my mission to try and find some to purchase… Which of course would be in my wardrobe, it my secret stash purchases haha. 

Ponche ($40 for 30g) 
A fiesta of fragrance, bursting with fruity energy and exotic oil, Ponche is just the thing to pair with your best dress and high heels. The citrus scent of pettigrain oil combines with exotic davana and buchu oils to create something really special. Ponche is inspired by a boozy fruit punch that’s traditional in Mexico. Refreshing and juicy, Ponche is a joyful and uplifting perfume with a real kick.
Lush products that share the Ponche scent include... Ponche shower gel.

Calacas ($45 for 30g) 
This fruity fragrance smells deliciously of lime and jelly beans and will put a smile on the face of all who wear it. Lime and neroli oils give Calacas its citrus edge, with earthy frankincense (olibanum) to give a rich depth to the perfume. Calacas is a favourite from Halloween past and used in Calacas shower jelly, The Enchanter bath bomb and Lady Catrina soap.
Rose Jam ($48 for 30g) 
With real Turkish rose oil, rose absolute, a hint of zingy lemon and dash of geranium oil, the beautiful Rose Jam fragrance is one of the Lush’s most popular scents. Rich, fruity and luxurious, Rose Jam is a modern, youthful perfume that’s nothing like the old- fashioned rose scents found on your grandma’s dressing table.
Lush products that share the Rose Jam scent include... Bubbleroon, Ro’s Argan body conditioner and Rose Jam shower gel.

Spread a little joy and festive spritz this Christmas with a limited edition Lush Scent! To pick up your favourite, visit


Dreambaby Mummysavers

Sunday, 24 November 2013
When kids come into your life and home a lot of things change. And one of the main things I noticed when I had children is how much of my things I needed to get rid of and also how I had to childproof the home and make it a safe place for them. Not only does it ensure the kids are safe it is also a great piece of mind for us parents/grandparents/carers.
Thankfully to help me do this I had Dreambaby in my life along with a few other international children care products.

Recently Dreambaby asked me if I would like to review some of their newer products to which I jumped straight onto as it is a brand I love and trust.
The products they sent me were not only to keep my house safe but also to make life as a mum a tiny bit easier and more convenient.
So the two products I was sent that I loved was:

RRP $6.95
The NEW Dreambaby Stroller Clips (2 pack) are a convenient way to attach bags to your stroller, perfect for taking the hard work out of carrying shopping, nappy bags and handbags. So small, yet so helpful!
Ø Made from sturdy materials.
Ø Lightweight and versatile. Easily used with one hand.
Ø Alleviates foraging around under the pram or stroller for the things you need!
Oh, I don’t know why these did not come into my life earlier. It is so good to be able to go shopping and not have to make multiple trips back to the car, or to try and juggle the bags and push a pram and make sure the kids stay near me.
My partner broke our brake lever on the pram because he thought it would be smart one shopping trip to hang bags on there L It is fair to say he approves of these clips to.
They are small and take up no space at all but can take quite a bit of weight. You just have to be careful not to stack to many bags on as it will weigh down the back of your pram and possibly tip the pram.

RRP $2.95 for a 24 pack
The NEW Dreambaby Butterfly Outlet Plugs are another small but invaluable safety product, keeping children safe from potential electric shocks! Simple insert the Dreambaby Butterfly Outlet Plugs into all unused power outlets to prevent curious toddlers from inserting foreign objects into the source of dangerous electrical currents!
These are cheapest and yet one of the best safety products in my home. I know how tempting it may be to a child to try and stick things in a powerpoint and a year or so ago I saw my 4year old talking to it as she said it looked like an alien face. So this did worry me but luckily it never went any further then talking to them. Now that my 2 year old has found her legs and is learning to explore new and wonderful things, I have the feeling that she would take things further with the plug points so it came at great timing this product.
I think it is cute that they block the plugs and don’t allow the children to easily pull them off but still look pretty and SAFE!
Hayley much prefers talking to the butterflies then the alien that is for sure haha.
Visit the Dreambaby® web site at or call  (02) 9386 4000 or in New Zealand, call (09) 274 8788. 
Join the child safety conversation & LIKE Dreambaby®:

Tried and Tested- resparkle nursery cleaner

I don’t know if it is something in the air or what, but there is something about Spring that just puts me into a cleaning mood. Sometimes I cannot be bothered but when I start oh lord there is no stopping me; every single germ must be banished from my home!!
A few years ago I was diagnosed with a mild obsessive compulsive disorder. For me I will not sit on a toilet seat that is not my own, even at mums I will put a lining of toilet paper down and I will not go to a public toilet unless I really have to and when I do my bottom goes nowhere near that bowl! Or in the kitchen it is things like wiping down the benches and then spraying them with glen 20 to make sure the germs are done. And if I cook with chicken I put baking paper down on the bench and make sure nothing is contaminated… It is weird little things and to some it may seem strange but to me it is an every day part of life and seems to be getting worse as I get older.
So with having OCD I find I go through sooo many cleaning products and the cleaning isle in the super market is my favourite place to be. So when Resparkle contacted me to see if I would give one of their childrens products a go I was more then happy to give it a shot.
I love my natural products and also leaving a positive footprint on the eco-system.
Australian households can now spend around 20%* less with Resparkle’s first-to-market certified organic cleaning product range based on a reusable bottle and refill pod system.
Consisting of an organic bathroom and glass cleaner, organic nursery, toy and everyday cleaner as well as an organic kitchen and multi-surface cleaner, all Resparkle products boast this revolutionary dual system that comprises an 80% reusable 500ml bottle and 70ml refill pod, which is patent protected.

A gentle all-rounder that lends a firm but gentle cleaning hand to just about any surface from walls to toys, highchairs to furniture to remove sticky residue, stains and bacteria. Perfect for everyday use around the home due to is anti-bacterial, gentle non-toxic formula.
1% of every sale of Organic Nursery, Toy & Everyday Cleaner goes to a child in need supporting the non-profit organisation “I Give A Buck”.
This is the product I was sent to try and I am a freak when it comes to germs on the girls toys and things they play with and touch. Lets say one of the girls comes home with a sneeze or sniffle I follow them around with the glen 20 and always make sure they cover their mouth and wash their hands.
So making sure their things are clean and sanitized play a big role in being a Mum with me. I love that I can use this product SAFELY on Madison’s highchair without having to wipe it down with something else to make sure the chemicals are off. The smell is not strong and thankfully it has no nasty chemical smell.
For every sale of the Organic Nursery, Toy and Everyday Cleaner, Resparkle pledges 1% to “I Give A Buck”, a non-profit organisation that directly extends help to children around Australia that are seriously ill or live with disabilities. Founded by Barb Blashki with the vision to unite a community to ensure disadvantaged or terminally ill children in Australia may live with dignity, good health and happiness.  
Resparkle also pledges a part of every sale to helping people in Ethiopia to have access to clean water through the Well Wishers Trust
·       All 500ml bottles : $6.35
·       All Refill Pods with Cleaning Concentrate : $4.35
Stockist Information: Stockists available / order online at  

Barbie LIVE! The Musical

Thursday, 21 November 2013
All new family production comes to Australia:
 Barbie LIVE! The Musical

All my childhood dreams are about to come true and I will finally truly be able to share my love for BARBIE with my girls. I was one of the girls that only ever wanted Barbie toys, accessories and even started to dress like Barbie in pink only clothes. I do not care if I have to line up all morning or wait until the clock ticks over to sale time, I will be making sure I am at this show with my girls (and of course my Barbie loving best friend!!) 

But now as an entertainment powerhouse, the Barbie brand has been bringing fans of all ages engaging content for decades. Now, in collaboration with EMS Entertainment and Life Like Touring, Barbie will bring fans a new opportunity to sing and dance with the introduction of an all-new musical, Barbie™ LIVE! The Musical. Barbie™ LIVE! The Musical is an engaging production featuring contemporary music with empowering lyrics, energetic choreography and a modern storyline that will appeal to Barbie and music theatre fans of all ages. Barbie™ LIVE! The Musical will make its Australian debut during the April School Holidays in 2014.

EMS Entertainment, leading global creator of high-quality interactive exhibitions, family entertainment and live stage productions, received the global touring rights to Barbie™ LIVE! The Musical from Mattel in 2012 and has been working for the past 18 months to bring this vision to reality.

“Together with Mattel we have put an incredibly talented team together which created an unforgettable show for Barbie fans around the world,” says Christoph Rahofer, president and CEO of EMS Entertainment. “Barbie LIVE! The Musical will give fans the opportunity to engage with the Barbie brand while spending time with their families and friends making memories that will last beyond the stage.”

From captivating and glamorous costumes, to spectacular lighting and set designs, Barbie™ LIVE! The Musical will deliver fans a one-of-a-kind production experience featuring the world’s favourite doll – Barbie®.

“Barbie LIVE! The Musical leaves the audience feeling entertained and inspired; and will delight generations of Barbie fans in Australia,” said Lori Pantel, Vice President, Barbie Global Marketing. “EMS Entertainment and Life Like Touring have brought together an experienced, industry-leading creative team and brilliant cast to bring this fantastic story to life in a fun and magical way.”

With a talented cast of 19 singers and dancers, dazzling costumes, energetic songs and awe-inspiring sets, Barbie™ LIVE! The Musical is a must-see for Barbie® and music theatre fans of all ages. Tickets go on sale 9am on Wednesday 27 November from

About Barbie™ LIVE! The Musical
Barbie™ LIVE! The Musical is set on a Hollywood sound stage and follows Barbie™ and her best friend / co-star Teresa™ on the set of their new movie. When Teresa™ starts to doubt herself and her theatrical abilities, Barbie™ leverages lessons from her past taught in her popular DVD’s - Swan Lake, Princess and the Popstar, and Mariposa & Fairy Princess, to teach Teresa™ (and the audience) to be confident, believe in yourself and embrace the power of friendship. Barbie™ LIVE! The Musical features recognisable popular songs from the animated Mattel hit movies, as well as new music from distinguished producer, Robbie Roth.

About the Creative Team
Director and Choreographer, Kobi Rozenfeld, brings his reputation and global experience as one of the world’s most innovative choreographers and creative expertise to Barbie™ LIVE! The Musical From Beyoncé to Britney Spears, Rozenfeld brings a tangible energy and unique style to the stage.

Rozenfeld’s associate choreographer and assistant director, Kelly Allen has also contributed her performance style and skill to the production. As a respected & accomplished artist in the US, Allen performs and assists Rozenfeld and the multi-Emmy Award winning Marguerite Derricks, as well as Jennifer Hamilton, Alex Little, JT Horenstein, Chucky Klapow, Zach Woodlee.

The creative team also includes: Author/Scriptwriter Diane Rodriguez (Obie Award winning multi-disciplinary theatre artist), Scenic Design by award-winning Stanley A. Meyer (Broadway set designer for Beauty and the Beast), Broadway Musical Director and Composer, Robbie Roth (Composer and music director for Flashdance); Award-winning Lighting Designer Jesse Blevins and Peter Morse (Lighting designer for New Kids on the Block, Lenny Kravitz, Barbra Streisand, Michael Jackson and many more); Costume Design by Aviad Arik Herman (Designer for Miss Universe events); Sound Design by Kai Harada.

Barbie™ LIVE! The Musical
Australian Tour Dates and Tickets

Sunday 6 April 2014
 Palais Theatre, Melbourne
  Ticketmaster 136 100

Friday 11 April 2014
 Brisbane Convention Exhibition Centre 
Ticketek 132 849 

Thursday 17 April 2014
 Theatre Royal, Sydney
  Ticketmaster 136 100

Friday 25 April 2014
Challenge Stadium, Perth 
Ticketmaster 136 100 

Visit for more information.

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