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Want to try out the NEW Bobux Xplorer for FREE? See Below

Friday, 26 December 2014
When your little one finds their feet, it certainly is a proud moment- I know it was for me. But then you quickly realise your house and belongings need to be totally child-proof as anything in their reach that can be touched and ruined will be.

My daughter never got the whole crawling thing, and was pulling herself up on things and walking that way until she was confident to let go and take those few steps.

Not my little one.

I quickly noticed that those pretty shoes I once thought were super cute, were not doing good things for her and were making walking either A) Painful or B) Looking like a penguin waddling along as they weren’t the easiest to walk in. So I was on the hunt for shoes that would aid her in learning to take those steps, as well as not look so dorky.

I have only just come along a brand that makes these, yeah I know a little too late- but hey always better late then never. Because now I know about them I can tell you all about them, so you know for your little ones feet.

Bobux Xplorer is what I am talking about here and I have a feeling once you try these you wont look back, they look like mini hikers shoes (super adorable, and comfortable).

Bobux has designed the Xplorer especially for children who are “learning to walk”; sometimes walking - sometimes crawling. At the cutting edge of children’s fashion the Xplorer is made for parents that seek something different and appreciate great design.

The Xplorer is robust while being extremely lightweight and flexible. It allows the child’s foot to move unrestricted, while offering enough protection to keep their feet warm and dry. Although designed for children of the “learning to walk” stage, Bobux has had great wear-test results and feedback from children who wear these whilst walking full time.

The Xplorer shoe will be launching worldwide in February 2015 - and Bobux is looking for 120 Aussie mums to receive a special preview edition of the shoe before it arrives in Australia, allowing them to be the first in Australia to try this amazing new product.

So how would you like to be that lucky duck parent that is one of the first in Australia to try out the new Bobux Xplorer. They are looking for those little tootsies that are learning to walk or fresh on their feet.

The 120 families who are selected will be contacted after January 19 to be advised that their free pair of Xplorers are coming and due to arrive in late January 2015.
So how do you register?

Simply head to and follow their instructions. All it is, is a quick survey finding out a little bit more about you and you little pair of feet in the house.

For me personally I don’t like buying shoes online as I am always afraid of buying a pair that just wont fit. But luckily a lot of websites and brands are clueing onto this and making it easier for the consumer to buy that shoe that fits by providing a cm table. 
Bobux has taken the hassle out of picking the right shoe size, so it makes life so much easier when buying savvy shoes.

Check out their sizing here- 

Now again beauties, if you want to try these shoes out your application must be in before the 5pm on Monday 19th January 2015 as this is when they will be closing the applications- so get in quick so you are not disappointed, I would hate for you to miss out on this great opportunity.

Smiggle Christmas Loves

Thursday, 18 December 2014
This Mumma can be very sneaky at times and often like to kills two birds with one stone (although I would never in my life harm a bird, I just don’t know another term). 

So for Christmas I decided I would throw that stone and get two things done in the one hit- Christmas gift and back to school. 
Luckily for this Mumma my girls love art and crafts and those stationary items we all dread to buy.. So when I was shopping for Chrissy the other day, Hayley nagged me to go into Smiggle, over and over and over again. I gave in and went in there to see what kind of things the little munchkin wanted, little did she know Santa had already gifted her a whole heap of Smiggle (thanks team!!) 

As I saw the products in the Christmas release, I soon realised what a fantastic idea shopping at Smiggle for Christmas would be. As after Christmas is done and holidays are had, we quickly return into school mode and start prepping for the year ahead. I thought I would bundle up a whole heap of this stuff for Hayley to take with her for her first year of grade 1. 
It is hard to pick just a few items as all of their stuff is awesome, but my top 5 items for Christmas would have to be the following: 
Two Tone Talking Clock RRP $29.95
I thought this would be a great idea for Hayley as she is just learning to tell the time, so this would be great to assist her. Then she can also get back into a routine without having Mum on her back to get her little bottom out of bed, the alarm will go off to wake her up.
You can record your very own message or phrase as an alarm, which I think I would personally record something loud and funny to get her up in the morning as a little trick J Mean Mummy Awards go to me. 
Erasable Coloured Pencils  RRP $12.95 

My girls love colouring, and I mean colouring everything including my poor house walls. So I would sleep easy knowing the pencils they were drawing with and colouring in with were erasable. This would also double as a great stocking stuffer if you do stockings in your house. 
Highlighter Stax On RRP $5.95
Another great stocking stuffer, even for the older kids. I don’t know who would have more fun with this, the girls or me. I have already bought myself some of these for event and blogger projects I have coming up, so I have had a fantastic time stacking, re-arranging and pulling apart this highlighter stack.
Konnichiwa Bag Tag RRP $5.95

Great as a stocking stuffer and it will be used for sure, nothing worse then buying a stocking stuffer that a few weeks after Christmas gets thrown away. You want something that wont break the budget, but then again won’t be thrown away or break. 
A bag tag for school children or even little ones that go to kinder, childcare or crèche is a fantastic idea in my books.
Memo Notes Launcher RRP $14.95

Gone are the days where you used to have to pass notes under the table, these days they are just send via SMS or facebook message. But if you still like old school, and to have more fun with it- just don’t get caught; this is the gift for you. 
A memo note pad with launcher attached to it, so if you have a good aim you can fling your note to another person- or in the bin. 
There are 4 different varieties perfect for girls or boys which include: love hearts, Aussie Rules, Soccer and Basketball. 
Smiggle is a place where the little ones and the young at heart can go to shop for all their stationary needs and more. I love Smiggle, and I would have to admit Hayley even has a little obsession with them. 
What Smiggle Christmas treats appeal to you?
Everything is available from Smiggle stores nationally (and internationally!!) or online at

Coffee Lover Christmas Gift

Monday, 15 December 2014
Christmas morning usually starts a little frazzled as we fight our eyeballs open when the kids wake us up before the crack of dawn so they can see what Santa has popped under the tree for them.

So this Mumma and Daddy usually head for the kitchen first and make a hot cup of coffee to kick start the morning and wake our tired selves up after a long night of wrapping and helping the elves out.

The Dinosaur like kettle with the new addition

This year thankfully it won't be to click the kettle on, it will be fresh from a coffee machine as we now own our very first machine!

Nespresso Breville CitiZ&milk Chrome RRP $399

• Two programmable cup size options: Expresso and Lungo
• Integrated Aeroccino3 milk frother
• Power save mode after 30 minutes of inactivity.

You also get a bonus 16 pods, in every flavour or blend as some may call them. I thought this is a great way to find the ones you love, to be able to buy more of.

Now I can't exactly say this is better then any I have tried as it is the ONLY coffee machine I've tried.  But Nespresso is a brand I know and love, so it was fantastic to be given the opportunity to try out their new machine!

Christmas is less then 2 weeks away (9 day, gahhhh single digits) and I know this house is in a mad dash for those last minute gifts as we always leave it far to late and end up having no idea what to get anyway.

I know for a fact I'm not the only parent to kick start Christmas morning with a coffee to wake the system up, so what better gift to get Mum or Dad then their very own Coffee machine.

I missed a delivery so picked up the machine from my post office while on my way to my Nonna’s, so I thought what way to really test this machine out then on my Nonna as European’s know a good quality coffee when they have one! So Nonna said to me “Ohhh wow this is beautiful” in her strong European accent :-) She then went on to hint to me it would be perfect for Christmas for somebody… I wonder by somebody if she meant herself?

The Nespresso CitiZ is so easy to use even Nonna could do it and she doesn't own one piece of technology! All you do is put water in the back water compartment, turn the machine on and let heat up. You will know when it is ready to go as the lights will stop blinking, then you press whether you want a small or large coffee. Then while all this is happening you can heat and froth your milk in the milk part of the coffee machine, which I can confirm makes pefect fluffy froth each and every time.

First time use you have to press the small cup a few times to get the water flowing

The Nespresso CitiZ is also super duper easy to clean!
Just rinse and wipe. Take pod out by lifting lever and it falls into compartment below- slide our and throw out. Milk froth part actually comes out for an easy cleaning solution. You can also just let the hot water come out the spout to rinse and clean the system, it is also suggested that if you haven’t used the unit for a while then you should rinse out a few times before hand. All comes apart so no piece is left unclean, perfect for my germaphobe self.

I don’t care what anybody says, this would be a great present for almost any age and either sexes! If you are stuck for a gift idea this Christmas I am sure your loved one will not be disappointed – I would be more then happy to open one of these this Christmas.

Christmas Gifts- Battroborg Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Electronic Battle Game

In my little world (inside my head) I was wondering if I was a child and had the option of picking any present in this day and age under $100 what would it be… I looked through catalogues and online; as this is what I like to do to keep myself occupied, and anxiety at bay (or I have nothing better to do with my life then pretend I am a child again haha). 
This is when memories of my childhood came flooding in as I thought on things like Sailor moon, pokemon, cabbage patch dolls and my all time favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT). 
And to be honest in my childhood some may have said I was quite the tomboy, to which I would have had to of agreed. I would much prefer to play trucks and watch TMNT with my brother then play Barbie, although when I did it usually ended in Barbie getting her head or limbs ripped out of their sockets (poor Barbie). 
So when I stumbled across the whole massive range of TMNT things that were coming back on the market I was like a child in the candy store and instantly wondered if I could get away with purchasing them for my girls so I could secretly play along with them. 
There was one product that really stood out to me and brought all the tomboy days back and that was the 
Battroborg Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Electronic Battle Game
(suitable forages 6 and up)
RRP: $99.95
Turtle Power is in your hands! Your precise katana controller movements command Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael as they master their battle skills in the secret training dojo arena to take down Shredder and the Foot Clan. Multiple gameplay modes add extra excitement as your motions control your Turtle around the treacherous dojo trapdoors. Train, battle and score with the Battroborg Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
In this pack you will receive:
2 Turtle Robots
2 Wireless Katana Controllers
1 Trapdoor Training Dojo Arena
2 Foot Clan Soldier Knock-Down Targets
16 Sewer Caps
4 Sewer Cap Platforms
2 Sewer Cap Counters
1 Shredder Trap Trigger

First things first you will needs to set your little turtle up, and to do that all you have to do is: 
Turn controller on and flick the switch to either a or b. Then turn the turtle on and flick it over to the same letter. The controller will make a little noise to let you know that the two have been paired and you are ready to go head-to-head with another turtle. 
First you must turn your turtle off using the off switch. Then Slide the power switch button on the controller to charge – the red light will illuminate. Slide the charging port on the back of your Turtle into the jack on the controller – the green light will illuminate. 
Once the green light switches off, you are fully charged and ready to battle.
Basically you use your controller as a sword at close range to your turtle. When you swing the katana your turtle will strike accordingly. My girls love a little bicker here and there so it is fun to let them vent in the ring (without even having to touch one another). 
There are trap doors and other little bits and pieces which really make for an interesting game, we wont lie the adults in the house have also battled it out. But don’t make the mistake if you are buying this as a Christmas Gift and forget to supply batteries, as you WILL need them.
Sewer Cap Slash:
Score the most points by knocking down your Turtle’s sewer caps and the Foot Clan targets. Go for an instant win by hitting Shredder and activating one of the trapdoors for a knock over
Select a sewer cap color
To start game, place both Turtles back-to-back in the center of the arena
Each sewer cap of your color that is knocked out of the arena is worth 1 point. Knocking over a Foot Clan target is worth 2 points
The game ends when either all sewer caps and Foot Clan targets are knocked down, or if your opponent is caught in a trapdoor
Even though it says this game is only suitable for ages 6 and up our whole family got involved- including out little 3 year old (who I think had the most fun of us all)! We’ve sat this down on the table in the lounge and had our competitive lights shine, and tried to beat one another. Mr M and I have even battled it out to see who was going to do the dishes that night, of course it ended up being Mummy after a best of three blow out. 
My word I would, I am tempted to buy one just for myself as it brought back so many childhood memories for Mr M and myself, a real walk down memory lane. 
Stockist: Big W, Myer, Target, Toys R’Us, Toyworld and national toy retailer’s

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