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My Mother's Day pack's from Nivea

Tuesday, 29 April 2014
This Mother’s Day I am hoping for some pure and natural products. Now I know I have made a wish list and gift guide already but I just could not go past the beautiful and super affordable packs from Nivea this year.
My favourite is the Nivea Pure and Natural Pack $ 20

Pure & Natural Body Lotion 400mL
Pure & Natural Lip Care Milk and Honey
Pure & Natural Soothing Day Cream 50mL
Pure & Natural Hand Cream 75mL
These packs are amazing value for money and work out being a lot cheaper then just buying the products alone.  
I will confess sometimes I purchase a gift pack for myself instead of individual products as it works out cheaper in the long run and I often get bonus items and products in the packs that you just cannot buy, for example the beauty bags.

Nivea’s Pure & Natural range has been on the blog before and you can read my thoughts here. Hence the reason I really would be more then happy to receive any of these packs for Mother’s Day- or any gifting occasion.
These packs can be found at your local Chemist Warehouse along with these other pack, which are also a tiny $20

WIN Tupperware Grow With Me- And Sipper Cup Review

A few months ago you would have seen the amazing Grow With Me Range featured on my blog, but if not you can find it HERE.

One thing you see on this feature is the great Grow With Me Drinking Tumbler. I did love this cup because it was perfect for my girls and their ages. Madison being 2 and a bit was moving on up from sipper cups and onto drinking from a big girls cup like her big sister Hayely. The youngens are growing up way too quickly because of the fact they are trying to keep up with their older siblings.
But now I am happy to announce Tupperware has introduced to their Grow With Me Range a brand NEW Sipper Cup extension for the Grow With me Tumbler, but as you know can fit on the entire grow with me range.

This makes a lot of sense bringing out the sipper cup attachment as I was getting quite a few personal messages asking why there was no sipper cup attachment, but there were straws and learning tops.

The shape of the sipper part of the attachment is great for any age bracket and durable so the kids cannot chew it to bits and pieces.
Luckily Tupperware and 3B’s have come together to be able to host a perfect giveaway which will allow one of my viewers to be able to try out the Grow With Me Range for themselves.

All you have to do is tell me in 50WOL –
What is your favourite product from Tupperware?
 This does not have to be a Grow With Me Range product.
Strictly 50 words or less
Daily Entry Aloud
Open to Australian Residents Only
Competition Closes 20th May 2014
Good Luck Beauties.

WIN a Tupperware Grow With me Pack

Getting through gastro with HYDRALYTE

There is no worse feeling then watching your kids throw all their food up and it doesn’t stop there. The constant tummy pains, the hot flushes, the vomiting and then there is the multiple runs to the toilet. And sometimes with little ones they don’t make it to the toilet and it results in big accidents and hard messes to clean.

Here are some things I have been taught to make Gastro with little ones easier.
When fever hits, panadol is needed and will help your little one. If your child does not like taking the panadol like my Madison then it is a great idea to put it in 100mL of cordial or juice and get them to drink it slowly- they wont even know the panadol is there. You are able to give your child panadol from 1month and onwards. I have found though I can buy the older range like the 5-12 and it shows a less amount to give your child if they are younger, so you don't have to use as much.
After every toilet trip and more often then usual it is important to wash your hands with soap and then a hand sanitizer as well if you have one.
Keep a can of glen 20 with you everywhere you go and make sure you use it. When they touch something, after using the toilet, just everywhere to ensure you kill the germs not help them to spread. This is often how the rest of the family get the bug.
Some people say to knock food out for 24 hours… But I don’t find this makes any difference. Either way you are going to have the runs or vomit, so if the kids ask for food I will give them dry toast or biscuits and sometimes fruit if that is what they want.
Lots and lots and lots of water, you must encourage your child to sip on as much water as they can without over doing it. A fluid is much easier to bring up so if you get your little on to drink too much too quickly it can certainly make them vomit it right up.
If your finding it hard to get your kiddies to keep the fluid down and they are vomiting and have diorreah quite reguallary then a great product to give your child is Hydralyte.
There are many forms of hydrolyte on the market now and our cupboard ALWAYS has them stocked up.
You can get:
 Hydralyte Orange Flavoured Electrolyte power in sachets.

The sachets are perfect for when you are on the go or even in the car. Sometimes while I am out I always look for a drink and water just doesn’t cut it after plays and long walks. So I love topping up on some hydralyte.
Hydralyte Orange Flavoured Effervescent electrolyte Tablets.

This is our camping staple as the kids and I often get dehydrated after playing in the 40 degree sun and Murray River all day. So it is great to sip on some ice cold hydralyte at the end of the day. 

Sometimes we also find that were left with the runs as everything isn’t as clean environment as we are used to, so this is a must for us.

Hydralyte Orange Flavoured electrolyte ice blocks.

These are perfect on that hot day when dehydration is more likely to happen. And are one of the only products we cannot take camping as there is no freezer to keep them frozen. This is the one product I found to work best on the girls and that they finished right down to the last drop.
I also used these at a young age when they had gastro as they would be turned off by their bottle on a hot day and would much prefer a cold iceypole to gnaw on.
Hydralyte Ready to use Apple and Black Currant flavoured electrolyte solution.

This is just a bottle of product you can throw in your fridge as is and there is no need for mixing or any of that kind of thing. This is what I used to pop in Madison’s bottle when she had gastro to keep her hydrated. If needed be I would also water it down and she was only little the first time she had gastro.
The other products also have a black currant flavour but I am not sure if the whole range comes in both flavours.
The last tip I have is to make sure you provide your little one with lots of hugs, as there is no better feeling then being in Mums/Dads arms.

***I am in no way a doctor and these are just tips I found get our little ones through the tummy bug season. If you feel your child is sick the best person to speak to is a health professional.

 Before I go I want to touch on how Hydralyte can help you in your every day life. 

I am not sure if you are aware but a lot of the times when you are sporting a nasty headache it is due to the fact you are  dehydrated. For me when I go out and drink alcoholic beverages and towards the end of the night my head pounds, it is due to the fact I am dehydrated. So I head to the bar, grab a big glass of water and drop a Hydralyte tablet in there and drink quickly. 

You will always find Hydralyte in my bag, as I like to make sure I am hydrated as much as possible! 

Baby Bistro Review

Monday, 28 April 2014
Just thinking about putting something into my girl’s mouth that has come straight out of the jar like Heinz jars. I know they have the ingredients written on the back, but how do we know they are the real ingredients- or what about those big words both in and out of brackets.

I used to be one of the mums that if I had to buy off the shelves or conveniently buy baby food, I would always go for organic or the smaller brands that claim to be homemade etc.

One brand I have come across recently that caught my eye and my girl’s tummies is the Baby Bistro Range.

I came across them when searching for homemade food in Australia. They do come frozen but all the ingredients are written clearly on the back and you can also see what is in the tub (and smell.)

There are two tubs that really stand out for me and stood out from the rest.

The first is:
Organic Macaroni and Cheese with a Twist (12 Months to 5 Years+) $7.95

This is Baby Bistro’s unique twist on an old favourite… macaroni & cheese with spinach. It’s the steamed and blended organic spinach that really sets this meal apart. No other vegetable has more vitamin K than spinach, and vitamin K is a bone growth superfood. Spinach is also very high in vitamin A, manganese, folate, magnesium, iron, vitamin C, B2… the list goes on.
This meal wouldn’t be complete without delicious cheddar cheese that’s full of calcium and protein for strong bones and growing muscles, and parmesan cheese for extra flavour.
Toddler Mains are available in 200gm per serve Suitable from (12 Months to 5 Years+)
Organic Ingredients: Brown Rice Pasta (Certified Organic Brown Rice Flour), Spinach, Cheddar Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, Milk, Butter, Wholemeal Spelt Flour (contains gluten)
Madison has never in her life eaten Macaroni and cheese so this was a little trial for her- and to be honest I have never had it either. I did have a little taste and also fell in love and jumped onto to find a recipe.

Personally I love mac and cheese but I have never made it from scratch, and usually just buy the packet stuff and add some vegetables in it. 

Organic ABC Minestrone (12 Months to 5 Years+) $7.95

ABC Minestrone is full of green veggies like beans, which contain lots of the essential vitamins and minerals that keep little hearts and lungs nice and healthy, and peas, which help keep blood sugar at a healthy level. Celery is a good source of antioxidants and zucchini is full of dietary fibre for a healthy tummy.

Baby Bistro’s ABC Minestrone is made with Glutine free Corn Pasta for a little bit of extra fun and topped off with tasty parmesan cheese to create a delicious, warm and healthy meal perfect for growing bodies.

Toddler Mains are available in 200gm per serve Suitable from 12 Months to 5 Years+
Organic Ingredients: Chicken Stock (Water, Free range Chicken, Carrot, Onion, Celery, Herbs), Potato, Carrots, Zucchini, Celery, Brown Onion, Green Beans, Peas, Corn Pasta (corn flour, water) (gluten-free), Tomato Puree, Olive Oil, Parmesan Cheese, Garlic

One thing I was always taught when introducing food to my girls is to make it fun. The ABC minestrone is not only yummy but also educational.  I have no idea why when I add so many vegetables to the minestrone the girls don’t like eating it and to be honest I think with over doing the vegetables it just starts tasting a little funny until you get the perfect balance. At least when giving this to my kids there is no need to play around with a balance on veg as Baby Bistro has got it perfect.

Organic Apple and Cinnamon Delight 6m+ $4.05

I could have eaten this straight out of the pot myself and devoured the lot. I used to make extra puree when making it for the girls just so that I could eat it or have it with my pork. This however has an amazing cinnamon twist that I absolutely LOVE and so do my girls.

My 5 year old tried it and told me it is like eating a cinnamon donut while taking a bit of an apple- strangely enough she was spot on.

It is a great one to have either hot or cold and enjoyed to the last drop. Madison is 2 and she liked the container clean- not a single drop left.

There is quite a range of different flavours and ages in food so there will certainly be something for your little one. It makes life so much easier for us busy mums to be able to whip something up straight out of the freezer.

I suggest all you mummies and daddies out there head to  

Klara Kiss Proof Lipstick Review

Tuesday, 22 April 2014
Kissing, Kissing and more Kissing is what goes on in my house on a daily basis. But one thing both the girls dislike and also my partner is when I go to kiss them and leave my mark… I remember getting kisses from grandma and being left with red lips on my cheek that was quite embarrassing when you look back on photos and every single one of them has been cheek branded.

So I set out on a mission to find a lipstick that didn’t budge when kissing and was totally kiss worthy. I found this product while exploring Salon Melbourne a few weeks back. There was a beautiful stand with amazing products that I could have spent a fortune at, this was of course Klara Cosmetics. The stall was buzzing and you just could not fit anymore people in there, which tells you it is a good line of cosmetics to be using.
Here is where I first set eyes on the

Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips $29.00
The packaging and actual product looks a lot like the Klara Lip Glass only when you put the kiss proof on and it dries it sets very matte.
If matte isn’t you thing though you can easily put your own balm or gloss over top and have the kiss proof as the base, as it just wont budge.
The two wonderful shades I was sent were the Watermelon Kiss and Passion Pink. I adore pink shades on both my eyes and lips, so for me these two were the perfect fit.

The way you get that colour popping lips is because the Kiss Proof formula consists of 100% pigmentation. And I wont lie this kiss proof is extremely hard to get off at the end of the day so it wont budge while kissing.
This is the easy application brush, but if you don't like using that like me then you can always use a lippy brush for my precise application.

A product I found to work best at getting the colour off your lips is an oil based eye makeup remover- comes off a lot easier then the other products I have tried.
So why not get some Kiss Proof on your lips and kiss away- I know I will :-) 

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