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Myer MyKids Emporium Launch

Thursday, 29 May 2014

M- My day was very eventful to say the least today as I was honored to have been invited to a little reveal type thing for the breathtaking Myer MyKids Emporium. It is like something I have never seen before in my life (shopping wise.)

Y- You often dread the fact that you have to take the kids shopping, and I know personally my kids attempt to touch absolutely anything they can get their greasy little mits on. Myer MyKids Emporium actually encourages your child to play and interact with their surroundings at this beautiful store.

E- Everything about Myer gets me excited as you know you can go to their stores and do almost all of your shopping there except for the groceries of course. I love being able to shop for the home, the kids, my partner and of course myself (der!)

The Candy Buffet, which was delish!

R- Right from the get go I knew this event would blow my mind, but never did I think it would be this good. There are actual areas set up rather then isles as you would usually find. 

Madison’s favourite was the Barbie area, where they show Barbie movies and have a Barbie pink couch. You will also find a gigantic, sparkly Barbie shoe here as well.  

For me I loved the Lego Land where there was amazing Lego sculptures set up all around and a miniature version of flinders st station that took my breath away.

M- Madison also enjoyed scooting around the Little Trikes area, where there is a little road setup so the children can “test drive” a vehicle today haha. Madison jumped in the big, purple jeep like Little Trike, and it is fair to say I think this is on our Christmas list this year (or birthday list!)

Y- You could easily get lost in Myer, and a few a times I actually did get lost and had no idea how I ended up there… Myer Emporium will occupy approximately 7,000 square metres on the fourth floor of the building and offer toys, childrenswear, men’s accessories, sports apparel, and luggage.

K- Kids shopping for me is so much more fun then buying things for my partner and myself. Often the girls will be dressed better then myself and I will look down at their tiny clothes and think to myself- “Gosh I wish that came in my size!”

I- If that wasn’t enough of a selling point for you then I am sure you will love the kids clothing department (I know I did, but my credit card didn’t!). MyKids Emporium will also feature Myer’s largest childrenswear offering with exciting custom-fit concept areas for brands including:
·      Bonds Baby
·      Bardot Girls (girls)
·      Mossimo (boys)
·      Baker by Ted Baker (exclusive to Myer, recently launched)
MyKids Emporium will also feature the largest offering of Myer exclusive brands including:
·      Jack & Milly
·      Sproat
·      Milkshake
·      Tilii
·      Bauhaus
·      Origami
·      Brooklyn Industries

D- Don’t ask me how much money I spent today in that darn childrenswear department, as I don’t even want to know. But not only did I literally spend money, I also mentally spent money. I now have a list soo long of things I want to buy the kids.

S- So much history surrounds the actual store, I was really surprised to find out how old this building was. After establishing the Bourke Street store in the early 1900s, Myer went on to occupy two buildings (this is the reason why you cross over the bridge to get to the other side) between Bourke Street and Lonsdale Streets. In 2007 Myer commenced the redevelopment of its flagship Bourke Street store, which has now been re-opened for several years.

E- Even if you don’t like shopping, I would recommend taking a trip into the Myer MyKids Emporium (kids or no kids) and just have a look, you will be surprised at how the inner child of you comes out to play in certain surrounds- yup I could be found playing with magic sand, building a sandcastle.

M- Myer has partnered with brands including LEGO, Mattel, Hasbro and Headstart to create one of a kind, world-class concept areas to showcase each brand in a fun, exciting and engaging way that is a first for Australian consumers. The key concept areas are:
·        LEGO - Lego has taken all its best ideas and concepts from all over the world to create on the most exciting Lego retail spaces. The LEGO concept area is set to be the highest selling LEGO outlet in the Southern Hemisphere.
·        Barbie Boutique - Little girls will delight in Australia’s largest Barbie retail and play space
·        Thomas The Tank Engine Train Station – Pre-school age children will love the Thomas play area complete with a front train cab where kids can pretend to drive a train.
·        Little Tikes Driving Track – there will be a driving track where kids can test-drive Little Tikes cars on a track painted on the store floor. On completion of the store the kids will be given their own personalised driver’s licence upon the purchasing of a Little Tikes ride-on.
·        Action Heros area- This includes a huge Transformers area, as well as areas dedicated to Marvel heros and Star Wars.

P- Practical, easy to locate and easy on the eyes is certainly how they have built this whole kids department concept, and I could imagine a Willy Wonker of toys behind this creation… If Willy Wonka had a toy factory I think this is where you would find it- I loved this place and even after over 4 hours I did not want to leave!

O- Over the moon, Madison left there with the famous black and white Myer bag. Inside her bag she had gone a mini shopping spree in the Barbie department and cutely enough the little munchkin even picked up something for her bigger sister!

R- Right as the clocked ticked over to 1pm I decided it was time to leave. Madison had fallen asleep in the pram and Mummies feet and credit card was in a lot of pain. Even though my inner child didn’t want to leave I knew it had to be done as school pickup was calling my name.

I- I will however return for some more Myer MyKids Emporium fun and might even pop in to see the Wiggle LIVE appearance, which is coming up soon. But every weekend there will be something new and fun in this Myer Store, hopefully bringing the kids back to the city- for all the right reasons!

U- Understandably I am done for the night and I need to retreat to my bed now, so that’s it from me. Goodnight all!!

M- Myer Link to find out more:


Wednesday, 28 May 2014
Motivation is my main weakness when it comes to getting fit and hitting the track or gym by myself. One thing that does push me through though and helps me immensely is listening to music full blast so the outside world is blocked out and I am put in my zone.
One of my pet hates when it comes to listening to music is the fact that those darn Apple headphones fall out or that cord annoys the heck out of my and tangles me up like a fish caught in a net.
So when Jabra told me of a great innovative product on the market I was more then keen to try out this product. The product is of course the:
JABRA SPORT WIRELESS+ Bluetooth headset
Available from: Dick Smith, JB HiFi, Harvey Norman, Apple and selected Telstra stores.
Equipped with an in-built FM Radio, the SPORT WIRELESS+ Bluetooth headset delivers clear sound quality, optimum comfort and is weather-resistant, sweat-resistant and shock-resistant

This unit is designed to be comfortable and enhance your workout.  At first I had no idea why the songs I was listening to kept jumping, like that of an old-school diskmen. I then when on to find out this was because I had not fully charged the unit before using and the battery was running low. Once charged up and I used the arm strap there was no problem at all.

It also has a built in FM radio allow me to not have to carry a separate device to listen to the radio. And I don’t even have to carry my iPhone if I don’t want to. It is easy to operate as well with small discreet buttons on your ear.
The only negative I could find with the unit is when I am running it is very tricky to change the song and find the button, and puts you out of stride. Also the sounds is not very loud (as I like it so loud I cannot hear a thing), but this might be a safety feature for when you are out running on the road so you can hear your surrounds.
Weather-resistant, shock-resistant and sweat-resistant to US military-grade standards, the SPORT WIRELESS+ is designed to be used even in extreme conditions. Its Bluetooth wireless technology enables the user to pair up to eight devices to SPORT WIRELESS+ including smartphones and can connect up to two devices at the same time. For example, a user might pair the SPORT WIRELESS+ to his/her smartphone to ensure he/she doesn’t miss any important calls while at the same time streaming music from an iPod Touch.
Want to know more? Just visit

Melbourne International Coffee Expo

The other weekend Matthew and myself were feeling quite under the weather thanks to two nasty hangover haha. Timing could not have been any better with the Melbourne International Coffee Expo on here in Melbourne- although with the loud noises my hangover would have to heavily disagree with me.

As soon as we walked into those double doors to the grand pavilion at the Melbourne Showgrounds the aroma of freshly roasted coffee filled our nostrils.
We brought along Madison as she loves her exhibitions and exhibits, and frothy milk is her favourite was of drinking milk- so this expo was perfect for her.
There were so many amazing exhibitors and Matt and I walked away from this expo wanting a new coffee machine more then ever! I think this year we will now take the plunge and indulge in a great coffee machine, so that the family can drink café style coffee’s and hot chocolates from the comfort of our house.
At MICE we also found some other exhibitors there that fit under the coffee bracket but weren’t there to showcase coffee machines or beans. I found an amazing Soy milk brand, an almond milk brand which I will be going on to purchase some for my health kick and so many other fun brands.
Décor and alternative café styles were very much on the agenda this year, and there really are some great ideas out there and even for cafes on the move.
This was my first ever year going to something like this, and I would say if you love your coffee- get along to the next one!!

Vitamix and its many uses- IN LOVE

Tuesday, 27 May 2014
Do you find it hard to cram all the right servings of fruit and vegetables in your diet, or just don’t like the taste of some of those superfoods? Then I know the Vitamix will be for you.
$995.00 RRP
The unique features of our new Professional Series 500™ promise results that are restaurant-quality, no matter how you choose to mix it up! Enjoy pre-programmed convenience on the most popular processes along with the culinary creativity that comes with our popular variable speed and pulse features
Smart blending technology allows you to create hundreds of recipes with the turn of a dial! With the Vitamix Professional Series 500™ you can effortlessly create Smoothies, Frozen Desserts, and Hot Soups with three easy-to-use pre-programmed settings
Babies and Growing up with Vitamix
The Vitamix would be absolutely perfect for those parents with young children and children just beginning to eat foods. The Vitamix can make a small lot or bulk lot of almost any puree to divide into little containers for the fridge or freezer. It will even cook the pumpkin and potato for you.. I wish I had one of these with both of my girls, then I would not have had to spend hours in the kitchen.

At the moment going green, and green smoothies are all the rage, but sometimes eating those greens on their own and trying to put so much of it into your mouth can be a little off putting and just plain hard to do. The Vitamix has made making my green morning smoothie an absolute breeze and is something I most definitely want to do- I am feeling like a million bucks right now.  
To begin with it was a little hard to get the girls to come along on the green juicing journey with me as they just weren’t to sure about putting something that looked like that in their mouth. But after a little convincing that this was a special power swamp drink that Shrek and Fiona drink to make them BIG and strong. Within no time the girls were drinking these and asking for more, but of course with theirs I add more fruit to sweeten it up a bit.
I didn’t really believe something like this would make piping hot soup ready to eat in 5 mintues.. The god darn unit proved me wrong though and whipped up my favourite soup within 6 minutes, yup 6 MINUTES!! It tasted amazing and was piping hot, and even needed cooling. My favourite soup to cook so far is Pumpkin soup.
Literally all we threw into these were-
2 Carrots
Half a Butternup Pumpkin
Sprinkle of Cinnamon
Sprinkle of pepper and salt
1 potato
Half an onion

We have only explored one other soup and that was Zucchini soup, but need improving as I think I may have added too much kale and it had a massive tongue burning bite to it. I might try roasting my zucchini first as well.
These are so much fun to make and you can literally add anything you like into them if you have ice. I have made berry smoothies, green smoothies, banana smoothies, cacao smoothies and so many more. I am more then happy to share recipes on these if interested.

You can also make ice- cream with your Vitamix, but I am yet to try this as it is Autumn and the weather is cold. But I would imagine this would be delicious and so easy to make. I will attempt to make some in the coming weeks and let you know how I went J
There are so many other things you can use your Vitamix for such as sauces, creams, gravy, sorbet, mashes, dicing food and soo much more. I don’t know how I have lived without a Vitamix for soo long! We have even made a pancake mix in the Vitamix, which has been made over and over- morning after morning.

So far the Vitamix has made going healthy and loosing weight so much easier from a Mummies perspective who is already limited with time.

Continental Kitchen Cooking Class with Head Chef Julianne Lever

Monday, 26 May 2014
I have never in my life had so much fun cooking as I did on Tuesday with the Continental Head Chef Julianne Lever and some of the other amazing bloggers and media team.

I let my inner chef shine and also took away a whole heap of great kitchen tips and tools. 

Firstly we stood around the working space at Raw Foods kitchen and watched Julianne give a demonstration and tips on how to prepare quick, easy Continental meals- I also learn to be rough with a lettuce and smash it on the bench is the best way to remove the core… Not carefully peeling each and every leaf off.

After we were shown the ropes we were split up into pairs and even small groups to begin preparing our preferred dish. Marianne from and I chose to conquer the San Choy Bow, which we found to be a lot of fun and SUPER easy to create. We were actually the first to finish, when we thought hands down we would be the last!
I can cook but I wouldn't call myself a cook, yet I would have been more then happy to receive a dish like this at a restaurant -total chef in the making here :-P

Those packs you buy don’t have to create the exact thing on the packet, you can actually make so many different dishes and bases from those packs. For example the chilli con carne can be mixed with a few other items to create an amazing marinade.

I also learnt what is in the packets of some of the Continental range, and learnt for my family these packs work out so much better then having to purchase each herb and spice individually. Even better they are free from added MSG, which makes me want to go out and buy the whole range from Continental!!
Once all the dishes had been prepared the table was set and all the beautiful dishes were put down to try and sample. Well lets just say I will be working that meal off for the next two weeks haha, it was divine.

There was everything from Ribs, Tortilla stacks, coleslaw and so much more on that table J
So many laughs, a lot of knowledge and a full tummy came from my day with the Continental Cooking Class- I #Madefromscratch an amazing San Cho Bow dish, which I cannot wait to make for my family mmm..
Let me tell you cooking/cutting and trying to have a photo taken is a lot harder then it looks- I could have easily taken off my finger tips or worse... Burnt the dish we were going to serve up to the whole team!

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