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2014 Cleo Most Eligible Bachelors

Friday, 31 October 2014
Is it getting hot in here? No well on Wednesday it certainly was inside St Hotel St. Kilda with the official announcement and after party for 2014’s Cleo’s Most Eligible Bachelor.

WIN a First Aid Kit Thanks to First Aid For You

Wednesday, 29 October 2014
Not sure about you guys, but I Know this house has been caught out without a First Aid Kit more then once- even if we just needed a band aid for a tiny boo boo.
We go camping at the end of the year each year, and this year I want to make sure we have a fully equipped First Aid kit. With my personal training course, I was made to complete a First Aid and CPR course. And I had no idea the importance of correct first aid until I completed my short course! Now I carry band-aids in my bag and a bandage just incase. But now I think about it I would love to have a proper first aid kit in the house and in the car for those just in case moments in life.

WIN A Double Pass to Scottish Fling Festival

Looking for something to do in Melbourne with the weather heating up and the sun showing more of its head? I have come across something I think is great, and certainly is scheduled into my diary for a weekend in November.

The Immigration Museum will be alive with Scottish culture on 16 November for the Scottish Fling Festival, a celebration of all things Scottish.

The Immigration Museum is hosting a one-day Scottish Fling Festival on Sunday 16 November. Visitors will enjoy pipe bands, traditional and contemporary folk music, plus energetic performances from highland and country dancers. There’ll be traditional Scottish food, Shetland ponies and special workshops exploring the renaissance in the Scottish whisky industry.

3B's- Potted Potter Review Melbourne

Harry Potter fan I am not, so to have been invited to the Potted Potter opening night at the Melbourne Art’s Centre I was a little up in the air about it. I have only ever seen the first two movies, and then got older and lost interest.

When we arrived there were many hundreds of HP fans all dressed up in their cutest outfits, or even something as simple as a Hogwart’s Scarf.

3B's Hits the streets in a Mitsubishi Mirage Sedan

Sunday, 26 October 2014
Mitsubishi Mirage sedan, is it for you? Is it for me? Just read below to find out and see.

Last Saturday we ventured on down to Alan Mance Mitsubishi in Footscray to pick up a Mitsubishi Mirage sedan for the week, or as my kids like to call “her” smurf (she was a smurf blue colour.)

San Churro's Concept Store in Fitzroy Officially Launches

Thursday, 23 October 2014
San Churro’s playground opens its doors to public (officially) last night, and I was lucky to have been surrounded by the San Churro Friends and family to be apart of the launch.

The first ever San Churro Store (image from San Churro)

Who would have thought 10 years ago, the first ever San Churro store would be opened up just doors down from the new playground that is the Fitzroy store; pretty meaningful if you ask me making the new San Churro Concept store all the more special.

Your chance to WIN 2 Golden Tickets

Wednesday, 22 October 2014
Do you like live music and supporting charity? Well I have found the perfect way to support a charity while giving you the chance to win an amazing music experience.
Cancer is something that would have to have affected almost everyone’s life. I know personally I have lost family members, friend and family friends due to Cancer. It is not nice, and I couldn’t imagine having to live with something knowing that any day could be your last- or waiting for a miracle.

There is a beautiful charity group called Redkite, Redkite is a leading national cancer charity that supports children and young people up to the age of 24 with cancer, and the families and those who care for them. Redkite's support is available from hospital to home: from the devastating moment of diagnosis, throughout long treatment periods and when families return home. For more information please visit  or call 1800 REDKITE (1800 733 548).

Viva La Juicy Crowned Number 1 in Beauty Heaven's Top 100 Beauty Products of All Time REVIEW

Tuesday, 21 October 2014
Last month  unveiled its list of the Top 100 Beauty Products of All Time. I love reading through these lists and comparing my thoughts and where I thought some products would have been.

So it was announced that Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture was crowned number one product of the year. This didn’t surprise me at all and in my books it is top 3 in my all time fragrance list of all time.
I wont clog up your feed with the full 100 but I will share with you the top 10 :

1. Viva La Juicy, by Juicy Couture
2. Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II, by Estée Lauder
3. Eye Shadow, by MAC
4. Dermalogica daily microfoliant, by Dermalogica
5. IV styler, by GHD
6. Application Brush, by Nude by Nature
7. EyeStudio Color Tattoo Eye Shadow, by Maybelline New York
8. Instant Hand Sanitiser Original, by Dettol
9. Powder Blush, by MAC
10. Crealine H20, by Bioderma

Not sure how many of you beauties have smelt the Viva La Juicy but thanks to some beautiful women out there, I have been blessed to have smelt this product first hand and am even a proud owner.

The main accords of this fragrance is very complex and will take your senses on a “Juicy” adventure. The accords I can pick up would have to be
White Floral

But they all work in great together to make this fragrance really work. I just cannot get enough of this fragrance, and I am sure you will not be disappointed. With the array of scents this fragrance would be perfect for just about any occasion and season of the year.

The fragrance bottle design is a typical bottle found throughout the Juicy Couture range. There is also a stunning large fuchsia coloured ribbon tied around the lid, with a chain and the word couture hanging off it is classy gold.

On the glass bottle there is the Juicy Couture embellishment also in gold reminding me of something a royal would spray on in the morning.

I have seen Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture in my local Myer store. For 50mL’s you are looking to pay $85 and then for the 100mL it is $110. If you ask me there is more value for money in the larger bottle as it is double the size of the 50mL. But having said that I literally need two sprays of this stuff and it lasts until well and truly after lunch.

Look out Michael Kors you have a contender on your hands now fighting first place in my list.

Christmas Reads thanks to Scholastic

This house loves Christmas and I think it is due to the fact that my Mum was so into Christmas and would fully deck the halls as some may like to call it. Our house was always covered in lights (which I now do) and the tree was always up in November as she couldn’t wait until December and if I am honest last year our tree was up in the end of November as well.

Reading in December is ALWAYS fun as this is when the festive books get purchased or taken off the shelves for reading. This year reading is even more exciting now as my eldest Hayley has learnt how to read in school, she is one of the best in her class- even I am amazed at how well she reads.

This year thanks to SCHOLASTIC we have been given a beautiful array of books for the girls. I was going to make this a top three, but I couldn’t half the numbers as all 6 of these festive books are adorable and a MUST READ! Most of these the girls have not seen though as I want to keep it a secret and starting to purchase and collect a book a day for December Christmas Reads to get the girls super excited for Santy Clause to visit.

The first book is
Santa’s Busy Reindeer $16.99
Author: Ed Allen          Illustrator: Nathaniel Eckstrom

This is a super cute book that rhymes and makes you want to sing the words out rather then read.

It is a take on the glass bottles sitting on a wall song, only this version is cuter with everything Christmas included.

The images in this book are just phenomenal and Nathaniel works with digital, pencil and oil painting on canvas to really make this book come alive.

My favourite from the book would be-
“Three of Santa’s reindeer were baking Christmas food,
but when one of those reindeer stomped off in a bad mood,
there were two of Santa’s reindeer left baking Christmas food.”

This page here reminds me of our house at Christmas when all of us kids used to try and pile into the kitchen to help Mum cook a feast. When one of us didn’t get our way we would crack it and not want anything to do with kitchen prep haha. So for me this book does bring back some beautiful memories.

One Night $24.99
Author: Penny Matthews    Illustrator: Stephen Michael King

One night is a magical story about how every Christmas Eve at midnight the animals can speak, and they relive a Christmas Eve long ago when Jesus was born.
Hayley goes to a Catholic School where she is learning about Jesus and the true meaning of what happens around Christmas in the Catholic world. So as soon as she will hear this book is surrounded around Jesus I know she will be intrigued and want to read it over and over.

On the first Christmas Eve, so the story goes, the animals were given a very special gift to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Since then, at midnight on Christmas Eve the animals reminisce.

Again I love the images throughout this book as it is not perfect and you could just stare at each and every pages images and get lost (well I know I do).

Deck the Sheds with Bits of Wattle- CD included $19.99
Author: Colin Buchanan & Greg Champion   
Illustrator: Glen Singleton

Just the heading of this books makes me start singing Fa la la la la la la la la after it. These Aussie books are by far my favourite, as I love a good book that is relatable to us Aussies- after all when on Earth was the last time it snowed on Christmas in Australia- for me NEVER?!

Deck the sheds with bits and wattle is a cute, super hilarious, Aussie version of Deck the Halls. Hence the reason you want to start singing the song after reading the heading. But lucky for this book, there IS a CD that has the new Aussie Christmas lyrics incorporated into it- which I wont lie I think is cuter then the original :-P  So you can sing along to, with this book.

Spoiler Alert: A gust of wind turns Syd Echidna’s shed from Christmas to chaos. His helpful friends make sure Syd’s Christmas is merry and his shed’s a ripper!

The pictures are bright and on each page there are so many things to look at. Often the girls and I will play eye spy with books like this to help them really look into the book and appreciate it.

The Twelve Days of Christmas $14.99
Author: Alison Jay    Illustrator: Alison Jay

The first thing with this book that caught my eye was certainly Alison Jay’s illustrations. They are absolutely beautiful and remind me of stone paintings in Europe. The images all look to have a cracked effect to them, and are just very special.

Spoiler Alert: On Christmas Eve, a man buys presents for the woman he loves, beginning with a partridge in a pear tree. The couple travel through town and the gifts pile up, until they get to a Christmas party so magnificent it is a little overwhelming.. leading them to slip back to the quiet of home, where their partridge is waiting.

Almost like a Christmas romance only kid rated, that makes it special for both the adults and the children. So far this is one of my favourites, although Hayley did find the script writing very hard to read- so this will be left to Mummy.

There was an Old Bloke Who Swallowed a Present $15.99
Author: P.Crumble  Illustrator: Louis Shea

I have read many of the previous publications of this line such as: There was an old lady who swallowed a Mozzie, There was an Old bloke who swallowed a bunny and there was another one I think maybe There was an old lady who swallowed a Meerkat. I love this series of books and that is because each and every single page makes them crack up and giggle!

So when I saw that they had released a Christmas one the kids inside me begun to scream with glee, and I honestly cannot wait to read this to the girls. I have read it so that I can give you my review, and I just know they will laugh.

The old bloke looks very similar to Santa Clause, but my favourite part is:

There was an old bloke who swallowed some Gingerbread.
That Tasty fellow offered a sandwhich instead.
He swallowed the gingerbread to read the card.
He swallowed the card to go with the present.
I don’t know why he swallowed the present…
Now that’s not pleasant!

I wont lie thought this old bloke in the book has very pretty, mystical insides haha.

Also as with the other Christmas books from Scholastic I LOVE these images and they are almost identical to the previous publications.  Also much like the others this book’s front cover is also holographic and moves as you move the book.

The Nights Before Christmas: 24 Classic Stories to Read Aloud $29.99
Author and Illustrator: Tony Ross

Now I have saved this one for last as you could purchase this book to cover every single day/night in December in the lead up to Christmas. This is a great book for Hayley to listen and read along to but not for Madison. Madison will get bored with this book as there is not many images at all and when there is there is not as much detail as the other stories above.

This one might be one we will gift to someone until our Children become a little older- or we might keep it on the shelf until next year when Hayley can read this all by herself as she almost could this year but there are a few tricky words in there.

The Nights before Christmas has 24 classic festive tales, songs and stories to read throughout Advent or keep as a family anthology. There are festive extracts from much loved book likes A Christmas carol, little women and the wind in the willows.

Like I did mention above this would make for a beautiful present for those families or children who enjoy reading.

My favourite story is Letter to Susy, there is even a super cute hand written letter J

So there they are, my six reads for Christmas thanks to Scholastic. What are your favourites or what will you be reading this Christmas?

3B's Initial thoughts on Homedics NEWA skin rejuvenation system

Monday, 20 October 2014
The beauty of youth these days can come at a very hefty price with many things on the market such as laser treatment, Botox, creams and that is just to name a few. Some of which do not even work, and after the hundreds of dollars (even thousands) you can sometimes spend that is the last thing you want.

Luckily for me I am a mere 24 years of age, and can proudly say I am yet to find a wrinkle- but I’m not naive I know they are hiding under the surface waiting to pop up. So when I was invited to a preview of Homedics Newa device I was a little hesitant and thought to myself would I be too young for this event. Then I was reassured this device is also for preventing wrinkles.

For my I am always scared that once you start using something like this the moment you stop you pay for it, with worse then what you begun with. So over the coming weeks I will be trying this product out day in and day out and then stop for a week and let you know my verdict.

Before I give my initial thoughts on the NEWA device I thought I might touch base with what it actually is.

Newa is a skin Rejuvenation System that reduces the wrinkle NATURALLY! Because over time our bodies do some pretty annoying things like loosing collagen, which helps give the skin its shape and keep it looking plump and young. Newa is clinically proven to firm, tighten and lift skin by reactivating your skin’s natural ability to produce collagen.  Newa claims to reduce wrinkles by just 45% in just 12 weeks of use, all in which you can do at home.
  • ·      Long Term results- skin is lifted and tightened
  • ·      Easy to Use
  • ·      Suitable for all skin types
  • ·      Highest Safety Standards
  • ·      Pleasant experience that feels like a warm face massage
  • ·      Powered by 3DEEP professional Grade Technology.

As you are all aware I will not preach for a product I don’t like, I am real and so are my reviews. So everything you are about to read is genuine and only MY honest opinion.

Sorry for the face without makeup 

On my first use of the device, I tried it out on my hand as I was scared to put heat on my face and had no idea what I had signed myself up for. But to my surprise I found it just slowly started to warm up until it hit  the desired heat- which is totally bearable.  The Newa is designed for all skin types on all areas of the face, so you can rest assure if you have a combination skin type.

There are a few super simple steps to treatment.

Of course the first one is to plug the device into the wall and push the power button on.
Power Level Switch:
0-    device is off
1-    low heating level
2-    High heating level
Newa does recommend starting from the higher level, and then just turning it down if it feels to warm on your face. From the event all the ladies had it on level 2 and had no problems at all.

Then you need to apply two lines of the Newa Activator gel on the electrodes. The gel smells pleasantly like aloe vera, and I enjoy using it on my face.

Note: Divide your face into 6 treatment areas, two on each cheek and two under the chin. Each treatment area it is recommended to use 4 mins (a full cycle) of treatment and no more then this.

Then all you have to do is press and release the power button to start energy delivery and the LED light will begin to blink blue. Once it reaches optimal temperature the light will start blinking green.

After your 4 minute treatment cycle the device will vibrate, and I am not going to lie this scares the hell out of me every single time even though I know it is coming haha.

With the first use on my face, I did feel a tingly sensation but I am not sure if this was due to the fact that I kept circling a device on my face or if it was working deep down in my skin.

After 5 minutes of treatment on the area I did see a slight redness, but nothing that couldn’t be covered up with some foundation or BB cream. I can confirm it doesn’t sting or irritate your skin when applying makeup right after application.

I didn’t feel an immediate difference to the area, but this was after the first use. After a week of using the product I found the 6 areas did feel tighter slightly after treatment, but it wasn’t an unpleasant tightness. I don’t expect to see a change to my areas as there are no wrinkles as of yet, but I will certainly use this religiously when wrinkles begin to appear.

Now price wise the Newa device, activator cream and pouch will set you back around RRP $499. I did think this was a little steep until I looked into laser and botox which can sometimes cost well into the thousands and thousands of dollars. I then came to realise this was a great price if the product works as you can do it in the comfort of your own home- for me its while I am relaxing on the couch or before bed.

For more information feel free to head to otherwise the Newa device can be purchased from the Shaver Shop. Great idea for gifting to the ones you love for Christmas.

I will leave you with this for now but will come back to you the start of next month with how I am progressing and if my thoughts have changed.

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