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Shop Naturally Vegetable Turning Slicer REVIEW

Wednesday, 26 November 2014
Healthy alternatives are very much the craze these days, with so many options available.  I have been apart of that craze for quite some time, following online recipes and was to make our family meals a more healthier alternative. 

One that I have been quite intrigued with but was yet to try, due to not having the right kitchen tools was the zucchini pasta. I love the whole concept and this house LOVES its pasta so was great to see that there were low carb alternatives all while getting in some good, nutritious greens. 

Thanks to Shop Naturally I was able to find a vegetable turning slicer. They also have a wide range of home and kitchen goods. 

Shop Naturally is Australia's leading online health & wellbeing store. Established in 2009, we run our own dedicated warehouse that's fully stocked and fully staffed. Your order is picked, packed and out the door quickly. Call our customer service team for all enquiries & peace of mind. 
We have an active charity program in place and a no nonsense philosophy to marketing natural & organic products. Our range is carefully hand curated, providing the best brands from Australia and around the world.

Chef Avenue Spirooli 3 in 1 Vegetable Turning Slicer - White & Green
$44.95 ON SALE CURRENTLY FOR  $39.95
·      3 interchangable blade options
·      Suction cups hold firmly on to benchtop
·      Make your own 'vegie pasta' quickly
The Chef Avenue 3 in 1 Spirooli is a high quality manual operation turning vegetable slicer. It comes with three interchangeable stainless steel blades that are neatly stored within the unit when not in use. The three interchangeable blades are:-
1. Angel Hair Shredder Blade (2mm cuts)
2. Spaghetti Shredder Blade (5mm cuts)
3. Flat Slicing Blade

Zucchini Pasta
You know what I found, yes this stuff tastes great instead of spaghetti. But the best way of having it is mixed in with some light low fat cheese and eating it in it's pure state and really take in the flavour, or for some added goodness add in some chopped avo. Next I am going to try out carrot pasta- or thin strings of fries.

So easy to clean all you have to do is rinse and dry.
Popular items to make with your spirooli include zucchini pasta (thick or thin), angel hair radish garnish, potato nests, spiral chips (normal or sweet potato) and many more. A popular item with raw foodies and also those who choose to cook their vegies.
This is what you are left with after slicing the zucchini.

3B's Experiences Christmas with Chadstone Shopping Centre

Chadstone Inaugural launch of festive season spectacular
27th Nov 2014-11-27

Tis the season to be jolly, that is for sure and a place to really get your jungle bells ringing this festive season is Chadstone Shopping Centre- the Fashion Capital!

Yesterday morning we were invited along to Chadstone Shopping Centre to kick off their Chadstone Christmas Stories. And I wont lie when I got home I started preparing our house for the Christmas set up on the 1st of December.

Located on the ground floor in front of David Jones


All things bright and beautiful have come alive at Chadstone – The Fashion Capital this Christmas with the launch of the first-ever Chadstone Christmas Stories.

A bespoke pantomime created especially for the centre to reflect its status as the destination for Australia’s most magical Christmas experience, the Chadstone Christmas Stories will delight shoppers right through to 23 December, in daily not-to-be-missed performances taking place on the lower level outside David Jones.


So the story is based on a young boy, whose name is Charlie and his teddy bear Chad. You follow him on a short journey as he discovers the magic on the night before Christmas.

All this happens around the interactive Red Energy Christmas tree which lights up through the kinetic energy funnelled through technologically-enhanced floor pads. There are three floor pads on the ground and as you dance on them, or even stand on them the light display on the tree interact with what you are doing- the quicker you stomp your feet the quicker the lights flash. Madison had quite a lot of fun dancing around on the pads and watching the tree change.


Also on the morning Chadstone made a donation of $15,000 in recognition of Berry Street to help recognize their important work with children and families around Australia.

Chadstone will also be gifting Berry Street $10,000 worth of presents in support of their Berry Christmas Gifting Appeal in addition to a host of experiences; including tickets to the Chadstone Christmas Stories for Berry Street Foster Families as well as dance school scholarships in conjunction with event partners Patrick Studios Australia.

It was so special to see such a big centre such as Chadstone recognise a charity like Berry Street, it touched my heart knowing there are children out there that couldn’t sit around the tree all dressed in their best like we did that morning.


Booking are essential for the performance as there are special meet and greets available after each show, so you can snap up some photos with your favourites.

Visit for details, pricing and session times.

The festivities also didn’t end there. Throughout Chadstone Shopping Centre there are beautiful festive decoarations and beautiful tree displays.


Located 100m down from where this Christmas Show takes place you will find Santa's workshop, where you can have your photo's taken with Santa. We didn't get the chance to have our photo taken though as we had to do the school run- here is what Madison thought of that (sorry Mad's haha).


In an Australian first the amazing Tiffany & Co will dazzle shoppers with their giant Tiffany & Co themed tree- this was Madison’s favourite and I must say mine as well.

You cannot miss this tree; it is located in the luxury precinct, opposite Tiffany & Co.


Chadstone also understands that around Christmas workers seem to work longer hours and it is a chaotic time. So they have tried to ease the stress of Christmas shopping by EXTENDING their hours.

Extended Trading Hours will give you something to sing about.

 As of the 11 December, the centre open non-stop from 8am 23 December to 6pm 24 December.

3B's heads to the Very Special Kids Fair 2014

Before attending the Very Special Kids Fair the other week, I had not much idea of what Very Special Kids did- except drive big giant pink piggy banks around Melbourne.

I knew it was a charity, but I had no real idea of where the money was going and how it was being used, and by going by their name I knew it had something to do with children.

Saturday the 26th November was the first time I had ever headed to Malvern, to experience the Very Special Kids Fair- and let me tell you I WILL BE AT NEXT YEARS! All it is, is a gold coin donation to get in- and that is only if you want to.

The first thing of many that touched me on the day is being told every single stall holder here had donated everything I saw from the kindness of their heart- nothing was so much goes to charity- the entire amount went back to the Very Special Kids foundation and all food and goods were donated by the stall holders.

At the fair in the market place there was rides for the kids, fruit/vegetables, plants, arts, toys, crafts, mixed stores and then there were a range of food stalls.


There was a real selection of foods from Greek to Italian and even some in-betweens like pancakes and cakes stand. I won’t lie I didn’t feel guilty what so every eating this food and we made sure we bought from all stalls as it was ALL going to charity.

Madison even got a gift from Santa


I couldn’t help myself at the plant store either and walked away with some real steals. I was super surprised at their prices of there medium sized vegetable plants. I picked up 5 capsicum plants and a pepper plant for $12, where as in Bunnings I would be paying at least $5 per plant if not more. You had to be quick though as the plants were literally flying out the door, quicker then you could pick them up.

Madison dancing with Bob the Builder


After buying some plants we then wondered over to the silent auction, which again everything was donated. We put our name down for quite a few items, and I couldn’t believe some of the low prices of the items there. I walked away with a MIMCO purse, which I have to pop away for Christmas for a tiny weenie $90- brand new and valued at $249!

All day there was live entertainment on the stage, first off it was Bob the Builder and then Angelina Ballerina made an appearance. 

So who are the Very Special Kid’s Foundation?

They are a charity group or hospice that provide care and accommodation for children with very sick children that have life threatening conditions. They also have a parents respite at the back where the families can come to stay, to get used to not having their little one around 24/7.

I was lucky enough to be taken through the hospice, and let me tell you when I left I felt a mix of emotions. Apart of me wanted to cry seeing those poor children in there, apart of me felt grateful I had two very happy healthy kids and then the mother in me LOVED the care and love those nurses were providing the kids in there.

I loved seeing the unwell children out in the lounge area in their beds, so they got a change of scenery and were always with a nurse. Each room had a different feel and there were so many activity/sensory based rooms in there as well.

I could not imagine being in a position where my child had a life threating disease, as a Mother you would never every wish sickness upon your child. Some parents have no option and it is the hand they have been dealt, and sometimes you need help or a little rest period where you can spend time on yourself. So I think having the Very Special Kids Hospice is a fantastic idea, and some beautiful staff are behind this charity group.

Back to the fair, it didn’t just stop on the grounds of the hospice. You could always cross the road and head up to the town hall to get some major bargains from some amazing designer brands. They were also all donated, but I don’t want to name any names- but I will say if you went there you would NOT be disappointed.

Keep up the great work VSK, I know any chance I get I will do my bit to help!

WIN a Children's Reid Cycles bike for Christmas

Tuesday, 25 November 2014
I took a minute to look at my calendar this morning and almost fell of my seat when I realised that December was next week! This year in January I said I will never leave Christmas to the last minute… Well, well, well here I am leaving Christmas to the last minute WHHOOOOPS- oh well there is always next year, right?!

So I put pen to paper and thought of great gifts for our girls, now usually we get them something larger ($200-300) and then a whole heap of toys, clothing and shoes. So this year we decided as the girls larger gifts we would get them bikes, and help them learn before we get up to the Murray so the girls can go for little rides up there; plus we want to add bike rides to this #fitfam’s schedule.

Reid Cycles was one of the first brands that came to mind as I have just won myself a Reid Cycle through a Planet Ark project (yippee for me) and thought if they had kids ones it would be cute to match the girl’s bikes with Mummies bike.

Who are Reid Cycles?

Inspired by traditional European bike designs, each bike in the range has been specifically built for riders aged from 4 years old all the way up to adult.
The Vintage bikes have proven very popular with adult riders, so the designers at Reid Cycles have created the Kids Vintage bike range to complete the set. The newly released collection now offers a range of girls and boys bikes for the epitome of summertime family fun.

Every ride will be a safe one!

Every Reid bike is certified by SAI Global ‘5 Tick’ for safety and includes a lifetime frame and fork warranty and 12 months free servicing. David Hannay from Reid Cycles comments “Combining style and peace-of-mind, these Classic Vintage bikes will make any child feel like they’re all grown up this holiday season.”

Prices of a Reid Cycle for little ones

Girl’s Classic Vintage 16" - $169 
Boy’s Vintage Roadster 16" - $169 
Girl’s Classic Vintage 20" - $169 Boy’s Vintage Roadster 20" - $169 
Vintage Ladies Petite 7-Speed 24” - $249

Now I am yet to buy little Miss Hayley a bike, but Madison ended up getting a Frozen bike as we thought she would like it a little more and would be outgrowing it in a couple of months anyway and onto a 20 inch like her sister.

But as for Hayley, we are really leaning towards getting her a Reid Cycle bike identical to Mummies, so beach rides will be super cute J Luckily enough for one of my followers, you have the chance to win yourself (well your little one) their VERY OWN Reid Cycle Bike!!!

All you have to do is enter below..

Competition ends 12th Decemeber 2014
Open to Australian Residents Only
Once winner is drawn you have 24hr’s to respond to the email of else I will be forced to make a re-draw, so please keep an eye on inboxes as I would hate for you to miss out.

Good Luck beauties!


1 x children’s bike (girls/boys dependant on the winner) as well as delivery Australia wide – all to the value of $250.

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