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CHRISTMAS // Santa's Magical Kingdom 2015

Monday, 23 November 2015
Christmas times is my prime as it is the one time the family gets together and is my favourite time of the year.

From the smiles I see on my girls faces as they wake up in the morning in excitement as Santa ate their cookies and drank their milking leaving loads of presents under their beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

The last three years the first taste of Christmas for my family has been with Santa’s Magical Kingdom.

Santa’s Magical Kingdom for the last two, maybe even three years has been as Caulfield Racecourse, which is a little bit of a bugger with traffic.

The past two years have been very similar, almost the same thing. So this year we were expecting everything to be the same.  It was similar but there were a few tweaks and a few new things but generally the same.

The difference this year is the layout, but also things like the Aeroplane Jelly stand where the kiddies got to colour in a Christmas bauble for their Christmas tree at home.

There was an extra bigger kids ride outside with the ferris wheel to, where you sat and it went round and round- Hayley’s face was classic.

Two things we didn’t worry about going into this year, the first being Santa photos. The past two years we’ve found them to be overpriced for what you get. The photos aren’t printed the best and the last two Santa’s we had fell very short of average.

The second this we didn’t bother going to see was the International circus as the girls have been twice the prior year and both times the sets were exactly the same, the only difference being a couple of slip ups that had the parents on the edge of their seat. Not going into the circus worked in our favour though, as the girls got to go on whatever rides they wanted without a single line.

But I think as a child I would have absolutely loved every aspect of this event and would have been hanging for the next year to fly around. My girls loved it, so this Mummy loved it; although my poor feet would have to disagree with me. 

Gingerbread decorating was on the list again this year, that the girls eating bits and pieces of before even finishing their decorations.

There was bubble snow again, with a special appearance from what I think was meant to be Elsa and Anna in which my girls loved and Mum walked out looking like the Olaf the snowman overed in bubbles.

As with previous years there was the massive slipper slide racing.

Rides like the caterpillar and the giant ferris wheel make an appearance again as well and is always the family favourite.

There was Mrs Claus’ story telling but my girls wanted to play no part in the whole sitting down and keeping still thing.

Food stalls were the same with things like hot chips, hot dogs, slushies and the standard kind of take away foods, which is great.

Overall the night out is great and you can just hear the joy in the room and children dashing off to this that and the other, which is a sight to see and the meaning of Christmas in a way.

Our Christmas wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have Santa’s Magical Kingdom.

PERSONAL// I admit it.. I have anxiety and PND

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Sunday 15th November being the first day of the PNDA (post natal depression anxiety) week, I thought I would finally break my silence as there is no worse feeling on this planet then feeling alone.

By alone I mean feeling like not a single person on this world can relate, even though you are surrounded by beautiful people the world around feels so cold and alone.

I've learnt that I am human and I have feeling also, some that need more attention then others. And no matter how much I aspire to be a “WonderMum” there is no such thing as a wondermum and you can only do you best and give it your all.

A lot of raw emotions and memories will surface as I bring up and face my biggest fear, talking about my anxiety and letting you all know you’re not alone.

So lets wind back the clock to when I was pregnant and my first early signs of depression and anxiety hit- I didn’t know at the time and only now looking back on it I’m like “Aaah”.

I suffered severe depression as a young one and never sought help, and in the end it almost ended my short life on Earth- but I will make another post on this.

So my pregnancy with Hayley was cruisey, like no morning sickness and a long 13hour labour but also an easy one.  I was madly in love as soon as I saw her and there was nothing in the world that would phase me.

But then forward it on to three years later and I fell pregnant with Madison. From the absolute moment I fell pregnant I was sick and in quite a lot of pain for no real reason.  If I didn’t have to go out I wouldn’t in fear I would throw up somewhere public.

Then New Years Eve I was out to dinner as I had been conned into going out thanks to Madison’s Dad. But I was glad to get out not looking forward to food so I ordered bruschetta, something small and not to complex- I swear Madison hated food.

But anyway it was all served up and Madison’s Dad ordered something absolutely disgusting to my nose that was some sort of seafood and I could feel my stomach just churning. I was just about to excuse myself before my contents of my stomach left my mouth and ended up all over the floor of the restaurant and lap of Madison’s Dad.

I was mortified, absolutely mortified and refused to go out anywhere for the last two months of my pregnancy and didn’t even eat a whole lot. This is where my anxiety either started or was triggered.

Madison was born, and again I fell head over heels in love all over again and my labour was an absolute breeze. My labour was spent in Etihad stadium cheering on North Melbourne in their win.

Three months passed and Madison was the perfect child and things started to go sour that Summer. My trigger was food and the heat. I had panic attacks where I would get all sweaty and couldn’t eat, that year I didn’t eat for just over three months and my diet consisted of water, powerade and occasion few bites of toast. It wasn’t because I didn’t like food or wasn’t happy with my body but instead was me not being able to stand the smell of food.

I didn’t know any of this at the time though and can only look back it now and realise I let it spiral out of control and I only wished I would seek help.

Madison was two years old and I went to my Doctor who I trust more then anybody and told her I think something was wrong with me. She diagnosed me with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with a mix of Post natal depression that I didn’t get on top of, which ultimately turned into the worst.

I am still struggling with anxiety and sometimes it will make me feel depressed; like all the walls in my little world are crushing me. I still avoid restaurants and eating out when I can, and the mention of it makes me feel sick until its done and dusted.

The hardest part for me was/is not having important people in my life understand, and rather telling me it's all in my end and burn the bridges and get over it... If I could do that I would, this condition is debilitating when it gets bad.  I need to be happy and healthy for myself but more importantly, for my two girls who I put on this Earth.

But I cannot express enough for anybody thinking something might be up to seek help. I know how hard it is to look for help as you don’t want to be seen as having a problem or thinking you’ve failed your job as a mother.

If not seeing your doctor there is a helpline out there with professionals and help just waiting for your call. PANDA org is there for Mother’s and Father’s suffering or think they may be suffering from post and prenatal mental health issues.

PANDA's National Perinatal Depression Helpline, funded by the Australian and Victorian Governments, provides vital support, information, referral and counselling to thousands of Australian parents and their families. Callers do not need to have a diagnosis of antenatal or postnatal depression to make contact with the Helpline, PANDA is keen to support any new parent struggling during pregnancy or after the birth of their baby, as well as their partner, family and friends.

Personally PANDA is going to be the next step in my venture to the light on the other end of the tunnel. But I am still just coming to term with the fact that everything isn’t butterflies and rainbows, before I help myself!

I can't wait to get back to my own self, and hopefully I am not alone on the journey.

Giftorium Myer Melbourne Opened their doors for 2015

Sunday, 8 November 2015

 The go-to place for Christmas gifts for the entire family in one place-Myer Giftorium Launch, with thanks to Kids Business.

 23rd October saw the launch of the Myer Melbourne Giftorium launch and had Miss M heading off to launch… Ok I guess she tagged me along for the ride also. But in all realness now, big ups to Kids Business and Myer for throwing an absolutely fantastic launch together, which had my inner child and my actual child (Madison) with a smile from ear to ear!

  I went to the Myer Giftorium Launch last year thanks to Kids Business again, and this was actually where I did most of my Christmas shopping as I didn’t have to leave the building for anything.

  Last year saw the first ever Myer Giftorium and it seems as with everything each year it gets bigger and better. T

his year upon getting out of the lifts it was apparent that this year they had added a lot more to the Giftorium with different brands and products jumping on board.  

Due to the success of the previous years Giftorium, Myer has increased the overall Giftorium footprint by 12, bringing the total Christmas offering to almost 40,000square metres across all stores this year.  The myer Giftorium is a unique concept in Aussieland that will feature in every Myer store nationwide this Christmas. 

Most stores will not be as large and diverse as the Myer Melbourne store though, as I noticed last year my local Myer Giftorium in Northland was nowhere near as extensive at the Melbourne store. 

Myer found that personalised gifts were most sought after last year so this year they have included a lot more personalised options, some of those include-

 Personalised Nutella jars- A large stall in which you can have your name or a family members name written on the jar for the tiny price of $12. This was the families favourite and especially Madison’s as she was able to eat the Nutella straight from the jar.  I ended up walking away with the entire family in nutella jar; one for the shelf in the kitchen not for eating purposes haha. 

 Personalised Art- So there were Mr Men and Little Miss personalised prints again this year. But another one they have added is the Peanuts and Snoopy personalised prints, which I think is a fantastic addition to the personalised family of prints.  
Build A Bear- This is actually and Australia first as there is no other store in Australia to have the shop in shop concept when it comes to build a bear. Lets be honest what little kid, or even big kid doesn’t like their own build a bear just the way they like it, and made with love? 

Build a Bear is the first place Madison spotted and grabbed onto my hand and led me to the far side of the building to make.  

Other personalised goodies- I think in all fairness personalised gifts makes it look like you’ve put a lot more thought and effort into a gift, and personally I would love to receive a personalised gift this Christmas.  Some other products you can personalise in Myer Melbourne this year are: leather goods, business shirts, bathrobes, towel, Santa sacks and Christmas stockings.  

There were so many areas and gifts to be purchased I could be here and start typing out a four-page essay- but that might bore you.  

Some of the other standouts that were this year were- Dilmah tea, Nespresso, Napoleon Perdis, Benefit Cosmetics, , star wars- which was big this year with their own little area and over 100,00 items. Disney, which again had its own little area with the favourites; from inside out, frozen and more.  
Brunetti pop up café is also upstairs, which means you wont ever have to leave the sixth floor. Brunetti was kind enough to supply us with cofffe, tea, hot chocolates and of course food.  
Another perfect gift idea was the Floral accessories with my flowerhouse, which is only at Myer giftorium Melbourne.

 Madison made a super cute little hanging pot thing that is covered in moss- a cute make-it-yourself gift. 
 I also noticed this year there was a lot more foodie type of items this year, which I loved seeing an increase of. 

 Myer Giftorium is one place I recommend to any family, or person looking to get their shopping done quickly and in one place. If you are anything like me you leave your shopping until last minute- so the Giftorium is perfect for people like us.

PERSONAL// Pet Peeves as a blogger…

Thursday, 22 October 2015

1…  Thinking its ok to post for free

Number one on my list has to be one of the things as a blogger that really gets under my skin. So since I have a well-established blog that really has blossomed into something special that I truly price myself on. It has always been my passion but now my passion has also turned into my business. 

So when a PR or brand messages me asking to review their products or to simply write about something they are looking after, I kindly ask their budget or simply ask what I may receive in return for my services. Not very often am I knocked back or maybe here and there told the brands budget don’t have enough funding/run our of samples. I am sure- no scratch that. I am certain as you are sending this email you are being paid to do so, what makes you think I work for free? Like I am not being stuck up or snobby or anything like that I am simply stating that fact that almost nobody in this world works for free.

2.. Outsiders thinking its all about freebies being thrown at you.

I cannot even count the number of people on my ten fingers that have commented saying they want to get into blogging. Or even mucking around when they ask me where to sign up to this blogging business. 

For me it wasn’t easy and freebies weren’t just thrown my way. I had to build myself up into the position I am in today.. I wont lie the bonuses and freebies are great, I love a good event and goodie bag. But its not all glitz and glam its hours of typing, editing, photography and the list honestly does go on.  The bloggersphere at the best of time is a very competitive place and where you’re doing well there’s always someone trying to do better.

3.. On the subject bloggers in it for the wrong reasons..

It really pisses me off when you know, or even when they blatantly tell you they are doing it for the free stuff.  Like, hello..  You’re wrecking it for us genuine bloggers who are receiving products they really want and enjoy writing about them. 

And even those bloggers who just want their five minutes of fame and then just go Missing in Action on the bloggersphere.

4.. B isn’t for beauty, or blogging its for bitchiness

One thing I have found in the six years of blogging is the fact it’s a dog eat dog world out here.  There is a massive difference between Mummy events and the mummy blogging world as apposed to the Beauty Blogging side of things.

 Like the BBlogging scene you know you are being judged, know you’re being back stabbed and just don’t feel comfortable. It’s like hello were doing the same thing here..  we should be building each other up not tearing each other down. I love sharing my contacts and having “friends” and real friends I’ve made come along to events with me. But the moment it becomes one way I am out of there quicker then a dollar drops.

5.. COPY CAT FROM BALLARAT WENT TO SCHOOL… and I don’t know the rest haha

When someone or a group of someone’s goes out of their way and copy you, your work and even your ideas. It is the biggest kick in the ball- and I don’t even have balls but I assume it hurts like a mofo!

But not even my work, when a blogger clearly copies and pasts an entire chunk out of the media release making it sound like they are the creative minds behind the script when in fact all they did was press copy and paste.

As a Blogger I cannot stress enough, be nice to one another and help to build each other up… Not be the cause of someone crashing down and not wanting to blog any longer!!

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