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Target Back to School Recess 2015

Tuesday, 27 January 2015
I thought I would sneak in one last back to school post before school officially starts in the 3B's headquarters. 

Generally I am on the ball with things, but this time around with school starting back in only a couple of weeks I am yet to prepare my daughter for her first day back… Slack maybe, but I think I will refer to it as laid back parenting hah.

Hayley goes to a private school; so most things are paid for and come in her books pack. But as like most of the kids in her school they like to be different and have their own personalised things, not just the standard supplies they are given.

I remember in school if you had something different from the others you would stand out from the rest and everyone would ask me to use the certain item and all that.

So for Hayley, we like to buy everything except the textbooks, which are provided at school (well not even really as they are turning to iPads now).

Being invited along to Target’s Back to School Recess really gave me a boot in the backside to get back into school Mummy action and prepare my little girl for the year ahead. Although I would be lying if I were to say that she was enthusiastic about it, after all what 6-year-old little girl actually wants to be back at school.

The Beautiful set up at Stables of Como. Photo courtesy of David Cook

I was so surprised to see the huge range Target had to offer when it came to back to school items, as I have never really shopped in there for school items.

Target have everything from uniforms, pens, pencils, art smocks and of course the handy name labels.

One of the standout items would have had to of been their big range of school shoes that go to no more then $40. And you may be thinking that $40 with school shoes won’t stretch far, but you would have to see these shoes for yourself. I love they have been filled in the soles so there is no more cracking.

Hayley picking out her shoes. Photo courtesy of David Cook

We walked away with a pair of Target school shoes, so I will be very interested to see how these bad boys cope with my little girl’s busy feet- especially the gold old scuffed toes.

At Target’s recess there was plenty of things to do for the girls, and I literally had to bribe them to get them away from Stables of Como where the event was held.

First thing the girls did was taking a seat and have their faces painted, which may I add these ladies did the best face painting I have ever seen. I actually felt bad washing it off in the bath that night it was just that good!

Then they were a little star struck when they got to meet their number one idols- Elsa and Anna from Frozen. These ladies were lovely and more then happy to strike a pose with my girls.

Elsa and Anna also sat the little kiddies down for a very special story time session, where they read a book about none other then their close friend Olaf.

After the girls had finished (well actually no maybe they didn’t finish) we headed inside where we were shown the amazing school range from Target. I loved their uniform items and actually thought some of them were even better then those you get from uniform shops and school.

My girls with their backpacks, thanks David Cook for the photo!

The fun and treats didn’t stop there either! Madison, Hayley and all the other children there were given the chance to pick out a backpack and fill it full of school goodies to help them get back into their first days of school for 2015.

My beautiful girls and me. Photo courtesy of David Cook.

It was a hot day, and this may or may not be a surprise but by 11am this Mummy was pooped and was craving a lay down on the couch right under the air conditioner vent J Like I was saying above though, this did not come easy as I had to bribe the girls to leave. I had another event to make that night, so thought I would try and sneak a nap in. That DID happen but the girls also went down for a nap; with their backpacks next to them though, as they didn’t want each other to steal the other ones things haha.

My little Hayley Bum ready for her first day back in the office. Photo courtesy of David Cook

I would love to hear other Mummies and Daddies tips out there on how they make going back to school easy.

Having two girls 3 years apart, the hardest part for them is not getting to spend much time with each other and Madison my youngest gets quite lost without her sister there keeping her company and holding her under her wing.

Babymel Cara Hanging from my shoulder

Wednesday, 21 January 2015
Keeping it together as a Mum can sometimes be very tricky and I know from experience a trip up to the shop is not the same with a newbie as you have to take everything except the kitchen sink with you even if it is just to go up and grab some groceries quickly. 
You never ever want to be caught out with a nappy explosion or a puke that is more like a tsunami or it could be as something as simple as a bottle, dummy or a left sock. It is absolutely crazy just how much you actually have to take when baby heads out that front door. 
So if there is one thing a parent will appreciate more then the hottest new pram is a good quality baby bag that can fit all you need in it nicely, where you don’t have to rummage around for hours before deciding to empty out the bag only to find the dummy nicely tucked away in the corner of the bag. 
Babymel Cara Navy Stripe, $144.99
The Cara is made from a durable laminated cotton canvas, with a heart embossed wipe clean lining throughout.  Featuring over 5 compartments: a magnetic front pocket, detachable shoulder strap and built in stroller clips, the Cara is still able to retain all the functionality and more of a baby changing bag.
There is nothing worse then having to lug around a not so very nice baby bag, I wouldn’t carry around with me with a not-so-nice handbag so I certainly love keeping up with the Jones’ so to speak when it comes to baby bags. 

The Babymel Cara Navy Stripe is very easy on the eyes, and a durable like material so there is 0 chance of it ripping or straps falling off after a couple of uses. I love these colours as well as they are neutral and could be used on either a girl or boy, which may come in handy down the track when we decide to expand the family. 

As you are all aware, my girls are not babies anymore and don’t drink bottles or wear nappies. But they do go through changes of clothes as they are grubs at times and I always keep snacks and bottles of water on me. So a baby bag for me is ALWAYS left in my boot with a change of clothes, so snacks and even activities for the girls like colouring in books and puzzles.
The Babymel Cara Navy Stripe is great when it comes to compartments and space, as there is a space for just about everything and anything baby/toddler and even a place to keep your purse and wallet. 

We took this camping for when we decided to trek from our site and go on little drives, as camping made the girls thirsty and hungry so I had to make sure I had food and drink on hand at all times- and a change of clothes so they could freshen up.
When did you stop using your baby bag, if at all?

Passage Foods- Street Kitchen North Indian Butter Chicken

Tuesday, 20 January 2015
When it comes to cooking the 3B’s household is very diverse and can travel the world in a week.

One day it might be Asian cuisine, the next Greek or European and then one day we may just get fancy and try out new delicacies.

I am very lucky to have flexible children that are more then happy to try anything once and if they love it great, and if they don’t; oh well at least they can say they tried it.

We were invited along to the Kids Buisness Bloggers BBQ, where I met with a couple of lovely guys from Passage Foods who open my eyes to a new EASY, and quick way of cooking.

Usually when I cook it is from scratch as I know what is going in there, and it is just the European way I know I suppose. My pallet usually does the thinking and I just throw things in the pan or pot until it tastes right- I generally don’t follow recipe books.

But anyway, steering off subject again. Passage Foods have a couple of recipes to try out and one of them was a Butter Chicken and rice. I knew as soon as that hit my mouth that I would be going home and making that dish for the family for dinner.

This recipe came from the Street Kitchen range, which is only fairly new to Passage Foods.

The Instructions are on the back of the packet so it is super simple to cook- even the other half could have given it a crack.

You are then given three separate bags for different things, so you are more involved rather then just throwing a satchel in there and calling it a meal. The ginger and garlic are separate and then there is the herbs and base. I love this idea as you get more of a feeling for what is going into your dish. 

We love to change things up in this house, so for us we paired the Butter Chicken with brown rice for a slightly healthier version :-) 

There are a really wide selection and to find out what you could be cooking tonight just head to:

Passage Foods also have a really awesome competition on at the moment where you can win yourself a hamper valued at $100, all you have to do is head to the link below.

And there is always fun to be had on Facebook so check out their page to be kept up to date.

Kids Business Bloggers BBQ 2015

There is a first for everything in this blogger’s business, but one thing I am good at repeating is being late to post about events- sorry about the tardiness but these school holidays make it so darn hard to blog and keep kids occupied (lucky for me that are out the back playing in the cubby house on this fine Summer’s day).

So the first for me was attending my first ever Kids Business BBQ event, which I went with my sister as my partner had to work (major bummer). I really wanted to show off how good Kids Business are at putting on event, and how much he misses out on when I go on blogger Adventures :0) Ok maybe I wanted to rub it in a little that my job is pretty darn good!

Kids Business Bloggers BBQ took place on Saturday 17th January 2015
At The Park Melbourne, right on the lake at Albert Park and was once upon a time called The Powerhouse. I didn’t think much of the venue when I saw the outer shell, although the scenery was just divine! But I was gob smacked when I saw the inside and instantly went into wedding planner mode and thought how beautiful this space could be for a wedding.

The chandeliers that hung from the roof were just beautiful and Kids Business has a lot of room to play with and set things up. My little ones Madison loved the open spaces as well as this gave her the opportunity to run around and outrun her Mother :o) I do see why some parents don’t bring their children to events now, it has been made all to clear haha.

So for me the Kids Business BBQ was a great opportunity to get to know some brands, be apart of their great competitions and maybe even look further on working relationships with them. Then there was also the blogger side of things, where I had the chance to meet some lovely bloggers and even compete along side them in a little challenge, which I will talk about a little further down the line.

Our MC for the day was none other then Giaan Rooney who I watch every day on TV and was a fan of hers in the swimming days. So to be in the same room with her, let alone getting the chance to meet and chat with her was a real dream come true for me.

Some of the brands that were at this bloggers BBQ were:


Who is dedicated to supporting children’s education- it’s what they do. Bloggers will have the opportunity to register their interest to road-test new products and initiatives and kids attending will enjoy the on-site ball pit!

I actually won’t lie, I didn’t have time to head over to this area as Miss M had me going this way and that way but I did have a little browse will Miss M had her face painted.


Introduced me to their innovative range of bladeless fans- Dyson Cool.

I still cannot believe I was the lucky blogger to have won a Dyson Cool thanks to Miss M and her amazingly photogenic face, we got to take home one of the larger Dyson Cool Fans!

Watch this space as a review and more on Dyson will follow!


Gave us a preview of their brand new Just Eat It range in Woolworths stores from late January. Steggles Just Eat It is an exciting new range of pre-cooked chicken and turkey products developed to help busy families, leaving more time to enjoy the fun stuff. Just Eat It at the Bloggers BBQ in mini pizzas, turkey pasta salad, chicken salad, soft shell turkey tacos, chicken baguettes and chicken noodle soup

I also took part in the Steggles Mystery Food Box challenge, which was a little daunting to say the least; I was very nervous but none the less put my brave face on.

Lucky little old me, actually won Giaan Rooney (who was our MC for the day, and boy did she do a great job) over with my Summer Greens Pasta dish and was picked as the taste test winner J I was lucky enough to take home a Jamie Oliver Cheese Platter and Knife set, so I have to thank Steggles immensely and cannot wait to work with them further!

Life Like Touring presents the Octonauts Live!Operation Reef Shield touring Australian capital cities from 21 February to 28 March 2015. Live on stage for the first time in 2015, Captain Barnacles and his trusty crew join forces with a host of colourful Australian reef dwellers on a mission to save the Great Barrier Reef!

Captain Barnacles even made an appearance.

Celebrate Health

Provides product for the next generation of healthy people committed to eating food that not only tastes amazing but is within our health requirements.

I got the chance to sample their delicious Tuscan Meatballs, made using their Tuscan Meatball Recipe Base, and Moroccan Quinoa Salad (made using their Moroccan Quinoa). I would say the Tuscan Meatballs won me over, hands down and look so easy to make at home.

Passage Foods

Offer a range of quality, all natural products that are hassle free and easy to prepare, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy a diverse range of flavours from their celebrated world cuisines.

Another great little station where I was able to do some taste testing of their Twice Cooked Pork Belly (cooked using their Asian Master Stock) and Butter Chicken served with Basmati Rice, Kachumber Salad and Naan Bread (made using their Street Kitchen Butter Scratch Kit).

I loved the butter chicken, and even went home to make my very own.

Closer to Nature

Introduced me to their new advanced comfort range of bottles and teats designed to reduce air congestion, which may cause colic.


Have developed interactive books for youngsters to teach them online safety, and their Digital Diaries research continues to provide some amazing insights into the challenges of providing our children with security and safety online.

Another one I didn’t really go over to as it was “boring” to Miss M and she didn’t want a bar of it, which also meant Mum had to pay the price and miss out- it was the ball pit for us L

Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan will be hosting DIY craft workshops for adults and kids.

This was my absolute favourite area as I am all about creating new things for the home and making the old unique and feel more suited to our home.

We are in the midst of renovations so it is always fun to see new products that are out there and really see what I can do around the home.

Inner Health Plus 

may assist in maintaining the balance of good bacteria that may have been disrupted. Balance of good bacteria is vital for good health. Only available from Pharmacies and Health Food stores where you can get informed advice about improving your health through diet, lifestyle and supplementation.

I actually left the event and passed a chemist, so thought I would stop in to see if they had Inner Health Plus for Kids so I could get my girls some. I had no idea all the benefits this product had and was even recommended by a Naturopath- for me SOLD!


Creates personalised storybook apps with the aim of bringing families less stress and more joy.

Released on January 7 2015 I learn is already featured in iTunes Best New Apps.


Providing all bloggers and their families with refreshing Cocobella Drinks and introducing to us the brand new Cocobella Kids Range.

My girls would never really drink coconut water with me unless I mixed something in it or if it was in their smoothies. But FINALLY after an entire year I have found one that they love and actually ask me for on a daily basis now.

We love our coconut water in this home (well the adults did) but now the kids can be apart of our crazy Coconut phase haa.

I am hoping to get a review/post up soon with Cocobella so keep watching this space.

One of the major aims of the day though was to help raise awareness about Camp Quality. Which I know personally I had heard of but had no real idea of what they did, until after this event.

Our purpose is to create a better life for every child living with cancer in Australia.
Our role in the community is to meet the direct needs of children with cancer and their families throughout the cancer journey. This starts with diagnosis, through treatment, into maintenance and hopefully remission. Unfortunately for 3 in 10 Australian families who have a child with cancer there follows the move to relapse, palliative care and bereavement. Delivered in primary schools, paediatric oncology wards, recreational facilities and homes throughout Australia, our programs ensure that in a time of great upheaval, our families are connected to a community of people who understand what they are going through.

Just listening to the explanation gave me goose bumps and made me feel sick in the stomach to think of heading into the Doctors and to be told the horrible news that either one of my little ones had Cancer. My heart really does go out to any parent in this position that knows all to well about Camp Quality and what they do.

I am just so happy though to know there are organisations like this out there willing to help and make the whole process just that tiny bit easier on the families and those suffering through extremely hard times.

For every blogger who attended the day, Kids Business made a donation to Camp Quality and in the end donated a $500 cheque to Camp Quality on the day. But not only that Kids Business donated over $3000 made up of a monetary donation and flight allowances for bloggers who will help raise awareness for Camp Quality. It's a great achievement that demonstrates how as a community we help a charity.

I am always so grateful to be apart of events like this, and never ever take them for granted. I want to send out a personal HUGE thank you to Kids Business for once again letting me be apart of the fun!

Until next time, that is all from me.


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