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So you want to be a blogger, huh?!

Thursday, 26 February 2015
This is FINALLY going to become a semi-half personal blog post, kinda, sorta if you know what I mean.

Last night I was invited to a catch up with Haystac and the beautiful ladies I have been emailing, which is a PR firm here in Melbourne in the heart of South Melbourne. Before I go into the post I would love to let you know of my night.

So it started walking the isles of the South Melbourne market as their night market was all happening and buzzing. Mind you this catch-up down the road started at 5:30 and when I looked at my watched it was 5:40, so I quickly made a V-line for the exit and headed to the Haystac Offices.

Upon arrival we were greeted with bubbles that had been kindly supplied by the Brown Brothers and I was instantly drawn to the bouquet that was on the table, which I later found out was supplied from Flowers Vasette in Fitzroy.

The beautiful bouquet from Flowers Vasette

I love being able to catch up with PR’s and faces behind the brands I get to work with just to get a real personal feel for them and work on building an even better working relationship and who knows, even friendships. For me blogging is a huge part of my social life and I love meeting new people and exploring the bloggersphere that little bit more.

Little old me was surrounded by bloggers that are massive in my eyes and have made it time and time again. And there was little old me just almost star struck that I was invited to an intimate setting like this surrounded by the best in the business! 

Almost instantly I was taken away with the view, and mentioned to all the lovely ladies that I would be more then happy to come to work every day if that was my view… And this is where conversation sprung!

Which gets me to the personal side of this post, where I want to touch base on blogging and what my thoughts are on there for anyone thinking about getting a gig in the bloggerspehere.

A View I could never get sick of

I often wonder how amazing it would be to work for a PR (especially if it was in an office like Haystac's) and come super close to brands with amazing benefits, but then when I think further into it, it would become a massive responsibility and a lot of pressure to be able to do good by the client. You’re also not gifted with a wide range of clients and brands like us bloggers are, you have to stay committed to those who fall under your umbrella.

When I think about it blogger is the ultimate job, alright I might not get paid for what I do but the opportunities and experiences I get- money just cannot pay for those. There is no way in the real world I could get to do all the things I do and have the exposure to a whole new world I never knew about if it wasn’t for blogging.

It isn’t all sparkles and glitter though, and I don’t think people realise how much actual hard work goes into blogging. Blogging is fast becoming the next big thing here in Melbourne even Australia and every one seems to be wanting to get a gig now days.

But I often see a trend happening that every has all these big expectations that freebies and events just get thrown their way and all they have to do is sit behind the keyboard and write a few things about it. These personalities don’t last long in this business as it is not like that and you really do have to work hard for your keep.

My new Blog logo, which honestly changes more then I change my bed sheets; and that is a lot. Again I love change and mixing things up until I am comfortable with what I have- and this for me is my comfort now. 

Personally for me it is a hobby and I love being able to escape behind my keyboard and let my fingers do the talking. But don’t get me wrong it is a shit load of hard work that has got me to where I am today and even that is not where I want to be exactly. I would absolutely hands down love to make a career out of this like some other huge successful bloggers have, but I just don’t think it will happen for me unfortunately. I see it as like swimming in the surf, some get that killer wave that take them to the very top and others are just happy swimming in the surf and taking it all in- and I think that is where I sit. Then there are those that sit on the sand contemplating whether or not to jump in the water and when they do it become all too hard and they just give up, swim back into shore and decided it is better to just sunbake in the sand and sun.

Keep on Keeping on, and wear a smile while doing it :-) 

There have been times, a lot I put down to a hiccup not too long ago when I just wanted to pull the plug and call it quits as it does become a VERY competitive place and that just isn’t me. But then I realised I have been building my blog up since 2011, and what I just want to pull the pin because shit just got harder! In the end I was fighting the devil and this women won! I just kept on fighting and my writing even got better and I had a direction I wanted to head in on my blog and I stuck to it. Although some might say at times my blog is all over the place, but you know what I am all over the place and it kind of resembles me in a funny way.

So if you are looking into getting into blogging don’t over commit, and don’t think it is going to be easily sailing- it takes time and dedication and will at times have you thinking “What on Earth have I got myself into”! But if you can stick it out and fall in love to the point it is more then a hobby then heck yeah, I say take the plunge!

Sexercise Review

Wednesday, 25 February 2015
Opinions are divided when it comes to Sexercise, but I have found little similarities with opinions- for the men, it was to cliché and not their cup of tea but the women were all for this show and quite entertained.

I suppose it would almost be like taking a male to Legally Blonde, it just rarely happens! I loved this show and the cliché scenes made for many giggles on my behalf.

The other half however sat there throughout not very impressed at all… I did catch him laugh twice all the while I think I popped 4 abs just from laughing, maybe he was tired at least that is what he put it down to. 

I rarely heard a male laugh come from the audience and instead it was the women cracking up and giggling away cheekily.

Sexercise is about a couple who loose each other along the way and with all life’s hurdles they just don’t have the time for each other.  Juggling between daily tasks like the gym, football, the kids, childcare runs and of course work they don’t have the closeness they used to have and seek relationship counselling from a lady who also turns out to be a porn star!

You also get an insight into the lives of Joe (Lyall Brooks) and Sam (Nicole Melloy) friends who at times become the main characters and even bring some not so cliché laughs to the table.

This is where the sex comes into play and they turn exercise into fun with adding sex in there with their Sexercise manual. Trying all positions from position one to seventy one.

Joe makes the huge mistake of accidently uploading a video on a porn site of Sam and himself perfoming some positions in the Sexercise manual… Things go up shit creek and Sam kicks him out.

Only to realise it was a big mistake and uploading this video could have been the best mistake of their lives, where they go on to create a website-

I would almost suggest leaving the other half at home for this show and making it a girls only date night, after all I know I wouldn’t invite my other half to come and watch 50 Shades of Grey!

VENUE                       Alex Theatre (former George Cinema)
ADDRESS       135 Fitzroy St, St Kilda
DATE              From 24 February 2015  -  Previews 19, 20, 21 & 22 February 2015
TICKETS        Ticketek 132 849 or
PRICES:          Tickets from $49.90

It was the opening night and the show was followed by an after party but we were much too tired and the other half had to work in the morning so we just decided to skip the party and head home, where we crashed out very quickly- all that laughing wore me out!

David Beckham INSTINCT Review

Sunday, 22 February 2015
One gift that has never let me down is perfume or a fragrance. Although it is pretty much luck of the draw as a scent you may like may not sit very well for the person you are buying for.  I love getting a fragrance as a gift and you can never have too many in my opinion.
But generally I shop with someone else and always ask for a second opinion or even head to the Internet for reviews. 
More often then not I find myself in the lucky position where I am able to give my opinion on a fragrance with reviews and previews of fragrances about to hit the shelves. 
This time around it was David Beckham’s new fragrance, which I was hoping after spraying it David Beckham would magically appear. Not even going to lie, this is EXACTLY what I would expect David to smell like if he walked past! 
This fragrance was released in celebration of 10 Years of the Instinct Fragrance. 
The first thing that appeals to me with the entire Instinct collection is their affordability. 
David Beckham Instinct Gold Edition Eau de Toilette 50ml will set you back a mere $39.
The second thing is of course the appearance and packaging and I especially love the Gold Edition as the bottle looks like it is made of eye catching gold (I wish it was, although I am sure it would sport a different price tag if this were the case).

The bottle is very much like the other Instinct releases but with another cover. Even though the bottle is only 50mL it seems to be bigger for some reason.
Then there is the spray and smell test, I love this scent and love spraying it on him. When we first received this for review I made sure to sit it from and centre on his draws so he reaches for this when spraying. It isn't sickly sweet and isn't sickly fresh it is the perfect in-between, making this a great all year round smell. 
I am not very good at picking out scents or putting my thumb on one scent that sticks out from the others so this is how COTY best describes the scent- 

The fragrance opens with an energetic burst of bright and contemporary freshness, thanks to an invigorating blend of Lemon and Bergamot Oil. This is tamed by the stylish refinement of Basil Grandvert to reveal a manly confidence. The heart revisits the classic virility of the first Instinct, this time with a modern edge. An explosion of aromatic Cardamom, uplifting Rosemary and sharp Juniper Berries creates an unconventional fragrance personality. Finally, a sensual and precious hint of iconic Patchouli, timeless Vetiver and smooth Cedarwood creates an elegant signature.
I would encourage my viewers to head to a counter that stocks the Gold Edition and have a little spray and smell for yourself as I think this is a very broadly loved scent that I can’t see a male saying that they genuinely hate it. 
Have you smelt this fragrance and if so what are your thoughts? 

Everloc Medium Shelf Review

Tuesday, 17 February 2015
I can almost 100% confirm Matt’s number one pet dislike… Me leaving my gazzilion review products on the shower floor, as there isn’t enough room on the shelves. 
Lately I haven’t been as bad and tend to put those products I don’t use often in the bathroom cupboard, but I just like having variety in my shower ya know haha. Sometimes I might not feel like one smell, or want a different finish or feel to my hair.

Everloc has enabled me to keep more products in the shower now and not on the floor (woohhh, cheers for that!).  
Everloc have so many different storage solutions for your bathroom. My shower already sports a shaving cream holder with shaver holder attached from Everloc for those days I need to shave.

I used to always leave my razor and cream on the shower floor before kids and nine times out of ten the shaving cream bottles would rust at the bottom leaving rings on my shower floor. So this was the perfect addition to our shower, especially as I can keep the razor from kids reach.
Everloc recently sent me an item from their new XPRESSIONS range, which is a little different from the others. 
The range has made using polycarbonate and stainless steel and has been designed to compliment your bathroom and add an instant spruce up. They have designed their whole range so that they are perfect for homeowners and renters as they wont damage the pre-existing walls/shower with their suction cup attachment. 
Everloc kindly gifted me the Everloc Expression Medium Shelf
This shelf is big enough to fit 3 bottles on but small enough to not take up too much room in my shower and make it look unorganised. 

The actual shelf has little slits in the bottom of the holder to allow water to drip out of and work better to dry the shelf out. I would still suggest though at least once a week to wipe this out, as you will get mould growth happening, and the clear plastic won't remain clear. 
Rust-resistant metal means I don’t have to worry about rust or it staining my floor and tiles. This was my number one worry with putting metal shelving in my shower, was rust. My shave holder is still going strong after 7 or so months and with not one sign of rust, so I would say this will be the same. 

The shelf holds up to 15kg’s and well nothing I will ever put in this shelf will amount to 15kg’s that is unless Madison swings off it as she is 15kg.  So you can be rest assured nothing you put in this shelf will pull the shoulders off the wall.

I love how easy the shelf was to install, all I did was put the Holders with stickers on the wall, then put the metal shelf on and that was that- the shelf was ready to use. 
If you are looking for some bathroom storage I would recommend having a look at Everloc’s website and have a look at their extensive range.
Price start from $14.95 and can be found at

Velvet Soap- Keeping 3B's Clean

I am one very undecided Mumma when it comes to products I use in the shower, one day I will love using only body washes and then others it will be bars. 
Here is my dilemma; some body washes are great, but then there are the ones that leave me smelling great but not feeling very clean. And when you have a shower the one feeling you want is clean! 
Then on the other end of the scale there are some soaps that leave you squeaky clean but not smelling very nice. Or too clean, to the point where my skin dries out and goes all scaly. 
So for me it is all about the balance and how my skin is left feeling afterwards. I have come to the conclusion that I am more then happy to be a bar and body wash lover- some days more then others. 
I have found a bar of soap that works an absolute treat on my body, both by smelling great and feeling great. The brand is Velvet, and they have quite an extensive range of products. Everything from moisturising, beauty bars, pure soap, sorbolene to goats milk.
My favourite from their range though would hands down have to be:
Velvet’s Goats Milk beauty bar.

I love this bar as it can be used on the entire family and is very gentle on the skin, but still gets in for a deep clean. The goats milk soap helps to replenish your skin, and I noticed it the first time I used it- no scales or flaking skin. 
The smell is very light, but quite different from the other bars of soap in the range and doesn’t clash with my body lotion at all- I suppose this is due to the fact that it is goats milk soap. 
These come in a box with two bars, where as the moisturising and pure soap come in 4 packs. 
Another soap from the Velvet range that is closely followed would have to be:

Velvet Pure Soap.

This soap claims to be formulated for sensitive skin types, which my eldest daughter has. So I was more then happy to try this out on her and see if there was any type of reaction. When trying new products on her, we tend to do a patch test on her thigh or calf to make sure there isn’t a reaction. After waiting a little too see if there would be a rash flare or bumps show up there was nothing, so we continued to scrub a dub dub. Hayley came out happy as larry (and also clean) without any upset to her skin, which I think is great. I now know a perfect bar of soap for Hayley to use, as there aren’t many on the market and she is the main reason for body wash in this house. 
The smell is quite strong, but a pleasant clean soap smell and reminds me of the soap we used to use up at the farm when children. So on a hot day, I will love using this soap and bringing back my childhood memories- never know it may have even been velvet soap as Velvet has been around since 1900.

So you might be wondering who or what is Velvet.
To finish off this review I will give you a little insight on Velvet : 
Velvet soap and beauty bars are made in Australia and extra gentle - so you know you can trust Velvet to care for your skin.
Traditional Velvet Pure Soap is specially formulated to gently cleanse, leaving your family’s skin soft and cared for.
For every day moisturising, look out for Velvet Moisturising Beauty Bars, formulated with the purest moisturising ingredients to leave your skin feeling soft and cared for.
Velvet Sorbolene Beauty Bars gently cleanse and moisturise the most sensitive of skin types, while the Goat’s Milk in Velvet Goat’s Milk Beauty Bars helps smooth & repair dry skin.

** These photos have been sourced from Pental's website as my SD was lost a little while ago and I lost these photos :-( 

3B's Family heads to Caulfield Family Day 2015

Does anybody ever had those days where they are off to a not so good start and you are so close to throwing in the towel, but don’t. Then that day turns out to be one of the best days and you sit there telling yourself you are glad you didn’t leave? Well I had one of these on Saturday.

We had planned to go to Caulfield’s Family Day, the first of the kind for 2015. But things just weren’t going right from the beginning, Madison was in full terror mode where listening was not an option and to top it off when we arrived it had only just hit me that we had gone to the races dressed pretty casual.. What was I thinking? Luckily there was an even mix between dresses and suits and the casual race goers- like ourselves.

It was a task within itself to get in, we parked in the centre car-park and then found we needed to be on the other side of the race track to collect our tickets, so we went through the ramp, which runs right under the track luckily.

When we got to the other side things weren’t running smoothly at all when collecting tickets and the other half was hot and bothered by this stage and just wanted to go home. So that is what we began to do, walk back to the car. As we did so Madison was very upset that we were walking away from the rides, and I felt like a horrible mother teasing her just moments before walking past them and telling her she was going on all them rides, as that was our intentions.

As we were half way back to the car we received a phone call that tickets would be brought back to us, so it was a quick hurry back to the gates- luckily it wasn’t busy as the first race was racing already- unlucky we didn’t back a winner!

This is when our day took a turn for the better and we secured ourselves a perfect spot on the lawn somewhere in between the finish line and the kid’s area.

I have never been to a family day, as the races have always meant adult time away from the kids for a rest. We love the whole atmosphere and just thought it would be too much to have to look after the kids and also enjoy ourselves. Now they are a little older we thought why not, what could go wrong?

The sound as they gallop past is just goose bump worthy.

Caulfield family day is great, once you pay to get in that is it. There is no extra payments to be made for the rides inside and the kids can go on them as many times as they like, which I thought was fantastic.

With so many activities and rides for the kids Miss Madison had no idea where to begin.

As we walked into what we named the Kid Zone Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were about to start so we thought we would sit in on this one and let Madison enjoy something Matt and I used to watch as little ones.

Madison danced along to the show and really got involved, which was such a great sight to see and then of course I did sneak a peek at Matt getting right into it also. The costumes these days have come along way since I was younger and you can really sell it to the kids that these are the real Turtles!

Then right next door to the Kids stage was Dirt Girl World where your children had the chance to decorate their own little cardboard pot and then pick either a chive or basil to plant in it and take it home. Madison decided that she wanted Basil as it is what she loves on her homemade Pizza that Dad makes her.

 Maddy and Daddy decorating a pot.

Concentration 0 at this stage haha.

Madison And her Basil

Dirt Girl even made an appearance herself, which had Madison, an even happier girl.

Rides were everywhere, there was everything from dodgem cars (which had a huge line), those bubbles that float on water, blow up horse racing, jumping castle, footy drills, pony rides, petting farm and of course a wonderful craft area which Madison loved a lot- she is a very creative girl.
Teapot Ride

Petting Zoo

With Her Friends

Pony Rides with Nugget

Painting Her Rooster in The Craft Area

And thats a stack! On the blow up races
Afl Drills in Action

She got the ball :-) Little Rising Star right here!

Meeting the Bananas In Pyjamas.

For those lucky enough there was even a V.I.Picnic area, which was a cordoned off area- but I am unsure of the benefits you receive in here other then one of the best spots on the lawn.

To make my day one zillion times better I received a message from 101.9 Fox around 5pm to let me know to come into their little area. I needed to anyway as we went a little nuts on the photos. If you tagged #FoxLovesRacing then their machine would automatically print out a photo of you and you could print as many as you liked, so I had to go and collect the ones we had taken anyway.

Our Winning Photo :-) Go 3B's Team!

But when I arrived there I was informed that I had actually won an 18month MRC membership, which had me almost in tears to be honest! I was shocked, happy, surprised and all of that jazz all at the same time- not to mention a little tired. This would have had to be one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts I have received in all of my life!!

Mummy and Daddy are tired, but well worth it! 

All in all it is a lot of hard work taking a little one to the races, and you are left pooped by the end of the day and just craving your bed. But Caulfield Family Day is a great place to start and let the kids get in on some of the racing action.

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