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Keep things curly with my Luxcurly

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

I have honestly and truly found a game changer when it comes to hair and curls.  Recently I was sent a Luxcurly to try out and see what all the fuss was about. I have never in my life with my long hair been able to properly conquer a curling wand. So I didn’t know if this would be accomplishable or if I was doomed from the beginning.  

ON THE LEFT: Before         ON THE RIGHT: After

This is 110% the curling iron for dummies, you CANNOT go wrong no matter what you do… Unless maybe if you hold the wand in one spot for too long and your hair

all snaps off from the heat, but that is unlikely unless you go overboard.  Packaging 
When this package first arrived I was quite impressed with the box. It isn’t tacky or overwhelming, instead it is plain, sleek and very stylish. Then when you open it up the wand is beautifully presented and in there nice and snug to avoid any damage to the wand.  
Once you take the wand out, behind where it was sitting are the words- beautiful hair is just a touch away.   First Impression The wand looked super easy to use and to be completely honest with you I didn’t even have to read any instructions. I have used straighteners and curling wands a heap load so knew pretty much what to do as they are all the same. 
I liked the quality of the Luxcurly and it didn’t look like something cheap and horrible that was going to sizzle your hair upon contact.  Using the Luxcurly You literally plug it in, turn it on, set a temperature, wait a very short while for it to heat up, clamp your hair and press either the R for Right or L for Left button depending on which way you wanted the curl. 
Look 1
It is just that easy, no catched or anything.  Loves of the Luxcurly The things I like about the Luxcurly is that once you press either L or R you know, which way the barrel will roll automatically. But with the traditionaly curling wand your wouldn’t find out until you have started rolling and by then it is too late or too hard to change directions. And when I feel game to change it I end up burning my neck or fingers in the process.  
Look 2
One thing you do need to be aware of though, is with the Luxcurly it is very easy to accidently press the R or L button once the hair has been curled, which will result in the wand tightening right to your scalp, which I did a couple of times.  
Look 3
Another thing I love about the luxcurly is after 60minutes the device will turn itself off if it hasn’t been used- which is great for this forgetful Mummy who could easily burn the bathroom down with a straightener or curler haha. Two Sizes-  There are two sizes with the Luxcurly the 28mm barrel, which is suited for medium and long hair. Then there is the 25-13mm barrel, which is suitable for shorter hair or fine hair. A bit about Luxcurly from the brand itself. Luxcurly uses ceramic and tourmaline coated barrel with PTC heater to ensure the efficiency of heat production, steady and even heat distribution. It also helps to minimise the hair damage caused by the heat. Both are equipped with LCD temperature display and its control buttons. This enables the customer to change the temperature for the optimum result depending on each individual. The temperature is set at 180° C but the maximum is 220°C.The spinning biplated cylinder and the directional buttons result in the auto rotating function. It helps to curl the hair up to the root without turning the hand or wrist in uncomfortable position. It minimises the manual labour thus shortens the styling time. Luxcurly is also equipped with 360 degree rotating power cord to avoid tangled cable.  Is it worth purchasing? 
This is my friend Kate and I after 6 hours at VAMFF.. And 6 hours since I put the Luxcurly to my hair! What do you think?
Heck yeah, like I said above this device is honestly a game changer. Where it would usually take me at least an hour or more to curl my hair the luxcurly did it within 20mintues or maybe even less.  Gone are the days of my everyday buns and I am now embracing the curl. 

 Instagram: luxcurly_au

Melbourne Racing Club's Easter Cup Day- A fun day for all

Monday, 30 March 2015
The Three Bees family is never short of things to do on Easter and Melbourne supply us with more then enough options! This year we already pre-booked what we did last year which was the Cadbury Good Friday Easter hunt, or else we would have been at Melbourne Racing Club’s Easter Cup Day on Saturday 4th of April

Some of the great things that MRC Easter cup day has to offer is of course horse racing of Australia's finest Group 3 racing and there will be an array of activities such as pony rides, arts and crafts, face painting, an inflatable combat challenge and a Zoo on Wheels with ride-on toy animals.

The annual event features the Easter Bunny himself, and the hunt will see thousands of chocolate eggs hidden across the public grounds of Caulfield for children to find. How fun does that sound?! I could just imagine kids and big kids alike hunting around the course looking for a treat to cure their sweet tooth. 

The $5 donation fee, which goes to Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation, will enable kids and parents to enter the search for eggs and provide them with an Easter bucket to collect them in. To provide background, the Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation aims to raise awareness of the importance on organ and tissue donation and Caulfield’s Easter Egg Hunt is one of the organisations major fundraising events.

Zaidee Rose Alexander Turner, aged 7 years and 22 days died suddenly on 2nd December 2004 from a burst blood vessel in her brain called a Cerebral Aneurism. Zaidee's parents, Kim and Allan founded Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation not long after.

Zaidee's story is directed towards children and adults to think about others waiting for a life saving operation and a suitable match of organ tissue for a second chance at life. In further support of Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation on Easter Cup Day, jockeys will be wearing signature rainbow breeches for the Group 3 Victoria Handicap race.

The way I see it, when we die our organs will just be left to decompose and will essentially go to waste, when even just one of the organs inside my body can provide another person a second chance at life! I don't see why people wouldn't want to donate, it just doesn't make sense. Both Matt and I are down to donate our organs when we pass and when the girls are old enough, I will encourage them to do the same! We are blessed to be healthy and happy but others out there are not so lucky. 

Why not join in for a good cause and head along to the MRC Easter Cup Day? Even Dad can enjoy himself by immersing himself in the horse racing scene.

Scienceworks- Alice's Wonderland A most curious adventure

I have always encouraged curiosity in my family and my girls are very curious and love to explore the world we live in and surroundings.  

So an adventure out to Scienceworks had the girls more excited then Christmas time- almost, ok maybe about the same.  
Today I was opportunity to see the Alice In Wonderland exhibition at Scienceworks.  Just standing out the front of the exhibit my mind went straight back to my childhood, remembering all the things I loved about Alice in Wonderland; and then I remembered how petrified I was on the Queen and hoped that she wouldn’t be in there haha.  The sensory system will be set free to go wild and have an absolute ball while doing it. 

Some of the girls highlights from this particular exhibiton would have been the shrinking room, which had a little something at every single door you had to peep inside to see.  

Madison’s favourite was the Chester Cat mirror, where Chester Cat’s smile is lit up in a mirror and then slowly the face is revealed with that cheeky grin. 
I quite liked this as well and getting involved with all the placement cards around targeted more to the parents and older children.  

Hayley’s favourite thing was having a tea party and being able to break the cake into even amounts for the guests.  Hayley spent quite a while here on her own, using her imagination before her sister came along. 
This made it even more fun as she had somebody to socialise with and share all the tea party goodies with. 

My favourite thing was caterpillar and being able to move the poles up and down to see how a caterpillar would move! The detailing was fantastic and made for a lot of fun.  What you will see and experience in the exhibitionEnter Alice's Wonderland, where Alice's dream-adventure begins: at the stream-side knoll where she nodded off to sleep in her sister's lap.  Follow the White Rabbit into the Underground by crawling through the rabbit hole and "falling through the earth." Find yourself in the Hall of Doors, a room filled with optical illusions, scientific puzzles and surprises of many sizes! Test and experiment while at a Mad Tea Party, investigate geography in Digging to China, and understand animation at a Caucus Race. Challenge Alice and the Queen to a game of Crazy Croquet where balls in motion are surprisingly predictable. The learning inside the exhibition
Alice's Wonderland introduces science and maths concepts to young children and has plenty of interaction that encourages parents and carers to play and learn together with their children.  The exhibit naturally creates opportunities for conversation and mutual discovery as you learn about Alice's experiences in Wonderland. 
After we explored the Alice In Wonderland Exhibition we were then invited to a Mad Hatter Morning Tea, which for me was an absolute highlight and I honestly think these kinds of food should be incorporated into the café for guests to eat. I know if my girls were given the chance to pick a Wonderland Tea Party pack in the café that is the first thing they would go for.  
The treats were out of this world and tasted like they had been made for royalty- two thumbs up on the food department.  Then we were lucky enough to be able to take away with us these super cute cupcakes, which were designed around the theme of Alice In Wonderland. We cannot wait to re-vist Scienceworks and it is nothing like what I remember as a teen, although quite a few of the original activities still remain.  I hear there is a stellar line-up of exhibitions coming to Scienceworks including real dinosaur bones, not just casts.I think a family membership will be on the cards.

Joe Merchant Box Review

Thursday, 26 March 2015
Who would have thought you could order coffee from the other side of the world from the comfort of your own home? I know I didn’t think it was possible, and I am sure my Nonna would be in love if I told her should could get that perfect roast with the click of the button. 
Recently I had my eyes opened to a great website- Joe Merchant, which specialise in global coffee delivered to your doorstep. You can only at this stage buy the whole beans, but a little birdy told me that soon you will be able to buy the beans pre-grounded for your convenience. 

How it works as per their website: 
1.We source and curate the best single origin coffees from the best roasters, so you don't have to.
2.You select how much coffee you want and a roast profile (Filter for slower brew methods or Espresso for machine and stovetop)
3.You just sit back and enjoy a monthly delivery of the world's best specialty coffee, complete with tasting notes and origin information.
I cannot wait until they make the grounded coffee as I don’t have a grinder but absolutely love my coffee fresh when I drink it. I know realistically I should invest in buying a grinder, but hey my budget is very limited in what I can and cannot afford to splurge on. 
Joe Merchant has teamed up with me to be able to offer my readers 10% off their first box. All you have to do is enter the code below.
I am going to make sure I get to my friends place who has a grinder so that I can have my beans ground up for me to drink… This is like sending a child to a candy store without any money- a massive tease J

Once I have tried my blend I will be sure to get back to you guys and let you know how I went.. Although I hear this particular blend/region is renown for its coffee beans.
Instagram: @joemerchantco

Scholastic Easter Holiday Reads

Reads for the Month thanks to Scholastic
Hayley is now at the age where she can read confidetally alone. She was actually praised at her school and was the most advanced reader in prep last year. When she did testing she was at the highest grading for a Grade 3 student and she was just in prep! 
I love hearing Hayley read and when she gets stuck on a word, which isn’t very often. She will work on it herself and sound it out until she can figure it out on her own accord- never once has she asked me to help her with words. 
So I leave the reading to her now, and she even reads to her sister before bed- it is the sweetest thing to see and listen to. 
The 5 books we have picked for this month are: 

Alice In Wonderland  $24.99

This is a version of the much loved classic Tale about when Alice enters Wonderland.
The art inside this book is absolutely flawless and just a real treat to look at, I am glad Hails can now read so I can really appreciate the artwork. 

On its 150th anniversary in 2015, Lewis Carroll’s tale of a world gone topsy-turvy gets a unique picture book retelling of the beginning of Alice’s journey.

Our Love Grows $16.99

Madison is usually good when it comes to reading and will wait until you read many words before being able to turn the page.  Sometimes though she gets wrestles and wants to force the page to turn before you finish reading. 
This book is perfect in those situations as there are single sentences on each page, in not too confusing advanced English language as well.

Our Love Grows is about a little Panda that is taught by his Mummy Panda how as the years go by he will grow up, but how as he grows so will his Mum’s love for him and vice versa. 
I love books like this that teach the kids to express their feeling and helps to teach them the meaning of life but in a different more enjoyable way!

Little Barry Bilby had a fly upon his nose $19.99

Is a cute rendition of little Peter Rabbit has a fly upon his nose, which holds a very personal place in my heart. My grandma who tragically died many years back used to sing this to me as a child with the actions and all, so I like to share this with my girls as much as possible. 
Also being a Bilby this is putting an Australian touch on the old song, which I also love.

All the Aussie bush bugs come to annoy Bilby and his friends. 
Now with Easter pretty much knocking on the door I thought I would throw a couple of Easter themed books into the mix. 

Ten Easter Eggs $12.99

Madison love, love, loves this book and always asks either Hayley or myself to read it to her as she loves watching all the little eggs hatch.

This book has like pop up eggs on the front and as you turn the pages the eggs hatch to reveal who was hiding in the egg. Each one has a different chick under it, and when you touch them they have a fuzzy feel to them.

Those Pesky Rabbits $24.99

Although not a traditional Easter book, it still contains rabbits and where there are rabbits there are sure to be Easter Eggs in April J
This book is about a bear who gets some pretty pesky neighbours in the form of rabbits. All bear wants to be is left alone but the neighbours have different plans for him.

He gets very grumpy and angry at the rabbits and scares them off, but then feels really bad about it. I love this book and think it is such a sweet book about introducing guilt to the kids. 
Well that is us for the month with our Scholastic Reads. What are your favourite Easter books to read if any at all?

Nylex Snakes... I mean Hoses to the rescue

Wednesday, 25 March 2015
 I have a very big love hate relationship with gardening; it is therapeutic but yet at times can get quite frustrating.
The roses stabbing me, a big creature jumping out at me, cutting myself (somehow) and then there is the garden snake! 
This snake is one nasty piece of work that hisses and occasionally cuts of the circulation. When it hisses water goes everywhere and even has me running in the opposite direction a couple of times- not cool, although I would say my neighbours have had their fair share of laughs on my behalf. 
This is because or snake is about 15 years old and was given to me from my Grandma, this snake is also referred to as a garden hose. I knew this was the main reason I was beginning to be turned off taking care of my garden and a water can lasted about a week before I decided Matt could take care of the garden. 
But before I threw in the towel and called it a day, Nylex came from the sky much like a stalk dropping a baby off at the front door.. Two-brand spanking new snakes- I mean garden hoses. 

Nylex hoses include the Knockabout, Heavyweight, Kinkaway, Never Kink, Never Kink Pro, Grey water & soaker hose. Hose fittings range from hose connectors, sprinklers, spray guns, rain gauges, and hose reels. Landscaping products include trellis, Gutter Guard, decorative edging, tree guard and even a sieve.
Nylex products offer the consumer choice; whether longevity, dimension or use, there is a quality Nylex product to suit every person and every use.
I was sent two hoses, one for the back and one for the front and this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as well. Before these hoses I used to just leave the hose out the front and come up on the front deck and hope and pray the wind was going in the right direction to help push the water onto my garden bed, which was on the other side of the yard. Don’t get me wrong it worked, but if the wind was blowing against me, I had no hope the water reaching my garden bed. 

So the two lengths I was sent were the 15 meter and the 20meter- the 15 is for out the front and the 20 metre lives out the back as it needs to go further out there. 
The Nylex Never Kink hose comes with a 20 year guarantee, which is almost as good as a life time guarantee and after 20 years I would have already well and truly got my monies worth in watering. 

You know how with the standard hose, after 3 months sitting in the sun it begins to crack and even become hard.. Well Nylex had their thinking caps on when creating this hose and have made them UV protected, to resist those nasty UV rays. I wont be able to review or comment too much on this, it isn’t like I have seen the snake put on his sunscreen or anything. And I think in 20 years time I would have forgotten all about this hose and couldn’t write about it any further. 

On the website it says the hose has 2.2mm thick rubber hose wall with 3000kpa burst pressure rating- but I cannot tell you what on Earth that means; it must be good though, right?! 
As you can tell by the name this hose is kink resistant- derrrr. But I put this to the test by walking around in circles, twirling the hose, twisting the hose, shaking the hose and basically having a spastic attack trying my hardest to get this hose to kink but it just wouldn’t. I suppose now more then ever hoses are becoming more and more like snakes, as I have never seen a snake get a kink! 
I am so glad my love for the garden has been re-flamed, and I no longer want to cut my snake into a zillion pieces never to be heard of again! 

Footscray Fresh Food Markets with Adam D’Sylva & Frank Camorra

Saturday, 21 March 2015
On Friday I dug deep into one of Melbourne’s most diverse markets (having 35 different countries under the one roof), which is Footscray Market. Footscray Market has been going since 1992. Of course we also had two ambassadors and amazing chef’s show us their stomping ground where they source products for their restaurants.

These two chefs were of course Adam D’Sylva of Coda and Frank Camorra of MoVida’s, both very talented cooks and down to Earth guys who were so easy to chat with.

As I stepped foot into the FOOTSCRAY market the smell of ripened fruit, fresh seafood, red meat and the light undertone of moth balls entered my nose. this is what being in a real market is all about, the smells and atmosphere. 

As our group walked through the market to see many stores you had sales assistances yelling as loud as they could the prices of their produce and the occasional hand grabbing your arm to get your attention. 

When we would stop at lets say a fresh butcher the array of reds, pinks and white meat that lay in front of you was incredible. Things I had never seen in my local butcher sitting there, which intrigued me as to how you would use them in a dish! 

At the fresh poultry they were known for their eggs. From quail, duck, chickens and even double yolkers this place had them all. They explained to us they went through an X-ray system and when a double yolk came through they would take it out. 

This is when we stepped out of the market and headed across to Saigon. 

Saigon Market, which is across the road from the actual Footscray Market, is a real hidden gem. I had never been or even heard of this place until today and to be honest it was like taking a step out of Australia and right into a little market in Asia.

The fruit, vegetables, meat and things have the Asian authenticity to them with the random Westerner pieces here and there. I won’t lie either the prices are almost like an Asian Market in Asia as well. You can pay as little as $1.99kg for mangoes, 99 cents for apples and the list just goes on and on it was truly incredible.

We then jumped back into our cars and headed to a hidden treasure of Footscray being Raw Materials. I have been here before for another event, and instantly fell in love; right after the worry that I was at the wrong place.  This is where we had the chance to become a little more intimate if you may with the chefs and really pick their brains to see what made them tick.

So before I go any further I want to touch base with who Adam and Frank are for those of you who may not know.

Adam D’Sylva

Adam has two restaurants Tonka which is Indian Inspired and then Coda which is Asian inspired- two restaurants I want to put right up there on my to-do list.

Although they have been inspired by different continents Adam doesn’t like to keep it strict and like to incorporate many nationalities and flavours into his menu’s and dishes.

Adam’s go-to place for those tricky to find condiments is the Saigon Market, which is the place I was talking about above.

I had so much fun chatting to Adam and really seeing where his inspiration to cook came from and learning why he picked Indian and Asian Foods.

Frank Camorra

Is a chef and co-owner of MoVida and then MoVida next door, Movida Aqui, Paco’s Tacos, Movida Sydney and Bar Pulp. He was also recently inducted into the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival’s “Hall Of Fame” which in my eyes is a massive accomplishment as a Melbourne chef.

Frank could be considered a local to Footscray as he used to reside in West Melbourne, and often visits the market for fresh produce. Frank said he bypasses the suppliers and heads straight to the source to bring the freshest of fresh produce to his restaurants.

Again Frank’s stellar line-up of restaurants has my mouth watering and my explore Melbourne’s best list growing quite a lot.

You may have seen Frank before on MasterChef and has even created a couple of award winning books, one of which I have sitting on my kitchen shelf.

So now back to what we were treated with and what our senses were indulges in at Raw Materials Footscray.

Raw Material’s is very much a secret of Footscray and I don’t think it has been given enough credit for what it is. It looks like a warehouse in the industrial

state, but when you walk in the door it is like a rustic, organic looking cooking school.

We took a seat in front of the chef’s benches and then submerged my tastebuds in bubblies :-) << Not much though as I had to drive myself, dang it.

Frank was up first 

Yellow Fin Tuna, Apple, Wasabi and Ponzu Salad

Usually I am not a huge fan or raw fish and the only fish I have ever eaten raw is salmon. But boy, oh boy this was just amazing and would go perfectly in Summer. I will be buying this come Summer and making this for my family, well maybe Daddy and Me because I don’t think the girls will give it a crack- but I will try.

Then Frank hit the pan with his 

Calamari Cooked in Olive Oil with a Spiced Beetroot Salad.

I was very excited when Frank said he could change the way we cooked calamari and that I could half the prep time. What I didn’t know was all this involved was keeping the skin on the calamari- yes it’s not pretty, but gosh does it add flavour.

The beetroot salad, I couldn’t help but go back for a second serving- this was of course to make sure I had all the flavours right in my mouth and had to be sure I liked it haha- Joking but it is my excuse for making a pig of myself.

Beetroot is one of my favourite vegetables and I could eat this every single day of the week, so I was happy to find a new way to enjoy it.

Then the spotlight was back on Adam for his next dish

Han Noi Style Crispy Rice Paper Roll with Nuoc Nam Dipping Sauce

I have made rice paper rolls myself and these are one of our favourite dishes to eat when in the warmer months and very healthy. But I did have no idea that you could deep fry these and have a whole new flavour level added to them

Two thumbs up for this one, even though I made a mess of myself and the floor with the dipping sauce (thanks Frank :-P )

Milk Soup With Cinnamon Bread Dumplings and Melon Balls.

I didn’t know how I would get through yet another serve of amazingly delicious food. But when I heard this dish had an aniseed liqueur (anis liqueur) in it I knew I would have to try it out- for um, food tasting sakes.

This was better then good with the soft texture from the melon, the crunch from the toast and the milky smoothness from the anis infused milk.

I could have easily gone back for seconds, thirds and maybe even fourths with this- but I stuck to a single serve.

For me, I didn’t want this night to end and had so much fun with great company. I have already planned for another trip to the Footscray market to get some fruit and vegetables, in particular Saigon Market and try some fruit I have never tried before.

Thank you so much for all those who made this event happen, I appreciate being invited along and can’t wait for the next !

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