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A week through the lense NIKON D5300 DSLR

Monday, 25 May 2015
Travelling Adelaide a little while ago with the family on a road trip was an absolute handful of fun, and it was all captured to the just as amazing Nikon D5300 DSLR.

I have a DSLR (or should I say HAD- it decided to cark it one afternoon) but it was like a peasant compared to this amazing Queen on cameras, I am not even kidding nothing will EVER compare.

I wouldn't say that I am a camera or technology whizz, but I have had a DSLR for a very long time now and have learnt to see through the lense and see a different angle on photos.

What better way to show you how amazing this camera is then through the lens.... 

Our First stop on the way to Adelaide was at Pink Lake, which is literally on the side of the freeway and I place I recommend anybody with a love for the outdoors to stop at! My girls loved it, and YES Hayley did load her bag up with Pink Salt.

On the second day we finally made it to Bordertown and decided we would stop for lunch with the peacocks and white kangaroo's- money cannot buy those smiles. 

 Nikon even shared Easter with us in South Australia, we also watched the Solar eclipse take place here. 

The giant rocking horse, I think the Nikon was afraid of heights :-) 

Animal love at the giant Rocking Horse Wildlife park, which only cost $1 to go in and $2 for a decent sized bag of food, if you love animals you must stop off here. 

Of course we had to visit Jacob's Creek, where Mummies favourite drop of wine is made. 

Handorf is a German village that is plonked on the outskirts of Adelaide and is like entering another country. We ate the best meals here, and almost wished that we could have stayed a night in this lovely village. 

Once I got my confidence up with the Nikon D5300 I decided to play with the settings a little and take some more daring and playful photos. The colour and clarity you get with this camera is very much off the charts and really incomparable to any other camera my hands have come into contact with. 

If you aren't not confident with cameras though, this DSLR was pretty easy to learn and if I couldn't work something out or wanted to learn something I would just turn to youtube to help me out. 

Here are the more creative photos I took playing with the settings. 

The Willy Wonka like Sinkhole in Mount Gambier. 
Princess' holding hands
Waterfall Gardens VIC
12 Apostles on the way home
This is a photo that now lives on the walls of my house, so thank you Nikon :0) 
Those clouds in Apollo Bay were ready to open up on us while eating lunch!


FIRST IMPRESSIONS // W7 Cosmetics Review

Wednesday, 13 May 2015
Usually "drug store" and lower price range cosmetics get a bad wrap (and I won't lie) I usually don’t think twice about getting a low priced cosmetic. I have always reached for high end products or ones that I trust and know, as I am a firm believer in "you get what you pay for". 
So when I was approached to see if I would like to try a cosmetic brands that was new to me and a brand I had never heard before I was semi reluctant. 

I did a little research before saying yes and found that not one single product is priced over $10 and this even includes a huge palette of eye shadows- ahMAZEing!! 
Having said this though, this sparked a thought in my little pea brain as to whether or not I would be sacrificing quality for price… But I honestly had nothing to loose and thought, why the heck not!! 
Being a blogger it is so darn hard to resist swatching and playing with products as you need to take photos and all that jazz. So I decided when we went out for dinner for Mother’s Day I would take advantage of this goodies bag and do a get ready with me kind of thing- even though I am yet to have a vlog (stay tuned though as this is in the pipelines… very soon)! 
Anyway I decided I would try out as much as the products as possible, although I did keep to my usual foundation and concealer routine as I find it super hard to steer away from these necessities.  
I did however explore a little and tried out the w7 Prime Magic Camera ready before applying my foundation and concealer. The primer I currently use, I use due to the fact that I love the smell; I don’t think it actually does anything to my skin or helps in the finish of my makeup. 

My face pretty much naked except for the primer and moisturiser.

The w7 Prime Magic feels silky smooth and glides on nicely, it isn’t thick and for me personally it didn’t feel like it was going to block up my pores (which have been copping a hiding lately)! 

After applying my foundation I was very hesitant on trying out the blush I was gifted as it was cream one and I have never used cream before. 
Natural look blush. 

So I started with three dots across my cheekbone using w7 crème de la crème in the shade divine.  I then worked the product into my upper cheekbones blending it in to look more natural. 

Next up was my eyes… and this would have had to have been a favourite of mine that I was sent- w7 In the Nude palette which is almost a dupe like product of the naked palettes, only a smidge of the price tag! 
I quite enjoyed using this palette although you did have to use a lot of product to get a semi decent pigmented eye. And I later found that if I were to prime my eye this made life so much easier applying the product to my eyes. 

I wanted to leave my look quite natural and not too dramatic so decided not to put eyeliner on my upper lash line. 

So I just finished my eyes off with some mascara, which was the w7 Zoom mascara. 
Left eye no mascara and right eye with mascara

I would be lying to you if I said this was an amazing product, as nothing quite compares to my current mascara. But it is also not the worst mascara I have used and was a heck load easier to remove then the one I currently use. 

The next product to me would be the best value for money and was my favourite of all products I received and is certainly something I will repurchase once I run out. 

This product is of course the W7 Chunky Lips in the shade Delicious. The light that reflects of this lip crayon is amazing. The product itself once on my lips wasn’t thick, sticky, hard to apply and almost felt at time like there wasn’t anything other then lip balm on my lips. 
One of the great things about these products though is they are all available in Chemist Warehouse and WILL NOT cost you half your paycheck.

BEFORE                                                                                                   AFTER

They are definitely worth a look and try; If you are anything like me you have nothing to loose.


REVIEW // Giaan by Spalding Performance // Target

Tuesday, 12 May 2015
Going to the gym or keeping fit is one thing, but looking good while doing it is another.  No I am not talking about going to the gym looking like your ready for the Logies or with a face full of makeup- but rather the wardrobe department. 
I have quite a few luxury high-end gym pieces in my wardrobe, that seem to be forever growing, but I also love affordable clothing. For me growing up, we were not the wealthiest of families and usually got no big name branded things, so for us it has never really been about the brand or the logo we wear, but a lot of the times these days you really do get what you pay for- this is not always the case as I found out with this (newish) beautiful brand! 

So when I got invited quite a little while back now to the Target Fashion Show for the VAMFF to see their newest clothing lines from Danii Minogue and Giaan Rooney I was quite ecstatic. 
I’ve met Giaan Rooney at a couple of blogger related events now and instantly fell in love with her beautiful personality- so down to Earth and very relatable. To know she had teamed up with Target and Spalding to bring a lady dedicated sportswear line to their collections was more then exciting. 
I have quite a few races and obstacle courses coming up that entitle me to getting muddier the Murray Rive 4x4 track, and that means my clothes need to be thrown out afterwards- unless I want to sport almost vintage like, brown tinted clothing (no thanks). 
So to run these courses in my expensive clothes is almost idiotic as it means they will no longer be used after that day. I had to find clothes that I could afford to get dirty, just in case there wasn’t a chance I could wear them again. 
Going to the gym shouldn’t be about getting in your baggiest, ugliest clothes in my opinion. As you are going into the gym to make yourself a better you, to improve your appearance, to loose weight, to get lean and the list goes on- don’t hide under a baggy tee. 
This is where Giaan by Spalding comes into play, the palette for starters is beautiful and right up my alley. And I tried just about every single piece on in the change rooms to decide on my favourite three (this was bloody hard)!! 
In the end it came down to three pieces, which would make an outfit. 
Giaan by Spalding Vertex Fold Down Shorts- $25 (link)

Giaan by Spalding Vertex Crop Top Aqua Stripe- $25 (link

Giaan by Spalding Vertex Mesh Back Top- $35 (link)

I can happily say I would wear these to an obstacle course and if need be replace them as not one piece cost me over $35- yup $35!!! 
I was also really happy to see Giaan by Spalding had a Yoga range as this is something I have been into for quite some time now and find it my escape from reality in a way. 
Giaan by Spalding’s fabric is also right up there with the best of the best, and I have been wearing them non-stop since purchasing and there doesn’t seem to be any seems separating (especially in the groin area as I love my squats and sumo squats).  I have also noticed that when I sweat in a Bikram Yoga session the sweat patches quickly dry, which is something I didn’t get with my more expensive sportswear. 
In the gym I have been asked twice where I got my crop top from, as they loved the pattern and design. 
And for those who are very brand conscious and only like being seen in the best of the best then you will also like this range as there is no branding splashed all over it and even what is, it can be easily hidden! 
The Yoga range is the next on my shopping list, which may I add keeps getting longer and longer every day (almost caught up to the bible I think)!
Before trying out and being asked to give the Giaan by Spalding a go, I would have never thought to go find sportswear in a department store like Target- but now I will skip the high end and start shopping around (this also means for the same price I pay for a pair of sports tights I can get a whole outfit)!!! WINNING


YUMTABLE // Kyma St Kilda // REVIEW

Monday, 11 May 2015
I think going out for dinner will never be the same anymore thanks to Yumtable
Often going out to dinner can be a mammoth decision and sometimes can result in domestic disputes haha- you know the whole “You Choose, I don’t mind” “No I am easy and don’t mind” “You never choose” “ I chose last time” “ If it is so hard to pick somewhere then we wont go out, simple!!” 
Yumtable has turned this debarkle on its head, with an easy to navigate website with all the hottest places in (and out) of town to eat. The site is way too easy to use, all you do is put in the town/postcode or restaurant you want to eat at, whether you want breakfast, lunch or dinner and then Yumtable will find places that have available seating. 
For me this is like heaven on the Internet, as I HATE ringing multiple places to find out if there are seats available. That is one of the main reasons I don’t like going out as I cant stand being put on hold, out through to this department and then to find out there is nothing- stressful stuff with kids screaming for your attention in the background. 
Saturday I decided it was time to give Yumtable a run for its money and see what all the hype was about. 
Upon jumping on the website I found some places offered a discount off your bill if you book through Yumtable, which I found pretty handy. 
Then we had to pick a place to eat at with the family, we ended up deciding we wanted a banquet style meal and that our tastebuds were longing for some Greek inspired food.
Our first choice was Hellenic Republic in Brunswick as it has been a place we have wanted to eat at for a very long time (that and the fact I am a HUGE Masterchef fan). But there were only 1 person seating available and for a family of 4 I didn’t think this would work haha. 
So we had to broaden our searches and found some little Greek gems on Yumtable, but settled for Kyma in St Kilda as I thought it would be nice to take the girls for a walk on the beach- little did I know the weather and wind was out to get us that night. 
So with a click of a button (literally) our table was booked and we were ready to go for the night.  It doesn’t cost a thing at all to use the Yumtable service and it is so quick and simple to use ( I think even my Grandma who hates technology could use this).
The family and I were given the opportunity to also try out the UBER taxi’s, which we have caught before. But decided we would take ourselves there as we had the two girls and their car seats. 
6:30pm we arrived at the beautiful Kyma, and decided we would rather escape the hustle and bustle of inside and sit in the heated outside area. 
The staff were on hand for our every need and were very accommodating, it was lovely to have them come to you for a change rather then having to call them out to come to you! 
Then there was the food, what we had all been waiting for. We ordered the Kyma Banquet, which would allow our tastebuds to indulge in some beautiful Greek flavours and have me try food I have never tried. 
Here are some snaps of what the restaurant served up for us. I left there with a very full belly and this was a great early Mother’s Day treat! 

I would definitely recommend using Yumtable for Mother’s Day next year, or even for Father’s Day coming up, as you wont need to ring around endlessly and can find a table with a click of your mouse- or iPhone as the site is also mobile friendly. 
*Yumtable did gift me this experience but in no way would this differ my opinion on the service or give a biased review. 

FITNESS JOURNEY// Snap Fitness Epping

Tuesday, 5 May 2015
I don’t live in the gym and the gym doesn’t rule my life that is for sure. But knowing I have more fun runs, obstacle courses and fitness based things coming up then I can count on my two hands I have decided its time to pump the iron again and get my strength back up. Cardio and general fitness I still do at home and with my girls, I don’t believe in spending hours on the treadmill when I can get the same thing at a park while the girls play. 

I will begin going for an hour and half three times a week and continue to do yoga in my rest days- of course when the family are all tucked into bed.  The gym where I will be doing all my hard work at is my local Snap Fitness Epping. 


Upon walking in the door I knew this had a different vibe from my previous gym and was so much more laid back, and well.. not full of meat heads (sorry boys)! I am not the one who is going to go to a same sex gym as those things don’t bother me, the only thing that peeves me off is weight area hogs- and this didn’t have any I could see- but loads of equipment to share anyway. 

Snap Fitness Epping is also 24hr with manned times where staff members and PT’s are there and then unmanned times where you use your access card to get in and then workout at your own leisure whenever you like. 

My main strengths are in my legs, so I think it might be time to build my core and expose those abs that have been hiding away under my blanket of (body fat) yup I said it! And then I will also work on my upper body strength and improve definition all over. 

I want to be in tiptop condition for Stadium Stomp, which is 11 weeks away. This give me more then enough time to train and prepare myself for the obstacles that lie ahead. 


Didn’t have me as nervous as I had first thought it would, as my PT Casey was so welcoming and really pushed me without breaking me. I have had a bad PT experience which put me off having my own PT, and even had me complete my cert 3&4 in fitness to learn how to do it all myself.  

We focused on my goal of getting ready for the Stadium Stomp in July, where I will be conquering 7,300+ steps at the MCG! So I worked out on my legs, my core, cardio and then some steps to break things up a little. 


This is not the last you will hear of Snap Fitness Epping and I will be keeping an update on my body progress, showing my darkest times and hopefully a brand new me. 

I don’t want to be super fit, it isn’t what I am after. But I do want to be healthy and happy in the skin I have to live in forever. 


I want to help spread the word to all women, especially Mum’s out there that you can do it! If I can do it, I know every Mumma out there can!! 

It is hard for some to picture your self in a gym and I know for me before I started gym
I envisioned going and having people stare at me and judge me because of my body- but this wasn’t the case at all. I quickly learnt that when you head into gym, you become enclosed in your own little world and switch off to the world around you, only focusing and listening to your body. 

After having two kids my body has done some weird and whacky things, but I have also punished it with being a couch potato and junk food crazy lady in the past. That has all changed in the last year, and it isn’t a word of lie that if you stick to something for 21 days it actually does become a habit. 


I won’t lie the main reason I starting heading to the gym again is because this year is going to be my year of obstacle courses/races, fun run and charity fitness events. I don’t want to be marathon fit, but I do need to maintain a certain level of strength and fitness or my body just won’t cope!



I would absolutely love for you to join me on my body and wellness transformation, and of course share your lovely inspirational stories. After all it is the stories of others that help me inspire to change and become a better me. 


For the month of May, Epping Snap Fitness is celebrating Mum’s for Mother’s Day and treating them to a no obligation, FREE 7-day gym pass and free semi-private PT session!

If I can train in a gym then any Mother out there can do it, bite the bullet and try it out- I promise it isn’t bad at all!

So Mummy, what are you waiting for?!

Thanks Snap Fitness Epping for putting me under your wing and believing in me. 

Snap Fitness Epping Facebook

Instagram @SnapFitnessEpping

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