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Tuesday, 23 June 2015
I am going to be honest here, there was a time not too long ago I was super close to throwing my vac through the window- and possibly fractured my toe by kicking it as hard as I could.

The Mum (probably along with every women in the world) dislikes cleaning, especially when you turn around two seconds later only to find the kids have left it upside down and topsy turvery. And then to have cleaning products and as I like to call it machinery that makes life even more frustrating is a no go (and ends up in fractured toes)!!

Dyson is a brand I have recently fell in love with and this is not only due to the fact I have worked with them and my blog, but because their products do work like they are meant to.

The newest thing for me from Dyson is Dyson V6 handstick vacuum.

I have always used a lug around vac and for no real reason to be honest, as most of the surfaces in our house are floorboards and I usually sweep them. The reason I sweep them is my current vacuum scratches my boards, and the noise is almost like nails down a chalkboard.

All the little bits and bobs you get included in with your Vac!

So when Dyson reached out to me with their brand new Vac I couldn’t resist and wanted to see if there was a better alternative to what I have been using!

Before using this vac though I thought it may be best to speak to the brains behind the unit and see what I was going to be putting to the test, and where the idea came from.

So here is my interview with Archie Henderson Senior Design Engineer (who flew in from Singapore).

My first question with Archie was “ Where did the inspiration or the idea come from with a unit like this?”

It was based mainly around Australian feedback and the engineers. But then closely followed by Australian Mother’s who don’t need something big, and want a powerful quick clean up.

My next question was: “ When designing this unit have you designed it for a standard height or is the unit adjustable?”

The unit is not adjustable and has been designed to the standard size, but the head can be removed so that you have a handheld unit..

My youngest having breathing problems and possible asthma, is this unit safe to use around the house
and will it bring on allergies/problems?

The vac does have a HEPA filter, which is perfect for asthmatics or sensitive airways/lungs.

That was my interview, I did ask some more questions but I think it was important to keep this post simple and touch base on the more relatable questions.

I do believe they should design and adjustable nozzle or head so that it will accommodate all heights from little people to very tall Mummies and Daddies.

With the testing of this Vac I did make the biggest rookie mistake and try out the unit before even taking photos. I didn’t realise how tricky it would be to get the compartment where the trash and junk from the floor goes- but I did it.

Like I said above I was absolutely shocked at what was left in my carpet the day after using my regular vac. The dust and dirt that came out of my carpet, which to the naked eye looked spotless was absolutely gut wrenching.

I quickly continued to clean my carpets with the Dyson V6 and this is around the time I realised I should have taken photos before using it.

 I literally threw my old vac out the front door and into the St Vincent De Pauls bin and replaced it with my brand new Dyson.

Is anybody else revolted by the hair in this head, which my normal Vac would not have picked up?! 

I am honestly still sickened just writing about this at how bad my carpets actually were deep down in there.

The unit itself is very easy on the eyes and I actually really like the design. Do be able to just quickly grab it out and vac up small messes is great, rather then a massiv vac or worse still the broom and then half broom and shovel.

My carpets are now clean enough to sleep (and eat off) – we don’t though haha, that’s why we have tables and beds.

BEFORE- of course I made this for the                                                    AFTER- Clean and tidy
purpose of testing its ability! 

REVIEW // Crayola Color Wonder // NUFFNANG

That moment when I sit down on the couch during naptime and tune into Orange is The New Black.   Get starts getting into the juicy parts and all of a sudden my Mummy senses begin tingling, just like Spider man but I don’t need to do a quick outfit change.

So I decide I better go and check on Little Miss M. I am not the type that will stay in the girls room until they fall asleep, I will let them fall asleep on their own accord.

I knew when I started walking down the hallway and saw that the girls bedroom door had been shut that bad news was waiting behind there. Once I reached their door I took some time to just listen and see if I could hear anything from the other side of the door- silence.. Could this have been a false alarm? Doubt it.

So when I opened the door I saw a little Miss M sitting right behind the door, looking at me like she had just been busted robbing the local convenient store, with some beautiful new tattoos that I like to call ink (ironic) and then to top it off Picasso must have come through the window and drawn a lovely art piece on the wall and left again.

This picture was missing something though; it needed a date and signature at the bottom. I could feel the blood beginning to boil in my veins as I had only recently painted this room. But just as quickly as I felt my blood boil I felt the urge to burst into hysterics because this is only something you would read in magazines.

Luckily this was only on the white wall so bleach could be used to remove the “art”. But ever since this ordeal nothing other then a crayon or pencil has been aloud in her hot little hands.

That was until I was approached by Nuffnang to try out a product from Crayola- Color Wonder.

On the packaging their main push is that this pack contains all you need for mess free colouring. I was skeptical and thought that there was no such thing as “mess free” when it came to markers.

The look on Miss M’s face when the market sat in her hand for the first time, it was like she had found the missing puzzle piece to her Frozen puzzle. She also took the time to look up at me to see if was ok to be using this.

Miss H was right in on the action and opened up the second packet, she is much like me so went with the Ninja Turtles. Miss M (of course) decided she wanted to draw in the Disney Frozen book.

Color Wonder Disney Frozen $RRP 13.99

Color Wonder Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - $RRP 13.99

When I opened the marker for Miss M, I was surprised to see a white tip- even drawing on my hand to see what would happen; nothing.

So then I handed the marker back to Miss M almost certain that the colour that would come from this marker would be light and nothing like using a normal marker.

I have learnt to keep my assumptions silent as I am almost always proved wrong with things I am sent and these colours were rich and unlike any other marker I had seen before.

As my stomach sank I asked Miss M to draw a line on the wall, she actually nodded her head to tell me hell no! But after persuading her and explaining that these markers won’t go on the wall, but no to ever draw on the wall just to see if these were for real. And low and behold- nothing! There was absolutely nothing on the wall and Miss M shouted “NOTHING!!”

The special ink in Color Wonder Markers, developed by Crayola scientists, is clear on most surfaces, yet each marker 'magically' shows up a different color on Color Wonder Paper

Very impressed and will be taking these on road trips, airplane trips and pretty much anywhere now as there is no mess to be had.

We are heading to Tasmania in August so I think it is only fitting that I go out and buy the entire collection for the 13 hours there and back as a boredom buster!

I would recommend these to anybody who has lets say a Messy artist or even those who are not really, these Crayola Color Wonders are the stuff!!

Good job Crayola, and more then anything thank you for introducing marker colouring back into Miss M’s life!

Bikram Yoga Mill Park // REVIEW

Sunday, 14 June 2015

I ventured into the worlds of proper yoga a little while back now and I think it is something I need to incorporate into my weekly life. It was a great way to relax and take time for myself, switching off to all the stresses life throws at me.
I wouldn’t say I tried all forms of Yoga but I tried a few in my 10 day trial at Bikram Yoga Mill Park.

From the moment I walked into the front door, I instantly felt a sense of relaxation and like I had completely left the days stresses on the door mat.

My two favourite Yoga classes for me were the:

Yin Yoga 60 minute

Bikram Yoga express 60 minute
Bikram Yoga, the original Hot Yoga, is a series of 26 Yoga postures and 2 breathing techniques performed in a room heated to 39c degrees, designed to provide you with a challenging, invigorating and effective yoga experience. During our 90 minute class, you will work every muscle, tendon, joint, ligament and internal organ, providing you with a full body workout and an exceptional sense of well being.  With the benefits of regular participation in Bikram Yoga ranging from weight loss to increased flexibility and a more balanced metabolism (click here to read more) and classes designed to cater for beginners through to advanced, Bikram Yoga at Bikram Yoga Mill Park is perfect for all ages and fitness levels.
90 minutes
26 poses
39 degree heat

I like the convenience that the 60 minute class gave me being a busy Mum, but it was enough time to stretch out my body and just relaxing with a little Me time.

To be completely honest with you I tried the 90 minute class twice, and it is a little bit much for me. I love the postures and relaxation, it is just to darn hot for me.

Winter is the perfect time to get into Bikram as it is freezing outside, and it is much like taking a relaxing bath at home- only there is no screaming kids, and your bathing in your own sweat as your body detoxes from all the flack it has endured during the day.

I definitely did notice the change from a healthy day to a day where I had been drinking the day before at a party or even ate junk food. My body reacted differently each day, depending on what I forced my body to do or eat. For example after the footy I decided I would sneak in a session late at night, but I had a couple of beers at the footy (two to be exact, as I am not a real drinker).  The sweat the poured off me was absolutely disgusting as my body tried to release all the toxins and what not through my sweat. But let me tell you, when I walked out of the studio, I felt a gizzillion times better; truly a new me.

So you might be curious now,

What is Bikram Yoga?
Bikram Yoga, the original Hot Yoga, is a series of 26 Hatha Yoga postures (asanas) and 2 breathing exercises (pranayamas) developed by Bikram Choudhury. Each posture in the Bikram series is completed twice, with the first set designed to warm you up, and the second set, to allow you to work deeper within your body. Between each set and each pose, 20 seconds of rest (savansana) is taken, which allows complete relaxation and your body to rejuvenate. When combined during a 90minute class, these postures and breathing exercises are designed to work every muscle, tendon, ligament, joint and internal organ in the entire body, providing you with an exceptional sense of well being.

Bikram Yoga is conducted in a room heated to 39c with a humidity of 40% to help you achieve maximum results from your exercise

Now the second class I fell in love was the:


Yin Yoga is a 60min yoga class practiced at room temperature this consists of long held, mainly floor postures that focuses on your connective tissue.

Again, I think I have a thing with express classes, or ones that don’t go on for too long- and now I think about it this could well be because I feel like a selfish Mum leaving my girls for long, even though I know they are completely safe with Dad or even asleep.

When I first started I did a double header with Yin Yoga followed by the Bikram Yoga Express Class, and boy oh boy did I feel it! Feel it both in a good way and a bad way. The bad being every muscle and joint in my body could be felt, but it was much needed for my body and I to be reacquainted.

For me the Yin Yoga class was better then a massage as my body was getting both and internal and external massage through the Yoga postures.

Some of you may know I suffer from some pretty intense and serious anxiety, but I cant talk about that until I better understand it myself- I am yet to figure out the cause or treatment, I just know my triggers; unfortunately they cannot be avoided!

But anyway, Yoga has naturally helped me with that and put my mind at ease, so I think I really do need to incorporate it into my daily life, of not weekly life.

If you want to find out more, you can head to the link below where you will find prices, classes and more- there is even a kids Yoga that has just started up J

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