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PERSONAL// Pet Peeves as a blogger…

Thursday, 22 October 2015

1…  Thinking its ok to post for free

Number one on my list has to be one of the things as a blogger that really gets under my skin. So since I have a well-established blog that really has blossomed into something special that I truly price myself on. It has always been my passion but now my passion has also turned into my business. 

So when a PR or brand messages me asking to review their products or to simply write about something they are looking after, I kindly ask their budget or simply ask what I may receive in return for my services. Not very often am I knocked back or maybe here and there told the brands budget don’t have enough funding/run our of samples. I am sure- no scratch that. I am certain as you are sending this email you are being paid to do so, what makes you think I work for free? Like I am not being stuck up or snobby or anything like that I am simply stating that fact that almost nobody in this world works for free.

2.. Outsiders thinking its all about freebies being thrown at you.

I cannot even count the number of people on my ten fingers that have commented saying they want to get into blogging. Or even mucking around when they ask me where to sign up to this blogging business. 

For me it wasn’t easy and freebies weren’t just thrown my way. I had to build myself up into the position I am in today.. I wont lie the bonuses and freebies are great, I love a good event and goodie bag. But its not all glitz and glam its hours of typing, editing, photography and the list honestly does go on.  The bloggersphere at the best of time is a very competitive place and where you’re doing well there’s always someone trying to do better.

3.. On the subject bloggers in it for the wrong reasons..

It really pisses me off when you know, or even when they blatantly tell you they are doing it for the free stuff.  Like, hello..  You’re wrecking it for us genuine bloggers who are receiving products they really want and enjoy writing about them. 

And even those bloggers who just want their five minutes of fame and then just go Missing in Action on the bloggersphere.

4.. B isn’t for beauty, or blogging its for bitchiness

One thing I have found in the six years of blogging is the fact it’s a dog eat dog world out here.  There is a massive difference between Mummy events and the mummy blogging world as apposed to the Beauty Blogging side of things.

 Like the BBlogging scene you know you are being judged, know you’re being back stabbed and just don’t feel comfortable. It’s like hello were doing the same thing here..  we should be building each other up not tearing each other down. I love sharing my contacts and having “friends” and real friends I’ve made come along to events with me. But the moment it becomes one way I am out of there quicker then a dollar drops.

5.. COPY CAT FROM BALLARAT WENT TO SCHOOL… and I don’t know the rest haha

When someone or a group of someone’s goes out of their way and copy you, your work and even your ideas. It is the biggest kick in the ball- and I don’t even have balls but I assume it hurts like a mofo!

But not even my work, when a blogger clearly copies and pasts an entire chunk out of the media release making it sound like they are the creative minds behind the script when in fact all they did was press copy and paste.

As a Blogger I cannot stress enough, be nice to one another and help to build each other up… Not be the cause of someone crashing down and not wanting to blog any longer!!

TRAVEL// Comfort Inn Julie Anna

I need to first apologise for taking this long to get a post up on an experience, or in this case a weekend away. I have taken a short video, which I will upload to my Youtube Channel. 
The reason for not making this post is I think I have become a little overwhelmed with work, blogging, the kids and having Madison home full time but that really isn’t an excuse. 

So anyway, lets rewind the clock back to just over two months ago and I was packing the families bags ready to leave for Bendigo. Hayley was away for the weekend so we only had little Madison with me for the night. 

 Choice Hotels Asia-Pac was kind enough to gift us a room at the lovely Comfort Inn Julie Anna in Bendigo. I can't stress this enough the photos online doesn’t do this place enough justice. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t a 5 star hotel but it definitely ticks the boxes and has all the amenities we needed and so much more. 

We were supplied with an itinerary but in true me style of course we either a) fell behind on times or switched a couple of activities up- none the less it was amazing. .

So by the time we arrived in Bendigo it was around 6pm or maybe a tad later.

Before I have my say this is a little ABOUT the Comfort Inn Julie Anna 
Recently renovated, the hotel has had a total makeover with 33 stylish rooms all with courtyard access and views of the outdoor pool.
Comfort Inn Julia Anna is a part of  Choice Hotels Asia-Pacwith all Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Spa Rooms & Family rooms treated to a total makeover, making these rooms the premier rooms in Bendigo. The property has 33 stylish rooms all with court yard access and views of the outdoor pool.

Our rooms was rooms number 15 and the hotel layout reminded me a lot of a motel style with drive up doors. But on the inside I was surprised by what I saw.

When we walked in to the left was a door and that had two single beds and a flat screen-

And then you kept walking straight and it was the lounge/living area and the main bedroom as well as a sofa.

 At the foot of the bed if you turned left it was a bathroom with massive shower, toilet and a decent sized spa. Then if you walked out of there you would have seen sliding doors and out there was a courtyard open to all guests and a pool. 

So by the time we were all settled then it was totally dark so we decided to go and explore a little and find a good place to eat. This is where we found-  The Foundry Hotel Complex.

 It was a total fluke but one of the best ones we have found so far. We were at another pub but there wasn’t the greatest service and we weren’t sat at a meal friendly table so moved onto the next one, which was also showing the game. One of the deals with going away was being able to watch the game somewhere as it was an away game and we couldn’t travel this time. 
Then we were back to the Hotel to settle in for the night, this is where I took advantage of jumping into the spa.  I packed my LUSH goodies as I had a feeling I might be jumping into a tub. 

I wasn’t confident on putting little Madison into a room by herself so this is where the sofa couch came in handy and we set up a bed for her in the same room as us. As soon as her head hit that pillow she was fast asleep but did wake up at 3am to check where she was and a little confused. 

Morning had us heading into the reception and through to the small restaurant area where there was a European style breakfast.  I had a little something extra with ordering the Eggs benedict and bacon and eggs, but Madison was happy with her juice and breakfast. After the simple but beautiful breakfast we checked out of the Comfort Inn’s Julie-Anna’s Hotel.

We had complimentary passes to have some “fun with Clay” at the Bendigo Pottery place, which is one place my (now in heaven) grandma used to shop for most if not all her home wares. 

It was almost like stepping back in time once entering the building, everything was still all hand made and sculpted- it was fantastic to see they kept it handmade rather then machining things like a lot of other places are now doing.

The staff at the Bendigo Pottery place were kind enough to give us complementary entry to the museum here where there were all the old kilns and pottery pieces as well as what Bendigo Pottery made both back in the day and even do this day. 

We had a coffee and morning tea here before jumping back into the car and hitting the road to the next destination. 

I have always had my eyes on the Castlemaine Candy and have been curious on the flavour since high school. So I thought why we were out here why not take a slight detour to Castlemaine to pick some up in the town they are made. We went to the factory but it was closed. So it was time for some lunch. With thanks to google and the reviews we found Castlemaine The Railway Hotel. 

I looked at the menu on the front window and it really wants your typical hotel and had a different twist to the menu- not your parma and chips kind of place. 

But walking into the front door it was almost like taking a step back in time and just a really beautiful décor setting to it. 

We were put right in front of the fire, which was perfect to me as little Madison had become quite sick with the flu.

Dragging lunch out was my plan as I knew the next step was home and I really didn’t want to go just yet. But after lunch we were destined for home and to be honest at this point I was exhausted, full and hanging for my own bed.

All in all the weekend was great and I will be recommending a weekend like this one to anyone who listens.

The website is for your reference.

REVIEW // Jord Watch // Arm Candy

Monday, 5 October 2015
I have never really been a watch kind of girl, but it all changed the day I stepped into the gym.  Checking the clock during sets wasn’t cutting it anymore and it was time to invest in a watch. My first watch was just a cheapie one from somewhere I was shopping for the new wardrobe but it did the job.

A little while ago Jord Watches contacted me about reviewing one of their watches, a watch made almost completely of wood.  I didn’t know if this is something I could wear on a day to day basis and thought it wouldn’t suit too much of my wardrobe.

We are focused on creating timepieces that are modelled after a modern lifestyle. We value sustainability, efficiency, and experiential living. We make our watches for people who don't just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go.

When I received the watch my first impression was very excited as well as surprised at how much effort was put into packaging- the box was completely made out of Wood with the Jord logo etched into the box.

The watch I ordered was the - FIELDCREST Series-- Dark Sandalwood $120

After taking the watch out of the box I first took note on how light the watch was, and the texture to the wood was just amazing.  I then realised that maybe this watch would fit in with just about anything I wore as it was such a neutral watch face and band.

The first time I wore it out was for a yoga class I was taking and the amount of compliments and questions I received for the watch was just amazing and encouraged me to now wear it every single day I could.

My plans were to get this review up sooner but I had a few bumps in the road and really wanted to test the watch out. Lucky I did as well as I now have no watch due to a little accident.

I wore this everyday there after and let my sister wear it when we went to the waterfall, as she has wanted to invest in a wood watch for a very long time now. So the day went fantastically and when we jumped into the car she realised that she had lost the watch. I know she did slip on a rock that was near the water and fell to the ground; this is the only time she may have lost the watch. When I initially put the watch on I was impressed with the two-way latch that secured the watch to your wrist. Now I really could piece together how the watch could have possibly fell off- but it did!

Made in the U.S but they give free shipping to anywhere in the world, which makes the watch an absolute bargain after working out shipping costs to Australia- almost the other side of the world.

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