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Hans Oliving Lunch with Llyeton and Bec Hewitt

Thursday, 25 February 2016

With this event, I am still pinching myself to see if it even happened. But it did and I am forever grateful I was able to attend an event like this and given this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Having lunch with the Hewitts, Llyeton and Bec in celebration of their partnership with Oliving. The Hewitts aim to encourage families to make the switch to a healthier alternative than traditional deli meats.

The event was located at an almost perfect house in Brighton, which looks like it never had a person step foot in it! Everything was perfectly in place and the art was on point.

Hans Oliving range has been Inspired by the Mediterranean diet, Hans Oliving deli meats are produced using Greek olive oil and less animal fat. In addition to offering less saturated fat than comparable products, the olive oil enhances the product’s delicious taste. Which is like pretty little bells to my ears and this family.
You never realise how bad ham and deli meats are until you look into it. And now I feel quite guilty for putting them in the girls lunchboxes without knowing.
The event really opened my eyes and made me realise there is a healthier alternative with around the same price range, that every family needs to know about.
Tasting the range, I couldn’t tell any difference in taste. The only thing I did take note on was there wasn’t a greasy barrier left in your mouth that is almost sticky I got from eating normal ham. I think the Oliving and the average ham need to be taste tested blind folded to see which stands up to the taste test.
The range -

The Hans Oliving range includes great tasting products including family favourites Pizza Salami, Peperilli Salami, Hungarian Salami, Traditional Ham, Gypsy Ham, Naturally Smoked Ham, Rindless Pan Sized Bacon, Strassburg, Polish, Chorizo, Kransky, Cheese Kransky, Kabana and Twiggy Sticks.

Pizza is a fave in the hewitts house. Bec and Llyeton believe its all about being prepared and sort of having an idea of their busy schedule. And when they are in school it’s a good opportunity to prepare food and quick and easy meals are the way to go.

As sporting icon Lleyton bowed out of the world of international tennis at the Australian Open, he is looking forward to starting a new chapter of his life and spending quality time with his family.
Bec, a busy mum of three, has also developed a range of recipes and tips covering everything from cooking to family entertaining, to staying active and beauty advice which will be available on the website.

She prepared a quick and easy Mediterranean Salad in minutes using the Hans Oliving range, I will include the quick and easy recipe below. It’s funny to find out just how many sorts of cheeses there are in the world, let alone those ones that are better for you. 
I have heard before that olive oil as been referred to as ‘liquid gold by many people. But now looking further into that, I back them 100% as it truly is liquid gold!
The range is now available to purchase across Australia in selected Coles, Woolworths and IGA stores.
Visit and to discover the Hans Oliving range, access delicious recipes and learn how to start Oliving the life with Lleyton & Bec Hewitt.
All oils in the house have now been replaced with a bottle of Hans Oliving oil.

FOODIE// 400 Gradi Masterclass

Monday, 22 February 2016

Some parents (life myself) don’t really think about what the younger stages will do for      your little ones future. For myself I learnt the hard way the first time around with Hayley, but aced it with Madison in the food department.

Im almost positive every family has a picky eater and that I am not alone in this, whether it’s the lack of teaching how food can be fun and such a broad menu or just your little one doesn’t like the look of something.

For me it came down to Hayley’s dad being very picky and that totally reflects now she is older, eating barely anything. But with Madison is was a lot more broad and I was all about making food fun for Hayley to get it into her, so it stuck with Madison.

Today I went to the Masterclass for adults at 400 Gradi in Brunswick for adults as apposed to the children’s Masterclass. I was happy to report back to Johnny that he had changed our household for good when it came to the kitchen and everyone getting involved.

I might touch base on the first experience at 400 Gradi with Johnny and the Children’s Masterclass.

400 Gradi has expanded with a brand new restaurant opening in Essendon about 8 weeks ago, but also have two other restaurants- East Brunswick on Lygon street and one in Crown Casino Melbourne (Gradi).

Johnny Di Francesco owns 400 Gradi and apart from being a top bloke with massive insiders knowledge to Neapolitan food (and king of pizza making), he’s also been crowned the 2014 World Pizza Champion.
Previously pizza night would be Mum and Dad in the kitchen buying bases and throwing
pizzas together and on the stone out the back, only then did the family sit together at the table and share their pizzas.

So after the Master class and after the girls got their hands dirty and was able to make their own pizza from scratch you cannot get them out of the kitchen and all they want to do it help.

This was the light bulb moment for me that would change everything, what the hell have I been doing this entire time. Here I was making them foreign food (that sometimes didn’t look the most appealing but was packed with nutrients) and expecting them to eat it. They don’t know it took three hours to cook the goulash and make the pasta from scratch, or the hours it takes to put something as simple as a pizza together. The problem was they didn’t appreciate what was on their plate and for all they knew it came from a packet.

So every since what I now call the miracle day where the family unknowingly walked into 400 Gradi for a Children’s Master class with the master of pizza himself Johnny, would change the whole family
eating concept- their Nonna and my Nonna will be very proud that they also have killer pizza skills now to.

When we arrived there were shiny metal bowls and all the ingredients needed to make a base lined up on the tables. Johnny was up the front going through each step and coming around to each child and assisting them in making the perfect dough.

By the end of it there was a perfectly, bounce back ball of dough in front of the children. Madison aced this and Johnny complimented her dough (future pizza chef in the making maybe).

So it was the same concept with the adults Master class except I didn’t have to stress about where the kids weer and was able to take all the information in.

Here are some key tips that Johnny gave to us:
- Always make your pizza with a crust and stretch it from the middle out. This was you’re aerating your pizza, which helps in the digestion of your food.
- Never overdose on the yeast, and try when possible to use fresh yeast. Using too much yeast is exactly what leaves you bloated and feeling sick, as the yeast activates and expands in your stomach craving water, hence the reason you get extremely thirsty.
- Know what you are putting in your pizza, starting from scratch you know exactly what you are putting into yours and your families stomachs.

The family being so keen that we a looking out for a quality wood fire pizza oven, for out on the deck. The ovens at 400 Gradi in East Brunswick heat to 400 degrees and cook in around 90 seconds,
yup you heard right, 90 seconds. Hence the name 400 Gradi (In Italian 400 degrees).

To finish this write up I thought I would leave you with a little interview with Mr Gradi -Johnny :

Why did you open your own restaurant, and what advice would you give to others looking to walk the same road you have? 

Growing up, I never actually thought I’d open a pizza shop. My family, obviously, has history with pizza, but it was always something I did for a part time job. I didn’t realise it was my passion until I was sitting in a university lecture discussing engineering completely oblivious to what the lecturer was saying because all I could think of was pizza! It was there and then that I decided that if pizza was what I wanted to do, I needed to make it happen, so that’s why I opened my own restaurant.

For those who are looking at following their dreams and opening their own restaurant, it is important to realise that sometimes, no matter how excited you are, it’s okay to have moments where you don’t know what you’re doing, how you’re going or where you’re going! There were plenty times when I freaked out, but one thing I was always aware of was my passion for pizza and sharing the tradition of it. Also always remember that hard work is what gets you places.

What did you gain from taking the title as the World Champion Pizza maker at the championships in Parma, back in 2014? How did it impact your restaurant chains if at all? Did you receive a lot more customers as a result? 

Winning the World Pizza Championship in Parma, Italy was a huge moment for me – not because of the title or exposure, but because it gave that 17 year old who had a dream for pizza the reward for all his hard work!

Since then, Gradi has only continued to grow – it was exciting to be recognised for our great pizza, so the increase in visitors led to more restaurants. The last year has been a total whirlwind of setting up Gradi at Crown, opening my Cicchetti bar next door to 400 Gradi and another restaurant in Essendon.
Not to mention the countless flights across the country and the world –no week is the same for me!

I will finish it off with my absolute favorite question to ask - What would be your absolutely favorite/dream pizza, toppings and all?

I just love making great, traditional Neapolitan pizza with the simple margherita toppings – mozzarella, basil and tomato. You just can’t go wrong with that, to me it’s the ultimate food. You can eat it without any cutlery, its hot, it’s delicious and its pizza!

{Foodie} Cob's Popcorn

Thursday, 11 February 2016
Now earlier on in one of my last posts I mentioned a few changes in the blog. One was adding a lot more food and bevy type posts, so to kick things off I thought why not Cobs!

The girls and aren't three massive meals a day kinda girls. Instead you'll find out larger meals are earlier on in the day and we tend to graze throughout the day, which personally I would prefer anyway. 

Everywhere I go I have to have snacks in my bag as I have recently found out I have Hyperthyroidism (I'll make another post when I have more control and knowledge of my situation as it is new) and with this my body is performing like it is on a treadmill 24/7, so I need to keep eating or else I will feel sick as anything. 

Cobs first came into the families life a little while back at a bloggers event hosted by the wonderful ladies at Kids Business. They had a stall there and had Adriano Zumbo showing as all the great ways to enjoy popcorn in sneaky indulgence style. 

Sampling was also great fun and from the beginning I had my clear cut favourite, and also ones that made me turn my nose up, which is fine because someone doesn't have to like every single flavour.

I think (don't quote me) most of them except favourite come in snack size (78g) then medium (40g) and then the large packs (120g).

So lets cut to the chase here and highlight all those hits and misses, starting with the hits. 

There is no denying on my behalf that I am a massive softy for sweets, so I went straight for the sweet stuff.  My two favourite sweet style popcorn was: 

Cobs Favourites Caramel Corn 

I could honestly eat this until I am sick in the stomach and bloated like I'm 8 months pregnant! By far the winner in my book, and the families. So I have to hide this from the tribe in my draw making sure it doesn't get touch. 
Basically its a crunchy style popcorn covered in hard caramel! Is your mouth watering yet?  Mine sure is. 

Cabos Favourites Dark Chocolate Drizzle Caramel Corn

Then for another twist on the caramel corn (I say it like a Yank when I type it) I love the dark chocolate drizzle. Not too much that you can't taste anything other then chocolate but just the right amount. This is the girls favourite chocolate and I will be sure to pack some on the flight over to Bali in a couple of weeks. 

So that covers my favourite sweet popcorn but Cobs also has a milk chocolate sort as well with both drizzled and covered. 

Now for the savoury with two different types- Natural and then also Organic. 

Cobs Natural Lightly Salted Slightly Sweetened Popcorn

There are many people I know scrunch their nose us at this particular popcorn but after biting the bullet and trying it the packet doesn't stay full for very long.  Cobs have perfected that amazing combination right in the middle of sweet and salty. I absolutely love the combination knowing eating a little packet is totally guilt free. 

Cobs Natural Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar

Every since I was a tiny Erin I have always reached for the salt and vinegar crackers, chips and everything in between.  So when I saw the pink strip on the top of the back I got excited and assumed vinegar and I was totally right. 
Sometimes when you get salt and vinegar chips and even popcorn that vinegar is way to overpowering, when you eat enough your mouth is white and mouth hurts. This sea salt & cider vinegar isn't too much and the cider vinegar is what makes this flavour stand about any other slat and vinegar. 

Cobs Organic Sea salt 

For those looking for the plain and simple sort of popcorn then this is for you. Literally just your standard salty popcorn that packs the perfect crunch. I like to add my own things to this type of popcorn and makes for a great base on the recipes like Adriano Zumbo was making.

I won't ever regret say this, but I don't think there will ever be a better brand of popcorn. I'm a Cobs chick! 

DISCLAIMER** I have been sent this product for review purposes and everything in this post is my own opinion. 

{M.I.A} Missing In Action

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

I know I have been extremely absent in the posts and being active on my blog lately. There are many reasons some of which I cannot go too much into yet and other's I can definitely highlight below.

One of the reasons I have been missing on the blog as there is going to be a change in the direction my blog is going with a lot my lifestyle and foodie type things going on as well as some awesome partnerships and collaborations.

 Being a Mummy and school holidays I also had to set my priorities straight, and as much as I love blogging I spent all my time with them.

Some personal reasons have also come up forcing me to shove the blog on the back burner, but I'm back b**ches haha.

Short and sweet lovelies, I was literally popping by to let you all know I am back in business bigger and better then before.

Erin xxx

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