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BEAUTY BRAND FOCUS- boe Professional

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

So I know a lot of people of mixed feelings on this line of products, but I think it comes down to your skin type and how certain products sit on your face. boe Professional is a brand I have known for some time, and a brand both the girls and I love.

boe Professional is exclusive to Big W and very affordable, so even if the product doesn’t work for you’re at no big loss realistically!

Some of the products that stand out for me are:


Boe Professional Pro Finish BASE PRIMER

Website Description-
This lightweight primer creates a perfect canvas for flawless foundation application. The perfect complexion this primer promotes and the handy purse size ensures you can be looking comfortable and shine-free all day long

My thoughts-
Everyone knows how much I like products that smell great, so there’s no doubt my nose was almost the first thing to try out the product.  It smells divine with a vanillary sweet scent.

It glides on a treat and doesn’t feel like I have applied a second layer of skin to my face, which almost always breaks me out. I didn’t have a single breakout problem and love using this every single morning or afternoon before applying my foundation.

boe Professional Contour & Highlight CONTOUR POWDER DUO

Website Description-
An exclusive duo of silky contouring powders to shape, define and highlight the face whilst delivering a professional, sculpted look.

My thoughts-
I love a good contour even though I am the furtherest thing from a professional so shouldn’t take any advice from me.

But the way I apply a contour is along the nose, pushing my arch of the eyebrows to the hairline, above my cheekbone and then my double chin contour haha.

This product is comparable to a certain pharmacy brand and can be worked lightly or layered for a more dramatic contour.

As for the highlighter it does the job, I wouldn’t rate it as one of the best ones but certainly highlights.

boe Professional Pro Finish CONTOUR BLENDING BRUSH

Website Description-
Create your own customised, contoured look with expert proficiency, whilst enhancing and highlighting your natural contours. Perfect for use with loose & pressed powders this ultra-short, flat top brush provides great angles to contour and blend make-up.

My thoughts-
Ok, this one brush here is by far my absolute favourite of every single boe professional product available.

The bristles on this brush are just flawless and cloud like. I literally run this along the back of my hand and cheek, as I like the feeling (not lying).

That’s one thing but the other is how well this brush applies the product.

I give this brush a ten out of ten. A tip though I tend to use this as a foundation buffing brush as apposed to a contour buffing brush.



Website Description-
The extra large, densely packed brush head that thoroughly and evenly coats each lash resulting in exceptional separation and dramatic volume. A jet-black, lash lengthening mascara that delivers unbelievable volume and curl for high-drama lashes.

My Thoughts-
Mascara is a tough one with me, and generally I will never stray from a certain brand sticking to what I know.

But I made an exceptions and was pretty impressed.

I’m not huge on the fluffy type applicators and prefer the rubber type spooleys. This applicator is a fluffy brush type but somehow doesn’t clump.

The only down side is for me it took a while to dry.

boe Professional Colour Pro EYESHADOW QUARTET in NATURAL

Website Description-
The professionally co-ordinated colour combinations that can be worn on their own or blended together for infinite effect and intensity. Highlighting four longwearing, harmonious eye shadow colours for you to create infinitely gorgeous looks.

My thoughts-
Firstly, I love the colour of this quartet, as natural smoky eyes are what I prefer on most days.

Another thing I love is how even as person with no clue can get it right as there is a diagram on the back as well as words embossed into the pressed powder.

With a primer used on the base this shadow definitely wore out to the end of the day.


boe Professional Colour Pro PERFECT BLUSH DUO

Website Description-
The versatile colour choices for every skin tone! The perfect pairing of colours that can be worn on their own or blended together. This silky, soft pressed powder blush is infused with colour to contour, define and achieve a vibrant glow.

My Thoughts-
Initially I thought these colours weren’t the greatest together and quite similar but once swatching them I realised there was quite a difference between them.

I love the pink and peach shades as they are subtle but effective when tying in a contour and highlight on the cheeks.

Touching the product to swatch I noticed that the product is silky soft for touching and the pigments are great on the skin to.

THEATRE// The Sound of Music

Monday, 16 May 2016
Absolutely all weekend I have been either;
 a) singing or
b) humming the catchy songs from The Sound Of Music on Friday.

I cannot get it out of my head and have already gone on to purchase tickets for family to see the theatre show.

So I might be killed for saying this (totally sorry in advance) but I have never in my life watched The Sound Of Music movie… Yeah, I said it- I succcck! But over the weekend I can officially say I popped my movie cherry because I just loved the theatre show so much.

FASHION// Eastland Reveal

Thursday, 12 May 2016
Now I don’t know if this is my inner shopaholic speaking or if I was completely blown away last Thursday, but pretty sure it’s a bit of both.

I was invited along to head on over to the launch I guess of the new section opening at Eastland Shopping Centre. And can I just start this post off with a WOW.

The morning started off in the Town Centre of Eastland with breakfast at The Cellar Door.  I can’t even begin to describe what this place is like, but the rustic industrial feel is exactly what I crave when going out and this place had it all.  This is of course run by The Public Brewery, which any foodie knows that name, but if not I’ll include a link below for you to check it out.

Anyway onto the launch and my tour of the newly launched section in Eastland. This chick here could easily get lost in a place so big and no longer needs cardio as this place is gigantic.

Generally I hate taking the kids shopping and find any excuse to babysitter known to man in order to avoid taking them to the stores. I like to browse uninterrupted, but having kids it can be daunting as heck.

So the first thing that stood out to me was the kid precinct in which all the store for children and maternity could be found in the one place, and there were plenty of interactive stops such as a climbing gym, weaving, sculptures made to be climbed all over and a soon to be big slide so the parents can take the escalator as your children slide down the slide. 

Not sure about anyone else who has visited the renovated Eastland but personally I cannot wait to take the girls shopping and exploring all the play areas. Winter is quickly approaching and this is a great way to bring play into the kid’s lives as you also hit out some serious shopping (sorry credit cards).

David Bromley also is a knight in shining armour when it comes to the décor and just turning heads at every corner. The shops are still being built and what not, instead of throwing up boards and boarding them off. Scattered throughout the plaza is David’s work from quirky faces to just doodles and oodles of them with the store name. I think personally for me it made all the difference, but also made for some fantastic photo opportunities.

When it comes to shopping precincts I know Eastland has just become the new level of threat that other shopping centres can only look to for inspiration.

Talking about this, design wise there is one certain part of the design I couldn’t take my eyes off from the third floor and that was the roof. The arched beams that run throughout the plaza was like something you would see in an alien movie, so modern and definitely the standout piece of Eastland.

MOTHERS DAY 2016 // Holden Mother's Day Treat

Saturday, 7 May 2016
I was asked at a Holden Mother's Day event (which I'll talk more on below) What it means to be a Mum in one word.

For the life of me I couldn't sum in up and what I wrote down was "everything". It means absolutely everything to be a Mum. 

PRIORITY From the moment those two lines show up on your test you move yourself down in the priorities list and the little one comes first. At the early stages you watch what you eat, you don't drink and everything you knew and did becomes quite foreign.

DIY// Bunning’s Kids DIY Classes

Winter is here and for this family that means a lot more days will be spent inside. It also means the craft boxes and table come out again so that the girls are able to get their hands into some craft.

Sometimes it’s not an easy task hosting a craft night with two super messy girls and will sometimes result in paint and sparkles all over the kitchen.

Luckily for me I have discovered a life changing activity and have to share it will all crafty families and DYI’ers.

I was invited along to a blogger morning of DIY at the Altona Bunning’s Warehouse where some Mums, their little ones and myself got their hands down and dirty in paint, glitter, glue and an entire array of craft goodness.

The theme of the morning was bringing kids back to basics with a DIY Kids Party.

This honestly opened my eyes to a whole new inner sanctuary of Bunning’s and never again will I walk the isle in complete boredom as the other half some how conned me into going with him to grab something.

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