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SKINCARE// Cetaphil

Sunday, 28 August 2016
As almost anyone that follows my blog would know Miss H has extremely sensitive skin and one wrong product and her skin will break out in a dry, irritated rash and worst case scenario welts that has her screaming bloody murder.

I was approached by Cetaphil to try out their products and ummed and ahhed for quite some time, as I didn’t know if it was worth the risk on trying it on Miss H’s skin. But one day she was having a shower and there wasn’t suitable soap for her skin and I needed her to be clean.

So I ran to the office/beauty room and grabbed the Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar as this was the first thing that came to mind when thinking what I could use.

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar is developed by dermatologist for everyday, gentle cleansing for all skin types. It is-

  • ·      Soap-Free
  • ·      Softens as it cleanses
  • ·      Ideal for both bath and shower use
  • ·      Non-comedogenic (won’t block pores)
  • ·      Suitable to sensitive skin

The bottom line is exactly and probably the only thing that popped out for me as my little one is sensitive skinned (almost Vampire to the sun worthy but not quite).

Initially I thought being soap-free the bar wouldn’t foam, but to my surprised it foamed up nicely and had a really creamy like texture to it once rubbing it into the skin.

I probably should have used it on myself first (mother of the year award won’t be going to me clearly) but it was a spare of the moment decision, something a lot of Mums don’t even have to think about.

Miss H came out squeaky clean and smelling nice as well, it’s a subtle scent but a nice clean smell.

The main thing was it didn’t leave Miss H sensitive and there was absolutely no sign of irritation- finally another product we can add to her list.

With confidence up after using the bar we decided we may as well try out the Moisturising Cream for her snake like scales on her legs!

Moisturising Cream is for Dry, sensitive skin. It is an everyday moisturiser for long-lasting hydration and another handy thing is it is fragrance free (a major irritant).

The tube once taken out of the box reminds me of something old school my Nanna would have used, not saying it’s a bad thing- just a little out-dated. It doesn’t matter too much about that packaging anyway if the product works well.

Upon putting the product on my hands I knew straight away this was a quality product as its silk like texture just seeped right into my hands and Miss H’s skin. I couldn’t stop rubbing the back of my hands after using this product and instantly fell in love.

Like it says on the tube there is no fragrance, so those who love non-smelly products this one is a great base.

Since the first time, we’ve already gone through an entire tube of the stuff and it’s on the shopping list for restock

The thing I absolutely love about Cetaphil products is that they suit the entire family from baby all the way through to the Great Grand Mother.


Wednesday, 24 August 2016


THE MUSIC GROUP is thrilled to announce its inaugural TRIBUTE MANIA concert with five of Australia’s best tribute bands performing on one amazing night.

In this dazzling show, Australia’s most popular tribute arJsts in authenJc costumes will have you believe you are truly witnessing

world-class acts – right down to ABBA’s saJn flares, Freddie’s powerhouse voice and Baby Spice’s pigtails.
Featuring Australia’s best tributes to
The Beatles, Sir Elton John, Queen, The Spice Girls and ABBA.

BJORN AGAIN - The World’s No 1 ABBA Show
BJORN AGAIN are based in Melbourne Australia

Bjorn Again are the World’s No 1 ABBA show and the most successful tribute show of all Jme. Bjorn Again formed in Melbourne Australia in 1988 and have now performed over 7000 shows in 100 countries. They are the only ABBA show endorsed by ABBA themselves.
THE BEATNIX first performed on 1st March 1980 in Perth WA at Mosman Hotel, 10 months before the unJmely death of John Lennon, and are possibly the world's first tribute show. THE BEATNIX was conceived and produced by Tony Dean - founding member and owner/manager. the act. It is esJmated that THE BEATNIX have performed over 10,000 shows
Elton Jack has become the world’s best known Elton John tribute. The show was launched back in 1987 when Lance Strauss appeared on Hey Hey It’s Saturday’s ‘Red Faces’ with Red Symons, arerwhich host Daryl Somers invited him to return for a feature appearance the following week. Since then, The Elton Jack Show has graced the stages from the Sydney Opera House to the Royal Albert Hall, from the beaches of St Tropez to the jungle of Borneo, from Bathurst to Budapest.
Get ready as THE SPICY GIRLS are here to SPICE UP YOUR LIFE! Featuring the cream of Melbourne’s female vocal and performer talent, THE SPICY GIRLS present an acJon-packed show is incredible fun and you won’t be able to watch without singing and dancing as soon as the show starts.
The Australian Queen Tribute Show was formed in 2006 and arer many line up changes, hundreds of rehearsals and countless hours of planning & preparaJon, the band started performing late 2008. TAQTS present a stage show that delivers the brilliance and magic of Queen alive like no other, and are arguably the best sounding, best looking and most technically accurate Queen Tribute anywhere

Just look at the line-up and your toes will start tapping to your favourite tunes.
You won’t believe your eyes and ears – the inaugural TRIBUTE MANIA concert is one of the Greatest Shows on Earth!

UP FOR GRABS I HAVE A GOLD double pass. 2 GOLD tickets (a double pass) are valued at $198. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ENTER BELOW J GOOD LUCK AND KEEP IT GROOOVY.


FAMILY// When is it too young? // Boost Mobile + WIN A SAMSUNG thanks to Boost Mobile

Monday, 22 August 2016
I know without a doubt I am about to be judged and have a whole heap of criticism thrown at me for this one.

From the moment you become a parent though, other parents and even those who don’t have children will judge you and tell you how to bring up your child. Don’t use disposable nappies, make sure its only certain washes, don’t feed them formula and I could go on for days.

You know what makes someone a bad parent?? Judging other parents in how to bring up their child and having something negative to say about the things other parents do. Maybe instead of abusing other parents you should invest your time into bettering your parenting, as not a single parent on this planet is perfect.

You learn through your mistakes, and then when the children get older they can also learn from you mistakes no matter how big or small.

Now for the controversial topic, or more to the point what my daughter got early for her birthday. A Boost Samsung phone! Yup, judge all you like tell me I’m a crap parent.

Miss H is turning 8 in September and with her in primary school, me working and also shuffling appointments sometimes I won’t always make it to her on time. Ok, I could ring the school but I wonder how many calls the school get with parents running late. And to be quite frank, I would rather be able to contact Miss H directly, period!

I think I was in grade 6 when I landed my first Nokia 3310 and that was also young, but I had to catch buses and Mum was scared of something happening.  Might I add that I was in grade 6 many light years ago and times since then have changed!

Instead of textbooks Miss H’s school have iPad’s and then take-home laptops in Senior school. So unless you want to remain stuck in the Stone Age you need to move forward in time and allow your child to move with technology as well.

Lately I have been watching more and more kids walk out of school with phones to their ears or in their hands.

Rather then having a non-destructible brick phone Miss H has been lucky enough to score herself a Samsung Galaxy J2 with Boost.
For only $199, the Samsung Galaxy J2 has a host of high-end features you’d expect from Samsung’s Galaxy series, without the expensive price tag.
Boost is on the Telstra network, which Mr M is also on and without a doubt gets way better reception then I do with Optus. Anywhere Mr M gets reception Miss H also gets reception- I’ve found myself texting off her phone when I don’t get reception at the farm.

As with everything inside and outside of the home I will be laying some ground rules (Miss H is very good with rules and is yet to break one). She isn’t allowed to take her phone out of her bag during school hours or before school. She can only message/ring those in her phonebook and she doesn’t know her own number so she cannot give it out to ANYONE.

If I am running late and know I won’t get out in time I can send her a text and just let her know to hang back in the office.  She also feels like she is older and more responsible now she has a phone as well, I think it’s actually quite cute.

Unlike her Mummy (I use the excuse of being a blogger so need to constantly check emails and social media for being on my phone) though when she gets home she doesn’t have her Boost mobile and will be packed into her bag for the next day.

I have looked at the big picture and there really is no major threat with her having a phone as long as she knows how to use it properly and is well educated.

I’ve even been able to add some educational and fun apps to her phone, so instead of playing on my phone while out Miss H can happily play on her own (maybe showing her phone off a little to her sister).

You don’t have to agree with our decision to give our 8 year old a phone, but I am a strong believer in moving with technology- so outside of my cave I’ll go.

Deets on the Samsung Galaxy J2:
The generous 4.7” qHD Super AMOLED display, will make all your content as clear as day.
That's right, with one of those little Micro SD cards, you can expand its brain to up to 128GB.
We expect amazing design from the Samsung Galaxy range and with sleek, smooth edges, the J2 carries on this tradition. Also means I have had to purchase a screen protector and case for Miss H as I can’t take the risk with her clumsy ways.
The 1.3Ghz quad-core processor lets you do what you want, when you want.... and all at once if you feel like it. AKA sounds like high tech stuff that I have absolutely no idea what it means- guessing it means the phone is fast haha.

           The Samsung J2 is available at JB HiFi ,from all other Boost Mobile retailers and online at Major retailers include Big W and Target.

WIN a Samsung J2 thanks to 3B's & Boost

FOODIE// Deliveroo // Restaurant to Home Delivery Service

Wednesday, 10 August 2016
Taking away and eating in the places we loved has now changed foreverrrr! I have always loved being outdoors and brought my kids up being outdoor kiddies to. So every chance that we get we jump in the car or go for a walk to a park, a forest or just anywhere where the kids can run wild and let their inner animals out.

I know its Winter now and it is chilly, but here in Melbourne we’ve had a few little sneak peaks of Spring like weather. And we took advantage the other day after a visit to the Melbourne Museum, with a picnic in the park.

This was no ordinary picnic (and has changed the way we picnic forever)- this was a Deliveroo picnic.

I was approached a little while back by Deliveroo to review their service. I had absolutely no idea what it even was, all I knew was it had a hella cute name whatever it was (could be that I am a NMFC –Roo supported).

Ok, so first- WHAT IS DELIVEROO?

Deliveroo brings the local restaurants to you, whether it is in the office, home or like us the park. Deliveroo works with hundreds of restaurant chains and many top quality independents to deliver their food to you HOT.


The app was so easy to use and you can choose what time slot you want your food to be delivered.

We went with Huxtaburger as we both felt like burgers and their chipotle chips were a long time craving of mine.

Our driver arrived on a scooter with a pizza type delivery box in the back with our food nicely packed in a Deliveroo bag.

The food left at 12:06pm and arrived at our picnic rug at 12:22, which our delivery time was 12:30pm. Our food came on time for us; and the food was still hot, the chips still crunchy.

Overall my experience with Deliveroo was first class and I couldn’t diss anything.

The thought of being able to take the kids out to a park or anywhere really and if we get hungry all we have to do is jump on the Deliveroo app and order whatever we like.

I can tell you right now we will be using Deliveroo a whole lot this Spring/Summer. The only problem being they need to expand out to less inner suburbs as they only really cover inner Melbourne and close surrounds.

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