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Spooktober has come to an end // TRICK or TREAT ALTERNATIVE

Wednesday, 26 October 2016
This will be my last Spooktober post and all good things must come to an end. I’ve learnt over the last few weeks to appreciate Halloween and it has become a lot more fun (rather then just that American Fad)!

I would love to say that I have become acquainted with Halloween this year, but that wouldn’t be exactly true.

Keeping in the traditions of Halloween Trick or Treating isn’t exactly huge in Australia (well Melbourne anyway) but there has definitely been more and more of it happening over the past couple of years.

For me I have massive trust issues with my children knocking on complete strangers door as I just don’t know who’s door they are knocking on. Even with adult supervision you just never know. With the things you hear on the news these days, there are some real crazies out there that are capable of incredible harm on others.

Every single year without a doubt the girls beg me to take them trick or treating and when I say no they try their luck on Dad- of course failing miserably.

So this year I tried my best to rack the brain of how can I make this fun for the girls, but a safe fun? And I came up with an idea-

Trick Or Treat Treasure Hunt

What I wanted to do was create a series of little clues and hints that would have the girls run around the house looking for the next clue (and of course a treat with each clue).

The girls absolutely loved this and worked together getting through the little puzzles and rhymes I left hiding in easy to find places of the home (pretending to be ghoulish creatures).

Of course at the end you need a treasure chest prize that really wows them…. And this is where I thought of my master plan! It would be hidden in the bathroom, which I had to make sure none of my other clues would even remotely make them think to look in the bathroom.

When they eventually got to the last clue that lead them to the bathroom they opened the door and it was their very own Halloween Party bath.

As our bathroom is in the middle of being renovated I thought this added quite the spooky touch.

All I did to create this was get glow sticks and put them in the bath- I got some food colouring and used it in their bath for the spooky colour. I also made them their very own spooky bubbles and hung spider webs, which I got from the Reject Shop for something as tiny as $2.50 I think,

They absolutely loved this idea and the best news? I haven’t been asked once if they can go Trick Or Treating- WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER :p Speaking of dinner I better go get cooking.

For more decorating tips I highly recommend heading to

Spring Carnival // Priceline Raceday Essentials

Saturday, 22 October 2016
Raceday Essentials From Priceline Pharmacy

- Gel Foot Inserts ( one word I've never heard a single female say after 4 hours on my feet "geez these stilettos are comfy". There's no way to avoid it but with a comfy gel insert will prolong the wear that little bit more. 

-Panadol (sun on the head all day, loud, lots of drinking bubbles and beer. Then all of a sudden bam I have a headache, a pounding, annoying one. Panadol lives in my bag permanently as I need these when my feet hurt, my head hurts and pretty much everything in between) 

- Hydralyte (this was an absolute must of mine during the Caulfield Cup as it was sunny and the Moët was flowing) 

-Telfast for Hayfever (nothing worse then having hay fever at the races with the horses kicking up the grass as they gallop by) 

-Bandaids- such a good thing to have for those blisters and knocks and cuts you may get throughout the day. I always without fail have a bandaid or two in my bag (Mummy must have). 

Priceline have brought the goods to the table on this one and love the fact they've brought the most important must haves for the racing that you may have forgotten to you. 

The thing I loved most about the Priceline Marquee (really there's a whole heap of reasons) but was the fact you can buy all the above at and more we're available there.

This was the first time that Priceline had a marquee and they smashed it out of the ball park if you ask me. 

Florals scattered throughout the entire tent, with the centrepiece being a beautiful hanging floral chandelier that was a throw of pink flowers. 

A place to rest your feet and relax with egg seats and big comfy couch. This is the ultimate place to be after hours of standing on those feet in heels. 

Makeup touch-up's weren't a problem either, Priceline had us covered. If you wanted they could even apply lashing, which in my opinion is a massive score! 

I think Priceline have raised the bar when it comes to General Public marquees and the others should walk in their footsteps offering race goers a totally different experience- almost like a taste of the Bird Cage. 

HOME// Reducing Anxiety and stress when moving

Friday, 21 October 2016
New Place, New Possessions, New Life. Why You should start from scratch on your next move…

It may be an old saying, but the idea that a change is as good as a rest holds a great deal of truth. Those bored of their usual workout might find new energy in simply choosing a different running route, or tired commuters can try taking a detour, or a new coffee shop in the morning. And every woman knows how a new hair cut can really boost your mood.

So when it comes to moving house, despite the well documented stresses that go with the process, this can actually be the perfect opportunity to make some positive changes. Starting life in a new town, or even just a new home, is about as big a refresh as you could ask for. And embracing your new location is also a great time to embrace a new lifestyle.

Many of us are so entrenched in our routines - job, chores, commute, family - that we find it difficult to make room for the things we want to do. But as you settle into your new home, undoubtedly you will be working out your new routine. So why not take the time to make those things a priority? It might be that your new commute takes you right by that yoga studio that you always wanted to try out. Or maybe you’ve found yourself just down the road from your kids’ classmates, and playdates are much easier to manage?

A new place is also a perfect opportunity to refresh your possessions. If I can throw in just one more proverb, “out with the old, in with the new” should be your new favourite mantra when moving. For a start, if you’re going to have to sort through every single item you own, then you may as well take advantage to get rid of some of your clutter.

Plus, it is so much better to throw out your junk rather than waste your time and effort packing it all into boxes. Because, believe me, you will have packed more than enough boxes by the time the removalists arrive! If you however are a little like myself and can’t bare to let go of the old then I would suggest to Hire a Packer that will pack with you for that little extra help.

Even if you’re not one for mapping out the feng shui of your home, or you don’t aspire to minimalist, zen-like interiors, there so many good reasons for getting rid of your clutter. Especially if you are looking to make a fresh start. Decluttering your physical space can go a long way to help clearing your mind, and it can even help reduce stress and anxiety.

While you shouldn’t get rid of all your sentimental possessions, if you are holding onto things that actually have negative connotations, a move is a great time to think about letting them go. Even just replacing worn out furniture can go a long way to changing your mindset. A new place is a great opportunity to rediscover your pride in your home, which will also reflect back on yourself.

SPOOKTOBER SERIES// 3 Spooktastic Lunchbox Ideas Made Easy

Wednesday, 19 October 2016
3 Spooktastic Lunchbox Ideas Made Easy 

I am all about making kids lunches easy, but above that quickly. There is so much to do in the morning the last thing I want to do is be spending a chunk of time in the kitchen preparing and getting their lunchboxes ready. 

So for me the easiest way to combat the morning rush is to get their lunches ready the night before so all the girls need to do is load it up into their bag from the fridge in the morning. 

With October becoming very Halloween inspired these days I thought what better way to make this weeks lunches fun then add a little spooky swirl to their lunchboxes. 

Madison isn’t a fan of ghoulish scary creature though, so it had to be semi-cute for her, which means no blood or anything like that. 

So here are the cute and healthy creations we made for their lunchboxes this morning. 

Jack-O-Lantern Mandarins

These were the absolute easiest of the lot. Honestly so easy and yet oh-so effective. All I did was grab 6 mandarins from the Coles that had a little bit of the green still attached and those “pumpkin” characteristics, and drew on some Jack-O-Lantern faces.  The reason I got more then two is I figured if I drew a whole lot then they could just keep taking them throughout the week for the added extra spook.

The girls loved these and I actually even tricked Madison as she told me there wasn’t a chance she was eating pumpkin whole at school haha (I didn’t tell her otherwise, so she will be in for a surprise once she peels back those layers).

Dracula’s Ham and Cheese Coffins 

For me the hardest part was figuring out how to make their Rye sandwiches spooky without being to spooky for the little one. And in the end I just made plain and simple ham and cheese sandwiches’ and cut them into cute Dracula’s coffins. One sandwich was cut into two coffins so that not too much bread was wasted. 

I then just got black food colouring and painted on the RIP, as it was a little average without this small detail. The girls loved these.

Kreepy Fruit Kebabs 

The whole family had fun making these and they are a great after school snack also. We always keep cut up fruit in the fridge for the girl’s go-to snacks and will now make them little platters so they can make their own fruit kebabs.
All I did to make these creepy was get a skewer and carve in Jack-O-Lanterns into the banana skin. There are probably a million and one different ways to make these creepy but I wanted quick and easy. 

Then the girls just added their two faves- grapes and strawberries and they were done.  I trip off the pointed ends of the skewers though so they don’t impale their mouths or back of their throats.


You can also add in the Frank’s Popping Monster that I created here- but with my girl’s school being so strict with healthy food they aren’t allowed to bring these as they have chocolate on them.

PARENTING // Some of Mum’s Favourite Sayings

I am totally sorry to my Mum, and hope she accepts my childhood apology. I do recall my Mum saying to me “Just wait until you have kids” and something along the lines of “ I hope when you have kids they are shits like you”! I would always think to myself nope, because I am going to be the best Mum ever. No matter how BEST your game is you ain’t got nothing on a kid with attitude. 

And I am only finding this out now with two trying kids in two different ways. One thinks she knows everything and the other I swear is a one-of- a kind devil spawn sent to me from a very hot place! 

1. “I don’t care who started it, finish it NOW!” 
The constant bickering and arguing is en
ough to turn any sane person insane, I swear when your children learn to talk and argue you loose a little piece of your sanity.

2. “Your face is going to freeze in the wind like that”
Pulling faces and mocking one another, or worse yet pulling faces at me is a weekly occurrence in this household.  And I also recall doing this all the time to my Mum and getting the same response- I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree huh! 

3. “Nobody said life was fair.” 
“That’s not fair, Hayley got bla bla bla” Who on Earth gave you the impression that life was going to be fair little Misses? Reality check life is only ever going to get harder…  

4. “Money doesn’t grow on trees”
Ahh, one of my favourites! You give them an inch they run with a mile and never look back. The amount of times I’ve gone out and they want this or need that is endless. Can I get a “YES PLEASE” for money trees?

5. “Chairs are for sitting on not standing on.”
Because you know the cool thing to do as a kid was be different and stand out.  See what I did there *forehead slap* I don’t know what appeals to kids and standing or climbing on things but they love doing it. If I recall correctly I used to drive my Mum  mad with this, revenge is a dish best served cold I guess. 

6. “Just wait until Dad gets home, you’re in big trouble.”
Dadddddy to the rescue! Generally by the time Dad’s home the issue has rolled over or I have just forgotten about whatever it was that had me mad… Only the off occasion that Dad will find out and serve the punishment- go to your room! 

7. “Because I said so, that’s why! What part of no, don’t you understand”
No ifs, or but’s about it! I am the adult and what I say goes… IN MY DREAMSSSS!  “You’re a mean Mum, you always so no” Kids tend to remember all the times you say no as apposed to those times you say yes, funny how the little critters work.

8. “Begging is not going to change anything, if it did I would be a beggar.” 
“Please Mum” “Pretty Pretty please with cherries on top” Doesn’t wash with me, but the dropped lip and puppy dog eyes almost gets me. Their continual begging and sweet talking is a daily deal. And sometimes you give in and make a deal with the devil. “Ok, only if you clean your room”. MATE your room should be ALWAYS clean DAMMIT! 

9. “I am sick of living with pigs, nobody likes living in a pigsty except pigs!” 
Can I get a big fat OINK! Sometimes I imagine my family to be fat, pink and have curly tails when cleaning up the trail of mess they leave behind.  The state of my house probably 70%, no maybe 80% ok… 95% of the time is not the pristine expectation of someone’s house and this is also 95% due to the fact I live with pigs. 

10. “Casper the ghost must have done it then.”
I’m sure just about every family has a Casper roaming around through their walls and houses and nobody seems to do anything. And if they did do it, they sure as hell wont admit to doing it. 

What are some of the things you feel as a parent you say on repeat?


Tuesday, 11 October 2016
DIY Ghoulish Tops for the horrible days outside

Where on Earth is Spring at? Clearly not in Melbourne all I have seen is a whole heap of rain and being stuck indoor with the munchkins.

After about day 3 of the rain the girls were totally sick of being stuck indoors and were just at each other’s throats (like a pack of blood thirsty mini Drac’s). So I was thinking what on Earth could I do to kill some time and keep them entertained (and quiet)!  I wanted something that would keep in the theme we have going on with Halloween but also get them a little crafty as they love their craft.

My verdict? All of about $25 was spent and it bought me around 2 hours of coffee and couch time. How? A trip to Big W to get two plain t-shirts/singlets and a couple of masks of course.

Hayley’s singlet was like $5 I think and Madison’s was around the $4 mark for the plain white ones. The masks were $10 for the day of the dead and $5 for Frankenstein monster.

Now I intentionally got one gruesome one and one pretty one as I know Madison would spook herself as soon as she went near the monster mask- and when I got home I was right.

In front of me I had two plain singlets and thought how will I make these last longer then an hour…

Day Of The Dead T-Shirt

A plain white t-shirt or singlet
Permanent markers (can use clothing markers)

I did some Google imaging for this one to find some patterns I could easily copy onto the plain tee. Within minutes I had the black marker our drawing a skull and simple details on the inside. This is what I came up with- you don’t need to have Picasso skills for this one quite clearly.

Madison thought this was the bee’s knees and was straight into her craft corner with her markers colouring away. Do you know how great 2 hours of no fighting, not a sound from a 5 year old is???? Complete bliss I tell you.

Once Madison was finished with her creation she wouldn’t take it off and parades it around telling everyone she made it.

We did use waterproof markers but I think with this one I will wash it on its own just to be sure the colours don’t bleed with my other washing- I just don’t trust it.

Frankenstein’s Monster Singlet

A plain white t-shirt or singlet
Clothing Dye in green and red

Hayley is a little more advanced then Madison and colouring in and drawing on a t-shirt just wouldn’t cut it for her. So I needed to come up with an idea on how she could make this singlet match her mask

This is where I gave her two bowls of dye and clean bench. I wrote out easy to follow instructions and the rest was her imagination.

So what she started off by doing is submerging the entire singlet into green dye (we used clothing dye from Spotlight) and just getting the whole singlet a nice bright green.

Then came in the red dye, which Hayley thought instead of painting she would create a splatter effect down the front looking like blood splatters. And she then dipped her entire hand in the dye (she was wearing latex gloves the entire time) and made a couple of bloody handprints.

All that was left to do was to hang it outside to dry, it was just that simple.

So this is how we killed time and absolutely aced the do-it-yourself Halloween Tops.

Instead of using masks like we did you could add some extra time to your time off by creating some awesome Halloween makeup like these on the Cruise Tips by Carnival has-

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