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LIFESTYLE // Getting Off On The Right Foot With Your Neighbours

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Everyone has heard stories about neighbours from hell. There are even TV shows dedicated to the tensions that can form over a garden fence. Thankfully, not every street is a battlefield, and having a good relationship with your neighbours is not only safer, but it’s a good feeling and it can be useful too. With that in mind, here are some suggestions for how to start out on the right foot when you move into a new community.

A Smile Goes A Long Way…

First impressions really do count, a smile and an introduction are great ways to break the ice with your new neighbours. Giving you a chance to offer up some information about yourself and your family, and vice versa. It’s also worth remembering that you might encounter neighbours even while viewing properties. When it comes to moving day, they might just remember that quick smile over the fence - and maybe even offer to lend a hand.

Be Considerate…

Moving is not easy, but starting as you mean to continue is really advisable. Try to be considerate of your neighbours property, and definitely of any communal areas. Even just letting them know that the removalists might be parked outside for a while, or that a few boxes might take a a little time shift, can really make the difference. If they do have any issues, then they know who to speak to and hopefully your considerate attitude will keep the conversation civil.

Be Social…

This doesn’t necessarily mean become best friends with you neighbours, sometimes that just isn’t appropriate. But saying hello and engaging them in conversation when you do see them, helps to keep the friendship from turning awkward over time. If being more actively social seems viable, maybe invite them over for coffee? Or if you’re having a moving in party, see if they fancy popping round? Especially if you have kids of a similar age - it can be really useful to have playdates or an emergency babysitter just next door!

Take An Interest…

The modern lamentation goes that, despite living in close proximity, we don’t even know the people who live on the other side of our living room wall. Which is often true. One way to counteract that is to make the time to find out about your neighbours; don’t only talk to them when you need to borrow something, or when their wall plants are growing over your windows. Make sure you take an interest in them as people, and also in the community. While you’re still the newbie, find out about your area by talking to the people who have lived there longer.

Set The Tone…

In more than one way! It’s likely that you may need to have some serious discussion with your neighbours at some point, so it’s a good idea to always remain civil and polite. Start out by being a considerate neighbour yourself, and be open to conversation so that any problems can be sorted out without offence. Also, as much as everyone would like to live like FRIENDS, that is an unlikely dream. Be clear in your actions about how friendly you feel towards your neighbours. It’s best not to make airy social promises you won’t keep, if you would actually prefer to keep things more formal. Although it is advisable to show yourself willing to help out, because you never know when you might need the same from them.

This article was written by Hire A Mover a professional Sydney removalist company.

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